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Wednesday,August 31, 2005!

I am sitting here in my dorm, completely baffled as to what I should write in here. So, I suppose I shall do that most obvious thing and write about a topic I know very much about, actually everything about, and that is...myself. My full name is Carley Elizabeth Kimmell and I am eighteen years old. My hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Baldwin to be specific, and I have lived there, in some house or another, all of my life. My parents are divorced and have been since i was about five years old, so no need for unwanted pitty in that area. I have a brother, Alex, who is a senior in high school. He isn't too bad I suppose, until he decides he wants to take MY car out for the night. Well, I suppose it is technically OUR car, but..hey...I am the older sibbling so I get first dibs. Oh well, the little brat is back in pittsburgh with the damn thing all to himself now, so I guess there is no need to droan on and on about the situation. What else is there to say about me? I played lacrosse all four years in high school, in a position called home, which is offense and close to goal. I loved it, and although my team was not the most skilled, we sure did have a ton of fun. I also was very into art, especially in the late part of junior year and for the duration of senior year. I took two studio art classes a day, and also an independent study in graphic design. I fell in love with oil painting over the year or so, and produced roughly 5 peices on canvas. I composed a series of three color-altered faces, a reprint of my mother, and a picture of my close friend blowing bubbles. My hard work paid off, as I won "Most Artistic" in my class of 470. I mentioned this fact in class, in our introductions, so you are probably all thinking that I am quite vain. I swear to you that I am not, actually I claim to be quite down to earth, and probably as far away from perfect as you can get while still retaining normalcy. As you have most likely noticed somewhere throughout my sparatic mumbling, I am a horrible speller. I can think of the big words, use them in the correct sense, but I'll be damned if I can spell them correctly. But, hey, Albert Einstien couldn't spell to save his life either, right?! I am also a quite messy person. No matter how hard I try to keep organized and clean, I have a very bad habit of throwing something somewhere it is not supposed to be and leaving it sit there. Then, it most often is covered by some other misplaced item, which is then burried by another, and so on and so forth. It has already been comented on by a girl on my floor that we have been here mere days and my space was already a mess. Needless to say, this motivated me to clean. Cleaning, although was not a bad thing, because otherewise I'm sure I was in store for many more like comments, as my room has become a social meeting place to the floor. I live in East Halls, in the very last house by the stadium, Snyder. I was lucky enough to be placed on the second floor, with an amazing group of about thirty girls. Although I was lucky in the fact that I came to Penn State with my best friend, who is also my roommate, I have also made a conscience effort to put on a smile, swallow my inhabitions, and meet new people. I have been quite successful, and have formed many friendships on the floor already with girls I feel I have known my whole life. It should be quite an enjoyable year. I was anxious to meet new people and leave my high school life behind, so to say. Around twenty kids from my class ventured up to Penn State this year, and although I have run into a few of them, and do like them alot, I am not particularly interested in being around them. I am ready to branch out, start anew, if you will. I am ready, as corny as it may sound, for a new me. So, here it is, for all to see, the new me in wiki form, and I hope that you enjoy it.


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