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An analogy that I discovered is a lyric from a song. The analogy is “love is like a rose.” Many people can relate to these lyrics, especially those who have experienced love before. Love can come in all shapes and sizes. You could have love for a family member, a child, or for someone else that you may want to get married to. On Valentine’s Day it is popular to give roses to your loved one. Roses represent love. With the lyrics “love is like a rose,” it shows that there are many similarities between the two.


Everyone has a love for something or someone. Love is having a strong affection for another, and it can be a beautiful thing. Love can last for a short time period, a certain amount of time, or for the rest of that person’s life. Love can also be an ugly. It can end in a horrible way. Love can also be a little bit of both. At times love is a beautiful thing at other times love can be ugly. One is willing to experience the great times and the bad times of love.


In the analogy, love is compared to a rose. A rose is a shrub or vine that has prickly stems, leaves, comes in various colors, and are fragrant. When roses first bloom, they are beautiful. They have soft petals that can be white, pink, red, and etc. Roses also have long stems that have thorns on them. Roses usually deteriorate and die after a short period of time. Last, roses have a beautiful fragrance. They are known for their wonderful smell.


There are many similarities between love and a rose. As it has already been mentioned, roses come in a variety of colors, similar to how love comes in a variety of ways. You could have love for a pet, a game, a family member, a child, or for another person. Many people find roses to be beautiful. Love can also be a beautiful thing. Love can make a person happy. It can help a person make it through a horrible day. No matter rain or shine, a person will be happy because of love. On the other hand, roses have thorns on their stems. When these thorns are touched they can cause great pain, and cause you to bleed. Love can also hurt like how a rose can hurt. Love can cause a person to be upset or cry. People experience fights when they are in love. It can be very painful. People who were dating or married, and were in love, would experience great pain if they were to break up or get divorced. This brings the point that roses deteriorate and die after a short period of time. Love can also end abruptly or even quickly. It is not guaranteed for how long it will last. On the other hand, people can preserve a rose. You can air dry a rose, which leaves the petals dry. The rose can now last for a long period of time. Even though love can end abruptly, it can also last forever. Most likely a love for a child or a family member will last forever. Love for another person, like a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse may not. People change through out their lives, which causes them to fall out of love with another.


There are many counter arguments to the analogy “love is like a rose.” People may argue that naturally a rose will die after a short time period, without preservation. Because of this, they will argue that love lasts for a long period of time. This analogy would not be similar, because roses only last for a short period of time, while love lasts for a longer amount of time.


“Love is like a rose,” is a great analogy, because the two objects or concepts are very similar to each other. The two are similar, because of the various types of colors of a rose and the various kinds of love. Roses also have thorns, which cause pain, and love can be a painful experience. After a short time period, roses die. Love can also end abruptly or after a short amount of time. On the other hand, a rose can be preserved and last forever. Love also can and most likely will last for a long period of time. Many people are in love with one another for the rest of their lives. Last, roses are a beautiful object of nature, similar to how love can be beautiful. People have great times when they are in love and it makes them happy.

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