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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago

elizardw529: If the final project is just us writing a paper that starts with a claim that we then support one such topic could be stem cell research and ones belief that it should be supported by the national government

aduda7987: one topic that i talked about in high school was genetic cloning, I don't feel that genetic cloning should be allowed because to me everyone is supposed to be different and unique and if you clone someone then that person isn't unique anymore

elizardw529: That is like something I read in my psychology book

elizardw529: Where it talks about what if parents could pick what traits they wanted their child to have

elizardw529: But then it would be like everyone is just trying to create the perfect baby

aduda7987: yeah, i've read about that too

elizardw529: Which kind of makes me think of Hitler

aduda7987: yeah, and we all see how well that turned out

aduda7987: that was meant sarcasticlly

elizardw529: Haha, I got that

aduda7987: i don't think that parents should be able to pick their kids traits, they should just be happy that they are lucky enough to have kids

aduda7987: and love the kids that are given to them, no matter what their traits

elizardw529: Yeah, the only case that I could see what they are talking about is if the child was going to be born with a major problem

elizardw529: Like something that wouldn't allow them to live for very long

elizardw529: But in that case you start to get into religion

aduda7987: yeah, but how can you tell that until the child is born

elizardw529: and messing with Gods plan

elizardw529: I think that I read there are ways they do it

elizardw529: However, I am not a doctor

elizardw529: So I have no idea

aduda7987: me neither

aduda7987: another topic is one that was posted as a link for today's assignment about how taxpayers pay 100 million dollars a year for this website so members of congress can get up to speed on on issues quickly

aduda7987: i don't see why congress can't just get their information like everyone else and if not then we should be able to access the same website since we are paying for it

elizardw529: Yeah, I agree we should be able to know what is going on with our money

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