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Have some advice? Knowing what you know now about English 15, what advice do you have for future students?


  • Have someone else proofread your papers. It really works. - WynesWorld



  • Do not wait until the last day. It is always good to be able to finish a paper a day or two earlier than need be, and then go back and look over it the night before. This way you can remove yourself from the paper and then come back at it with a different way of thinking. I found that I caught many stupid mistakes by doing this. Also try to enjoy the class, it makes writing easier. - BensBlog


  • Ottobib.com will automatically generate a citation in MLA, APA, or AMA from a book's ISBN, located on the back just above the UPC barcode. It worked for all my textbooks, so I would assume that it would be great for any other book with an ISBN. If the ISBN has a leading 0, sometimes you need to include the 0 and sometimes you don't. If it doesn't find the book and you had typed the 0, try it without. One of the two ways will work. - ParkerBlog

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