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Being needy, clingy, childish, dominant, calling every hour and even being stupid are some of the things that would describe a woman in love or a woman trying to make a man love her. But we don’t realize that sometimes using these behaviors is only breaking us apart from the guy we love. However, we know that at least once in our lifetime we have acted this way, or we are going to do it. And that is what this hilarious romantic comedy “How to loose a guy in ten days” (Underline or italicize movie titles.) is all about.


The movie starts with a Pop-girly song that when you first hear it, you would think that it is going to be just like that, a girly-girl movie, especially if you are a guy. But when you continue watching it you realize it is not. It is a Romantic comedy well written and produced, so that everyone can enjoy it. Some people say it is a chick-flick for guys, and I think it is totally true.


The actors could not play their characters any better. Andy Anderson (Kate Hudson) is a writer of Composure Magazine, (Underline or italicize magazine titles.) the fastest growing magazine in the country. She is the “How to…” columnist and in the next edition, she is going to do her column of how to lose a guy in ten days. To write this article she is actually going to date a random guy and do all those kind of things women do in relationships to see what are the things that drive men crazy (in a bad way). She is inspired by her friend Michelle, who is a disaster in relationships with men because of her behaviors. On the other hand there is Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey), an advertiser who is looking for a deal in the company he works. Two other women had been assigned to the job he wants, so he is ready to do whatever it takes to get it. He says he can do a good job with this deal because he knows how women are and what they want. That’s why Ben and his peers make a bet with their boss. If Ben makes a woman fall in love with him and take her to the company’s party, he will get the deal.


By chance, the girl selected by Ben’s peers to be the girl he needs to win the love of was Andy. Ben and Andy did their respective assignment with one another, not knowing that the other one was lying too. All these things need to happen in 10 days because the magazine was going out to press in 11 days and the company’s party was in 10 days.


The movie continues with all the funny situations they have together, how she is so annoying and how he stands (??) her, just to achieve their personal goals.


Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey were the perfect couple for this movie. So perfect that you wish they would be a couple in real life.


The script is excellent. The things the author chooses for her behavior are things that a lot of women do. She did things like baby talk, act needy, change his apartment, buy clothes for the two of them to dress alike, give him a love fern, call all the time, make a family album before being married, and also calling herself fat to see how he would respond.


The ending is perfect. It is not like a lot of movies which are excellent and then at the ending they turned out to be boring or not as the rest of the movie. Would they discover their secrets? Will they achieve their personal goals? Will their love prevail over their lies? Well, I’m not going to tell you. What I can tell you is that it is a great movie. You will laugh a lot and maybe identify yourself with one of the characters.


This is one of the movies that you wish they never ended. You will want to watch it three times on the same day and you will still laugh as if it was the first time you are wathcing it. It is a good movie to see with your date. If you are a girl you would know now what things your guy would not like you to do. If you are a guy, you would thank God, that your girlfriend is not like that, but if she is, you would know that you are not alone. (Interesting conclusion.)

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