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Many things in life are inevitable for many reasons. Death is inevitable because of life, pain is inevitable because of nerve endings, and war is inevitable because where there is more than one person there is always possibility of disagreements. Having fun in Happy Valley is also inevitable because of many things. It does not matter who you are, what your background may be, what you are interested, there is something for you here. In this amazing community, it is certain that there is at least one other person here with some of your same interests; whether they be playing “Dungeons and Dragons” or just chilling in the dorms watching movies. There are clubs; academic, extra-curricular, and night. We have all the sports imaginable, if you are interested in that sort of thing; if not, there are always the DDR groupies that hang out in the commons on Thursday nights. From the person who likes to go out and party on the weekends getting drunk with his (or her) friends, to the person who wants to be ultra involved in church activities, there is plenty of opportunity for both – and all of those in between. Of course, one might not have fun constantly, but that is just one more reason Happy Valley might possibly be the best place on earth. Because there are so many possibilities for fun (and relaxation) here, no matter who you are you are bound to have a good time here in Happy Valley.


Starting with weekend night life, I having personal experience with both the person who likes to “go out” on the weekends and the person who would rather just hang out with friends doing something low-key; I can give fairly accurate accounts of both. My roommate has friends from the Altoona branch campus that come up everyone weekend to “go out.” They start their getting ready rituals around 9:30 when my roommate gets off work. I usually can expect them back from around 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM. They go out to frats or apartments and drink themselves silly and have a great time doing it. Obviously, they aren’t the only ones who enjoy these types of weekend activities, as there are always parties to go to. I, on the other hand, am at about the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I’m the type of person who would much rather catch the free movie at the HUB, maybe go to the Diner, and then hang out with friends in the dorms. Of course I’m not the only one on campus who would prefer this as a weekend ritual, as I have found many friends with whom to enjoy my weekends. There are, however, five other days of the week; what to do then?


According to the Student Organization Directory, there are over 700 different organizations with chapters at Penn State. There are Academic/Professional, Fraternities or Sororities, Service, Religious, and Political groups – just to name a few of the categories in which the organizations lay. If a person were the type to use college as a social climb on the business ladder, he (or she) could be involved in one or more of the over 100 Academic/Professional clubs. With over 80 Fraternities and Sororities, the “frat boy” or “sorority girl” would have no problem finding one that suited him or her. There are also numerous varsity, club, and intramural sports clubs at PSU; whether a person wants to play or is just an enthusiast and wants to watch the games. Using clubs and organizations is a great way to get to know people with similar interests, however, Special Living Options dorms is also a great way to get immediately acquainted with your type of people.


There are currently 17 existing Special Living Options. As an incoming freshman who had never drunk and was set on not drinking when she came to college, LIFE House was perfect for me. LIFE House is Living In a Free Environment, which basically means no drugs or alcohol aloud allowed. As this is the University rule for all people under the age of 21 living in the dorms, it knows this is an ideal. Living in LIFE House, we actually had to sign a contract that we would not have illegal substances in the dorms, or be caught with them outside the dorms. If we are, we are immediately kicked out of LIFE House and prosecuted more seriously than a regular violator. Some would wonder why anyone would put himself or herself in a situation like that, however, for me; it was just viewed as an opportunity to meet others that held the same values as I. I knew I wasn’t going to be drinking, and I wanted a living environment and people that would support and respect that. Other Special Living Options include “houses” for particular majors. These are designated floors especially for someone in (for example) the Earth and Mineral Sciences college. Likely, these people will be taking the same courses at the same time or will have had certain courses as others on their floor so that they can help out each other. There are also Special Living Options based on organizations or affiliations. Sorority floors are considered Special Living Options as is the Martin Luther King Jr. floor that supports those students dedicated to social justice.


Joining clubs and being involved with activities your RA sets up for your floor are great ways to get involved and have yourself a good time in Happy Valley. Those are the opportunities for weekday fun, but, as already mentioned, weekend fun is just as affluent prevalent. The HUB is a place for alcohol free fun or just a laid back weekend atmosphere, or if you more prefer the “night life,” there is plenty of opportunity for that. However, if you are just the type that wants to stay in your dorm and study or watch TV or play video games every free second, no one is forcing you to be involved. College is what you make it and there is no place more malleable than Happy Valley.

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