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“Your going to have to work hard if you want to be the best.” I was only eight years old when I first heard those words. Mia Hamm has been my favorite female athlete and always will be. She was getting interviewed after her soccer game when I heard her utter those words. Ever since then , I wanted to be exactly like her, she has inspired me to be the best. Determination, Competitiveness and Leadership (Competitiveness and leadership should be lowercase.) derived from wanting to be like Mia.


I began playing soccer when I was four years old in an all boys league. From there I joined an all girls team where I was playing two years up. In elementary school, you could have easily confused me as one of the boys. I alternated playing football and soccer every other day and competed in an all boys running race when they decided to challenge me. I wore hats and soccer outfits every day while all the other girls came to school in there cute jumpers. I didn’t care though, (Change the comma to a semi-colon.) my only other friend that was a girl was just like me. (Start a new paragraph since you're moving to a new period in your life.) After elementary school, I started to care a bit more about what my first impression was . My friends still remained a ratio of 5:1 boys but I ended up meeting my two best friends who I have been friends with ever since. Mallory and Jackie were completely different from me when I first met them, (Semi-colon) they were not in anyway athletic nor competitive. They went to the mall on the weekends while I spent mine on the soccer field. They got there nails and hair done when I was riding my bike down the street to play my neighbors in a soccer game.. (One period) In 8th grade, I joined a club soccer team where I spent the last 5 years before I left for college. They were called the Oceanside Express and we were so good, so I thought. Before making the decision to play for the Express I was warned by my coach that sacrifice is the key if we wanted to succeed. I never knew exactly what sacrifice actually meant before joining the Oceanside Express. Every Friday night we would have practice from 8-10 so by the time we got home we weren’t able to go out. Then on Sunday’s we would have practice at 9 in the morning so to go out on a Saturday night would make it extremely hard to get up the next morning. Do not get me wrong I found time to party and have fun but my life wasn’t like anyone’s I knew. For my first New Year’s as a freshman in high school I spent it in Florida with my soccer team while all my other friends were back home celebrating together. For every spring break, I wasn’t able to go away because we had state cup games during that week and my coach didn’t want us tired or warred out from traveling and lying in the sun for a week straight. I used to go away at least five times out of the year, staying for approximately 7 days each time. I didn’t go away during random parts of the year either, which would enable me to miss school . Of course I went away during the worst times. Christmas break, Spring break, Memorial day weekend, The fourth of July. I hated it but at the same time I loved it. Soccer has helped me grow so much as person. Without it , I don’t think I would be the same person I am today. From being so athletic and playing soccer as much as I did ,it gave competitiveness. From being so competitive I grew to be extremely determined. I was the captain of almost every soccer team I have been on. Which forced me to be a leader and helped me gain responsibility. Mia Hamm has given me such motivation to play at the highest level there is. In life , I’m always trying to be better at anything I do. Mia Hamm, although retired is still my inspiration and to be the best I must work hard just like she has done all her life.friendships


When moving to a new topic (or time period) start a new paragraph.)

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