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Mitch Turow



“War of the Worlds”


Gargantuan, city-destroying machines, a star studded cast, and a seemingly endless budget are all pieces of the puzzle that make up this past summer’s action-packed thriller, “War of the Worlds.” With a main character being portrayed by Hollywood mega-star Tom Cruise and a director whose name is synonymous with success, Steven Spielberg, it’s no wonder this movie is as enthralling is it is. What shocked me the most while viewing “War of the Worlds” was the talent shown by eleven year-old Dakota Fanning. Before this film, Fanning was known for her portrayal as “Emily Callaway” in this years disturbing horror movie, “Hide and Seek.” At four feet, eleven inches, she brings a force to “War of the Worlds” that is astounding. However, if you need one reason to see this film, it is the intoxicating special affects that embarrass every other action movie released as of late.

“War of the Worlds” was originally a book that was written over a century ago by H.G. Wells. The story is basically about an alien attack on earth that has been planned for millions of years. Tom Cruise plays Ray Ferrier, a divorced man who has lost any sign of a healthy relationship with his two children, Rachel and Robbie. While Ferrier’s ex-wife and new boyfriend leave town for a couple of days, it becomes his responsibility to look after the two. Within the first couple of hours of their arrival, sixteen year-old Robbie steals Ray’s sports car, and eleven year-old Rachel criticizes every little piece of her father’s life. While all of this is going on, disturbing thunderbolts begin to plague their little society in New Jersey. As the entire town congregates in the center of the small city, the asphalt begins to break away like a rushing waterfall. Up from the underground comes a skyscraper-sized tripod that begins destroying humans with its laser-shooting cannons. From here on out, the movie is basically about Ray and his two children struggling to survive as an alien attack attempts to destroy an entire human race.

After reading information about “War of the Worlds,” one would assume that this movie is just all gore and excessive violence. However, a story of a man and his children being closer than they have ever been before is intertwined between all of the special effects and violence. As the three must fight for their survival, they begin to realize how much each of them really means to each other. To sum is up briefly, “War of the Worlds” has incredible special effects, an astounding cast, and a story line which helps the movie flow along beautifully. This movie is truly one of the best of our time and should be viewed by anyone who wants to go on a two-hour rollercoaster ride full of fun and suspense.

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