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Being accepted to Pennsylvania State University and going to a school with tens of thousands of people did not bother me. My name is Brittany Cael and I am from a northern suburb of Philadelphia, called North Wales. Since I am from around the Philadelphia area, I am used to many people. I would go to the city at least once a month to visit friends. I was happy to go to Penn State, because I am used to crowds of people, and it was not a huge change to me. I graduated from a class of about 500 people, and I would walk by people in the hallways having never seen them before. At Penn State, I walk past thousands of people and will never know who they are. My life at home and my new life here are about the same.


I come from a family of five people. I have two brothers, an older and younger one. Recently, my brothers, dad, and I moved into a new house with my step-mom and step-sister. Previous to that, I had lived in my house for my whole life. In the area that I lived, there was always something to do. My friends and I would go to the movies, mall, and hang out at nearby places. I would always hang out with my best friend of ten years. Of no surprise, we are now roommates here at Penn State. Having my friend here makes it easier. I always have someone to eat with and hang out with. The only problem is we are not finding other friends.


After what you have read to this point, you would expect that I would be ecstatic to go to Penn State. I am used to the thousands of people and I love to have fun. But, I regret one thing, and you will soon find out.


During the eighteen years that I have been alive, there are many characteristics that would describe me. I am a stubborn person doing what I want to do. No ifs, ands, or buts. Also, I am very persistent. I always try to succeed at whatever I do. In school, I always wanted to be the leader of a group because I felt most comfortable with my own work and not another’s. When I would hang out with friends, my best friend and I would always choose where we would go. This all changed my senior year of high school when I was debating which colleges to apply for. I had no idea where I wanted to go and immediately applied to Penn State. I decided to apply to Penn State for one reason only. All you had to do was fill out an application and not even write an essay. I do not like writing essays because I am not particularly good at writing. Also, if I wanted to apply to various colleges, I would have to write different essays for the topics given.


As you already know, I am originally from the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. Because of this, I wanted to go to a college in Philadelphia. The one college I wanted to go to was the University of Pennsylvania. I thought that I did not have the grades to be accepted, but I never applied. I now regret not applying or at least trying to get accepted to UOP. It is unlike me not to try at what I want to do. You never know what will happen unless you put your mind to it. Friends always told me, you will not feel happy in life unless you try. I am now attending college at PSU, and still to this day I wonder if I could have been accepted to UOP. I am happy here at PSU, but I will never know if I would like UOP better, unless I apply. I should have been the person that I have always been. The person that always tries succeeding in what they do. What if I did go to UOP? My life would be totally different to this day. I would have done what I really wanted to do, and I would not still be wondering what could have been. Everyone makes mistakes. Now what I should do is apply to UOP for the year 2006, and continue to be the person that I have always been.




I noticed that many other people began their narratives with where they were from. That might help other people to gain a background about yourself, and fully understand your narrative. An example of this is in the PburghClarkNarrative.


After trying to figure out how to do sampling, I noticed that someone else didn't do something that I didnt either. That was to incorporate their name in their narrative. Thanks to ParkerBlogNarrative, I figured that I should incorporate my name in my narrative.

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