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How To...Copy a Paper Using A Copy Machine


I was trying to get my roommate to give me instructions on how to do the Rubic’s Cube, but he couldn’t explain it. He has a strategy to it and can do the cube anytime you mess it up. His average is apparently 2 minutes, but he has done it as fast as 50 seconds. Anyway, I couldn’t use that idea, so I decided to write “How To Copy a Paper (Using a Copy Machine of Course).”

•Access the paper to be copied

•Make sure copier has paper

•Turn on the copier if needed (varies for copier)

•Open the copier lid

•Varying with the type of copier, lay paper face down, according to instructions on the copier, under the lid (the standard is with top of paper aligned with left edge and against the top edge of the copier)

•Close the lid

•Varying on the copier again and preferences, follow instructions on copier, copier screen, or computer (includes: black/color selection (sometimes included in next step) and number of copies selection)

•Press the button used to start the copying process and this will vary upon the machine (sometimes black/color selection is included with selecting start, i.e. two different buttons where one is for color copy and one is for black copy)

•Remove copy from the output

•Open the lid

•Remove original document

•Close lid

•Turn off copier if needed

•IF ALL ELSE FAILS: simply find someone to do it for you or show you how to do it

•IF THAT FAILS: GO TO STAPLES!!! or another place that will make the copy for you.

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