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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago

CaRzKiM517: sounds good....so you did theater back at home, didn't you?

GIOVAN058: yea, like i played basketball then i took voice lessons and really liked them so i decided to quit basketball and do the musical and i got the lead my junior year then a part my senior year

GIOVAN058: what did o do

GIOVAN058: *you

CaRzKiM517: well i was never a good singer or anything (actually really bad), so i did alot of the behind the scenes stuff....

CaRzKiM517: i actually directed my school play junior year

CaRzKiM517: what musical did u have the lead in?

GIOVAN058: ohh thats sweet!

GIOVAN058: My Favorite Year

GIOVAN058: haha now hate that show

GIOVAN058: haha

CaRzKiM517: lol....yea i cant tell you how much I hate the Music Man and West Side Story after doing them freshmen and sophomore year

GIOVAN058: haha i love both

GIOVAN058: haha

CaRzKiM517: I guess you just get sick of them after doing them day after day for hours and hours

GIOVAN058: i wanted to do west side story my senior year because we had SOOO many guys (that or footloose) but we did How to Succeed In Business Without REally Trying

CaRzKiM517: West Side Story was an amazing show....i was co-director with that one (they didnt have a student director), and putting it all together was amazing

GIOVAN058: it was sweet

GIOVAN058: yea if you have gooda ctors and stuff then its alot of fun

CaRzKiM517: we had like 3 story risers on the side for the balconies

CaRzKiM517: did your school have a big budget for their theater department>?

GIOVAN058: umm yea but like not a shitload, she worked really well with what she got.

GIOVAN058: and we had really good handyman in the back that made alot of stuff too

CaRzKiM517: our school was lucky, we had a HUGE budget....we spent thousands on shows

GIOVAN058: thats sweet..like our auditorium was only like 675 people

GIOVAN058: we sold out every night though, like our director is well-known

CaRzKiM517: wow...thats awesome we had 1200 seats

CaRzKiM517: and sold out like 2 of the nights i think

CaRzKiM517: so, the lead...how scary was that?

GIOVAN058: thats still good though

GIOVAN058: are you doing your final on the musical?

CaRzKiM517: i honestly have no idea

CaRzKiM517: i dont think it matters...as long as we talk and post something so that other people can find similar interests

GIOVAN058: haha ya

GIOVAN058: i think i am going to do mine on abortion

CaRzKiM517: yea thatd be a good topic

GIOVAN058: i think

CaRzKiM517: i might do mine on legalizing marijuana...haha

GIOVAN058: you should!!!

GIOVAN058: thats would be really good

GIOVAN058: like you could define the uses of it (other than the obvious)

GIOVAN058: like you could use melissa etheridge becuase she smoked every day

CaRzKiM517: yea and today in ECON we were talking about elasticity of prices and my prof. was talking about how drugs are a perfect example

CaRzKiM517: o wow, really? i didnt know that

CaRzKiM517: thanks

CaRzKiM517: we had to do a mock congress in a class sr. year and a group did legalizing marijuana...and they did a really good job...like focused on economic stand points and stuff

CaRzKiM517: another group did abortion too...and it was a deep presentation...really graphic

GIOVAN058: yea i could kill this if we had to present it

GIOVAN058: but thats ok

CaRzKiM517: so r u pro life or pro choice? if you dont mind me asking, of course

GIOVAN058: i mean i could define it from two points of view, pro-choice and pro-life, and then throw in my opinion for whichever i believe, then i could evaluate different points of views from like Bush and Kerry,

GIOVAN058: then i could do a causal argument (because thats what everyone argues ,,why the need the abortion)

GIOVAN058: then i could also use an analogy like.....abortion:baby::death:old person

GIOVAN058: haha not that analogy but you know what i mean

CaRzKiM517: yea that sounds perfect...like i think its gonna be basically we need to incorportate all (or most) of the types are arguments we have learned

CaRzKiM517: so it seems like you've got this down

CaRzKiM517: haha

GIOVAN058: yea i figure

GIOVAN058: im prolife

GIOVAN058: by the way

GIOVAN058: lol

CaRzKiM517: gotcha

GIOVAN058: but then again

GIOVAN058: pro-life

GIOVAN058: because there are soo many horrible things that can happen to people because (rape etc)

GIOVAN058: that could make them pregnant

GIOVAN058: and them not want that child

GIOVAN058: and leave it to have a bad life

GIOVAN058: then again

GIOVAN058: there is always adoption that people could take care of it

CaRzKiM517: yea...like pro-choice under certain circumstances

GIOVAN058: haha right

GIOVAN058: which is a good standpoint for this paper

CaRzKiM517: thats gonna be a hard counter argument to tackle

GIOVAN058: no its not...

CaRzKiM517: the adoption thing?

GIOVAN058: cause ill argue the prolife standpoint

GIOVAN058: and then the counter is obviously pro-choice

GIOVAN058: and then i can argue adoption and other things

CaRzKiM517: right....i get that...

CaRzKiM517: idk, nevermind

GIOVAN058: haha

GIOVAN058: does that sound good enough?

CaRzKiM517: i think it sounds really good

CaRzKiM517: you've thought about this alot more than i have :-X

GIOVAN058: haha

GIOVAN058: well abortion is like really broad,,,which can be hard

CaRzKiM517: well there will be alot you can discuss

CaRzKiM517: and alot of chances to make different types of arguments

CaRzKiM517: so i think the broadness will end up being a good thing

GIOVAN058: yeaa

GIOVAN058: but that also leaves loopholes

GIOVAN058: you should definitely do legalize marijuanna

GIOVAN058: marijuana

CaRzKiM517: yea i think i might

CaRzKiM517: its just kinda taboo....ya know?

GIOVAN058: right but thats what people care about

CaRzKiM517: exactly

GIOVAN058: you could do what it does for bodybuilders and use like Arnold and Melissa Etheridge as like examples

GIOVAN058: that would be really good

GIOVAN058: and then you could argue from a standpoint of how you want it legalized and stuff and that would work

CaRzKiM517: its gonna require alot of research, but i think i can make a strong argument

CaRzKiM517: what does it do for body builders?

GIOVAN058: yea yea...

GIOVAN058: like if you watch pumping iron (lol i know)

GIOVAN058: its a movie of arnold lifting

GIOVAN058: and he smokes in the end because it like relaxes your muscles

GIOVAN058: you cuold def find information about that on the internet

CaRzKiM517: o wow i didnt know that

CaRzKiM517: yea...and like i said there are alot of economic positives in legalizing it

CaRzKiM517: and numerical evidence is always strong in an argument

GIOVAN058: yea the united states would make a shitload

GIOVAN058: yea thas true

CaRzKiM517: yea and like poverty stricken countries would have a whole new source of income

GIOVAN058: yeaa

GIOVAN058: thats good

CaRzKiM517: haha....i think itll be fun to research all this stuff

CaRzKiM517: well, not FUN, but interesting

GIOVAN058: haha yea not fun

GIOVAN058: definitely not

CaRzKiM517: haha yea, as soon as i wrote that i was like.....NO

GIOVAN058: http://www.mpp.org/science.html

GIOVAN058: that site has about 15 questions

GIOVAN058: and answers

GIOVAN058: which can be your counters

CaRzKiM517: wow

CaRzKiM517: youre awesome

CaRzKiM517: so glad ur my cluster :-P

CaRzKiM517: hha

GIOVAN058: haha no prob

GIOVAN058: haha

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