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For my final paper I have decided to take a look into the criminal justice system. This is what I’m thinking about for my major so why not get a start now? I am going to be discussing capital punishment. Capital punishment is the penalty of death for a crime in which that person is convicted. Capital punishment is a highly debated topic in our country and has been for quite some time. It has been brought in and out of the court room numerous times with different results. Many people are split on this decision of whether or not states should be allowed to use this method.


I am going to discuss whether or not we should have capital punishment is our justice system and why. This subject matters a great deal because it takes away the lives of many people, and sometimes they may actually be innocent. This topic also is important because the criminal justice system is how we keep order in this country. Since there are debates on how this should be done it causes concern about whether we can keep control and if we can do so efficiently.


This topic of capital punishment will be directed toward congress. It will also have an audience of all those who have been affected by this penalty. In my paper I will give a definition of capital punishment, evaluate the topic, present different view points, and provide causal arguments about the subject. I will also provide sufficient information of the subject and end with a proposal on what should be done in the case of capital punishment.


This topic is a very controversial one and it will not be hard to find information on it. A counter argument against what you said may be that the death penalty is not legal in all 50 states. You may want to discuss the different policies that other states use that may prove to be more effective for the punishment for murder. I also think that if you are going to discuss the pros and cons of the issue, then at the end you should nto include what should actually be done. If you fully support both sides in your paper, then this may be more biased. But, good job! TheEmilyBlog


My topic has to do with the criminal justice system as well. It's something i am interested in so i will be interested to read your paper. A point you might consider is discrimination inside of the already controversial death penalty argument. This might expand your paper and make it too broad, but my friend did a paper on the death penalty and discrimination throughout. Though addressing both sides of your argument so to have counterarguments, make sure you lean more towards one side so that this paper really is argumentative (also, if you are addressing congress then you will want to have a solid viewpoint). I cant really think of any counterarguments, because i dont know enough about your side, etc. Good luck. Im excited to see your paper. BurgherBlogger


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