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We all know what controversial words are. They are the words that you may feel comfortable using in a group of friends, but they are found highly inappropriate when used in conversation in any formal situation. What happens, though, when these words become widespread and popular? Well, they get their own definition in a slang dictionary. Pussy: noun, 1. Informal: cat; 2. Botany: A fuzzy catkin, especially of the pussy willow; Vulgar slang: (a) the vulva, (b) sexual intercourse with a woman; 4. Offensive slang: Used as a disparaging term for a woman; 5. Slang: A man regarded as weak, timid, or unmanly.

I was toying with pussy too. Pun completely intended


The etymology of pussy as a slang term is unclear, but we do know that its non-slang definitions are of a plant and an animal. Through time, the word became thrown around loosely. Actually, it was thrown around very loosely. We now have not just one slang meaning but several. For one, the woman’s vagina is commonly referred to as a pussy. Although it is not clearly defined, etymonline.com speculates that: “...slang for ‘cunt,’ 1879, but probably older; perhaps from O.N. puss ‘pocket, pouch’ (cf. Low Ger. puse ‘vulva’), but perhaps instead from the cat word on notion of ‘soft, warm, furry thing;’ cf. Fr. le chat, which also has a double meaning, feline and genital.” Two other slang definitions have similar meanings. Pussy might be defined as sexual intercourse with a woman simply from the phrase or variations of “getting some pussy.” Its definition is mostly likely from the reference to the female's vulva. Pussy may also be defined as a woman because of a man’s sexist tendency to call a woman by that. Again, it originates from the reference to the woman's vagina.

Very nice job with the loosely jokes.


The last slang definition this word takes on is quite possibly one of the most offensive. Pussy can be used as a noun that labels another person as weak or timid. Attacking another guy’s manhood by calling him a pussy is extremely offensive and completely inappropriate. More and more is “pussy” falling under this definition, and the label of a pussy is a direct shot to his testosterone. In this case, the word takes on the same meaning as the word “chicken,” except it is far more vulgar. Although the definitions of pussy are defined in terms of gender, they don’t necessarily have to be. In this case, a rare instance can occur where a woman is called a pussy in terms of her cowardly actions. The only other case where gender is dismissed is if a person is pursuing intercourse with a man who he believes to be a female.


It is true that the term pussy can and does refer to a pussycat and a pussy willow. I do not deny that, but I do feel that the word’s true meaning was lost and cannot be restored to it’s full potential. Some may argue that the word may not be completely inappropriate or that it does still contain its original meaning. Many cat-owners may still refer to their pet as a “pussy” and call for it by that name. The fact of the matter is that you cannot use the word pussy in any manner than the two listed above without it being offensive or inappropriate. Rarely is the word pussy used as a nickname for pussy willow, so that definition will be dismissed for the time being. To some the word does retain its original meaning, but many members of society can name its slang definitions. When the word is used, it allows a person to connect it to its double meaning and, therefor, can cause the person to lose focus of its true meaning. You can also argue that if you don’t accept the word for its true meaning then you may have a dirty mind. The issue arising here is that the world today is overrun by dirty minds, and we cannot change that. These are all valid claims, yet they are not strong enough alone to make a case to accept the word for what it used to mean rather than what it is translated into now.

That paragraph could use a little re-flowing, I had to read it twice to pull out real meaning. Anyone who calls their cat a pussy is either really old, or young enough to think it's funny


So, can “pussy” retain its meaning even though it has found a niche in the slang world? The answer is no. Its popularity is far too high and even though people understand its true meaning, they still snicker on the inside or out when they think of its vulgar double meaning. Its true meaning is all but lost, and now it is too widely used in the slang world. Pussy is often confused with other meanings when you attempt to describe it as a cat or a plant, and people cannot attempt to comprehend it in that manner. I believe the word pussy is no longer acceptable as a noun, and it should be placed into the book of forbidden swear words with the rest of them.




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