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In today’s world, knowing who is a part of your country is important. The people that make up the different countries in the world are from a variety of races and nationalities. However, for me the other countries make no difference. The only country that matters to me is the United States of America. That being stated brings me to a question. What is a true American? Is an American someone who lives in American, someone who has American citizenship, or can anyone be an American?


"Is an American someone who lives in America"

First, and foremost, a true American is a person whose primary residence is in the United States of America. Now there are exceptions to this such as ambassadors and diplomats. These people do not live in the United States most of the time; however, they usually reside on United States property such as an embassy. For everyone else it is hard to imagine a person calling him or herself an American while living in a foreign country. Think about it, if u came across someone living in China that called them selves an American you would definitely have to question that person.


"if you came across someone living in China"

Along with living in the United States, a characteristic of an American is being an American citizen. This is probably the most important part of being an American. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you just cannot call yourself a true American. With citizenship comes the right to vote and other such rights. There are those that would argue that there are exceptions to this, but take this for example. I once had a friend in high school that had moved into the United States when she was very young. She was not a United States citizen, but she was a citizen of Canada. She could not apply for United States citizenship because she had not been in the country long enough. Throughout our school years, she always referred to herself as a Canadian, and not an American. Her parents were also Canadian. One thing I noticed was that her family, and her could not vote in elections. Now how can you be a true American if you cannot even vote? You can’t! An American is someone with citizenship whether this citizenship came from birth, or earned over the course of time.


Another important part of trait of a true American is speaking English. The official language of the United States of America is English. It is only natural that Americans would speak English. To me if you are an American you should speak the language. Now I know there are many people out there that would argue there are many Americans that speak other languages such as Spanish or French, but that is not what an American speaks. If you were an American, a true American, you would learn the language and speak it. It is very frustrating when you are trying to work with someone that does not speak English in the United States. There is a communication barrier there and it is something that should never be. If you lived in a different country, the issue would be opposite with English being the second language, but we are talking about being an American. Now it is great if you speak a second language, more power to you. I for one know that it is very difficult to learn a second language, but when you are living in America speak English it is the language of choice!


America has no official language


An American believes in democracy. Democracy is the building block of our government system. How can you consider yourself an American if you do not even believe in the form government your country has? It is hard to believe that democracy has stood the test of time, so American’s should believe in it. There are people out in the country who are not happy with out President right now. That, however, does not mean that they do not believe in democracy. They still believe in democracy just not the person who is the head of our government now. If you are living in the USA and believe in communism, you cannot consider yourself an American. An American believes in a government for the people and by the people, and that is it, end of story.


"who are not happy with our president, right now"


What is an American? The world American can have a broad definition, and the word is defined in many different ways. Only one is correct. An American is a person who lives in the United States, has American citizenship, and speaks English. There are many aspects that define what an American is, but these are three of the four most important characteristics of an American. The fourth and final trait of an American is to believe in democracy. Possessing these four traits defines you as an American. There will always be people who will argue otherwise but without these important characteristics, you just cannot call yourself an American.


"the word American can have definition and the word is defined in many different ways."

"who will argue otherwise, but without these"

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