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I can't believe December is already here! This semester has gone bye so unbelievably fast. I can't wait for Christmas break because it is going to be three weeks of relaxing with absolutly nothing to worry about. Thanksgiving break was nice, but it was short and always had the thought of the work I should be doing lurking in the back of my mind (especially this final paper!) For winter break, the semester will be over, finals will be over, and there will be absolutly nothing to worry about! For the most part I am going to be around, except I am going to my grandmothers from December 23rd to December 27th. She lives in Atlanta and my aunt, uncle, and cousins also live there. My other aunt, uncle, and cousins, who live in Florida, are also going to come up for the holiday. It is going to be one crazy Christmas. My cousins who live in Atlanta are 4, 2, and 1 and my cousins who live in Florida are 5 and 1, so we are going to have our hands full to say the least!! I think that it will make the Christmas extra fun because the little kids are going to be so excited for Santa Claus and getting lots of presents, so it will make us believe in a way too. I think that it makes the Christmas spirit more alive. Speaking of Christmas, I have to start to think of my Christmas shopping, I guess Penn State gear it is!!



I actually had a really fun weekend. There was a change of plans and I got back really late last night instead of today. There was one car going home last night because they had to do work and didn't want to party, so I went along with them because I didn't want to waste my whole Sunday in the car. It didn't matter anyways because they weren't going to go canning today because of the weather. It started to snow when we were about an hour from State College and the roads started to get really slippery. It was really scary because the guy who was driving the car was not being causios at all and he didn't slow down at all even though the road conditions changed. It ended up biting him, and us, in the ass because when we were getting off the exit for Penn State, we skidded out and ended up off the road. Thank god we were going sort of slow off the exit, or else it could have been much scarier. There was no damage done to the car, and I was very shaky after that, to say the least. The actual weekend was really fun though. We got to their houses around 8:30, and there was food there waiting for us. We then partied until pretty late that night, which ended up killing me the next day. We got up at around nine and we were out canning until about 3:30. It was bitter cold, and the wind was a killer, especially on my face. I had my first Wawa experience, and I must say I'm pretty impressed. I don't know how much money we made overall, but I think it was a sucess!!



The Orange Bowl it is! Last night we found out that we will be playing Florida State in the FedEx Orange Bowl in Miami Florida. FSU is the ACC champs after defeating favorite Virgina Tech on Saturday night. Many people did predict that this is where we would be heading, and they were right. So Miami in January? Not me, I wish. I will not be attending the bowl game, after all I am just a freshman, and I couldn't convince any of my friends to make the trip with me. I think I need to find some friends that are football diehards like me! Anyways, I am thinking that I can just have an Orange Bowl party at my house instead, although I will probably be the only real Penn State fan. My friends would probably root for Florida State just to piss me off. There is a lot of hype for this game surrounding the whole thing that the two oldest and legendary coaches will be playing eachother. Personally, I don't think that it is a very big deal, but of course the media does. Yes, they are two very talented coaches who have a great history in the game, but I think that the hype should be surrounded around the players and the actual game. GO PSU!

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