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Changing Traits


After being dropped off by my mother, I walked through the glass doors of the newly built building. I slowly worked my way through the cream colored hallways to find the room I was destined for. Upon finding the room, I opened the door and was greeted by what soon became my sixth grade homeroom teacher. It was the first day of school for me after moving to Nazareth, Pennsylvania in January. It was quite a difference from my previous school in Lake Jackson, TX, yet the differences were the least of my concerns. I was the new kid in this school, I had to adjust to a new lifestyle and meet new friends, something that scared me thinking about it. I thought that I would never meet people and that I would be miserable, I just couldn’t understand why we had to move. To understand this better I need to first explain this. This, what I have found to have been simple, move from Texas to Pennsylvania helps to show who I was not and partly what I am becoming. This one trait, which I have found to be troublesome at times, yet also found slowly changing, is easily represented by my move. When first meeting people I tend to be shy, would rather be quiet and allow others to introduce themselves than walk up to random strangers and try to become friends with them, I can be somewhat be considered as an introvert. Yet after my move from Texas to Pennsylvania I have found that I have slowly moved away from that shy kid image to one that is more outgoing than he was before.


While I had established friends in Texas, I knew nobody in Pennsylvania and I knew I would have to start from scratch; find new friends and meeting new people. I had moved before once when I was a baby and again when I was seven, yet because of my age I found it easy to meet people, one nice thing about being young, you usually do not examine your actions. Now that I was leaving all of the friends that had known behind, I knew I would have to create new friendships. After arriving in Pennsylvania, it wasn’t until two days later that we actually moved into our house and I began going to school. The first day of school I began to meet people from my classes and had other students show me around, but it wasn’t until a couple of days after I started school that I surprised myself. I began to become more outgoing; I was the one who went to greet new people. I found myself being completely opposite of what I felt myself to be. As the years went on and I found a group of people that I could clearly call my friends, I was amazed at how much more outgoing I had become from this single event in my life. I still have the tendency to be shy and quiet, but yet I am able to consciously overcome that tendency.


While I can look back and see all the change I have made in that aspect of myself, and how much easier it has been for me to meet people up here at Penn State because of that, I still have found that I have that tendency to revert back to my old self. It is still weird for me to think of myself just going around and meeting anyone I see and saying hello, but each day I try to become more outgoing and less reserved. Now that I slowly have begun to change this trait I want to learn how I can express that in words. I feel that words are one of the most influential things in life and to be able to express myself through words would possibly help me to become more extroverted and more outgoing.


The classmates narratives that I sampled from are as follows:

I sampled from JenloNarrative, using her attention to detail, she portrays her story so that you almost feel like you are with her, right next to her in Paris.

I also sampled from CarzKimNarrative. I liked the way her narrative fits together like a puzzle, the one thing that can describe her life. I also sampled it becuase I liked the way that she used a metaphor to compare her life to a puzzle, her friends and family a different piece of that puzzle, although I was unable to find a metaphor to fit into my narrative. I also sampled from her narrative to help change the intro of my narrative into more of a story format.

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