Today has been a fairly easy day for me. I only had three classes, each spread out throughout the day starting with English, followed by Chemistry 12 and Math 140. While at the moment I feel that most of my classes are easy, I do know that it is the first week and I am going to have to learn to study and to do work for my classes, one major difference between high school and college. I never imagined that with the thousands of people here at Penn State that I would actually see any of the four people that came to University Park with me from my high school, yet I did. After leaving English and heading back to my dorm in West halls, I managed to run into one of these people, and then later in the day when I went to get my English books, again surprised, I met another of my fellow graduates. Anyway, so far I have had an awesome time at Penn State meeting new people, get acclimated to a new lifestyle, which I may add is really awesome, and getting accustomed to my surroundings.