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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 8 months ago

November 1


It is November 1st. Just 2 days for my birthday and 1 month and a half to go home. I'm so excited. I can't wait to go and see everyone. I miss my family very much. I really love it here, but I wish I could be back in PR too. It is weird, it's like I want to be in both places at the same time.


November 2


It was very hard for me to choose a theme that would interest me to do my final paper. But I got one idea. For my final paper I'm going to talk about Nutrition problems. More specifictly, obesity. This is not just a problem, is an epidemic that we are having in the country. I think everyone should care about this problem and take care of themselves, to try to have a healthy life. The epidemic of obesity is affecting people in a a lot of ways(from depression to more severe health problems like heart attacks and strokes). I'm very sure that every single person in this country knows another person who has the epidemic, so everyone should get informed and know more about the theme.




Today while I was doing my proposal I was not sure if the theme that I chose (obesity) was a good one. But I kept on doing my research and I discovered that I really like this theme. I found that more than 25% of US population is Obese. This is a big problem that people need to know more about. And what better way to contribute to the cause than writing a paper that at least 30 persons can read and can keep on sharing the message.


November 5


The proposal that I commented on were LaxerGregProposalDraft and ElizabethproposalDraft

Some web pages that I used for my proposal were Understanding Adult Obesity, Statistics Related to Overweight and Obesity, and Obesity.


November 9


This week has not been nothing good. I had so many things and I'm getting crazy. Also my best friend from Puerto Rico called me yesterday to tell me that a guy that studied with us in high school commited suicide. I did not new him that well, but still, I'm really sad. It is incredible how a person can do this. I don't imagine how is his family and closer friends doing. Anyways, other thing is that I really don't know what argument to make for my proposal (obesity). I'm thinking of changing my theme, but I'm not sure. If some of you could recomend me something I wil really appreciate it.


November 11


This week I started workiking at a school here at State College. I love the job. I'm an assistant in an after school program. The kids are so cute, they remind me of my little sister. I hope the job does not interfeer a lot with my school homeworks and studies.


November 12


It's Saturday, the final proposal is due on Wednesday and I haven't decided wether or not I want to write about the theme of obesity or Teenage pregnancy. I don't have an argument for obesity, but I like the theme a lot. Teenage pregnancy is another theme that I like. In the place that I live a lot of girls are pregnant and this is a very huge problem. I hope that by tomorrow I can have a decition made.


November 13


Today I went to Church. I did not went since I got here. When I was in my town I went every sunday and I really missed that here. I really liked it. It is a very pretty church and the people are very nice. I'm planning to continue going all Sundays.


November 16


Since I started my nutrition class this semester, I've been trying to be healthier. I love fast foods, and I'm a little lazy so this has been a little difficult for me. This week I sterted to do an excercises video that I have in my apartment. It is very tough and all my body is hurting since I started. I can't even sit down without being painfull. I hope that I can continue doing excercises and eating helthier because I think is going to help me a lot in the way I feel in a phisical way as well as an emotional way. I hope that I can go and accomplish this goal that I have set like ten times in my life.


November 17


I's satarting to dislike the temperature here. This is so cold for me. I'm used to 90 degrees even on New Year's day. Everyday I have to go out with more clothes than the day before, but I'm still getting really cold. Today I went out of work and the bus came late, so I stayed out in the bus stop freezing for like 20 minutes. People tell me that this is nothing and that it's going to be worst on Spring, but I hope that it does not come so bad because I'm going to go crazy.


The snow will be cool though. Cold, yes, but you'll be able to make snow angels and a snowman! TheKemBlog


November 20


My little sister called me today criying because she missed me. She is so cute. She is 5 years old. This wasn't any good because now I feel homesick. I cannot wait to go back home and see everyone. It is difficult for me hearing people say that they are going home every weekend and I can only go on Christmas and Summer.


November 24


It's thanksgiving!! I'm so happy. I was waiting for this holliday the entire semester. This means it is very close for me to go back to Puerto Rico. Only three weeks!!! I'm very happy here in New Jersey with my cousins but I still miss everyone at home a lot. I can't wait to eat turkey. I'm tired of eating frozen foods, chicken and Corn flakes. I'm enjoying so much this break that I even forgot about school. I haven't writen in the blog for like 5 days. Tomorow I'm going shoping. Yes, I know it is going to be hard, but I like it anyways. Well, I guess I wrote about a little bit of everything. I hope that tomorow I don't forget to write again as all this days.


November 27


I knew I was going to forget to write on the wiki this week. It was a busy week, but also relaxing. I really needed this break to finish this semster. Today I'm going back to state college. I'm very happy because I'm going home in two and a half weeks. I cannot wait. Now I have to go to study for my bio test on Wednesday.


November 28


Yesterday I saw this movie called "The Weding Date" and I did not like it. The movie had a good theme but I don't think they developed it well. No wedding movie will be better than "My best friend's wedding". That's one of my favorite movies, and the guy from that movie was the same guy from the wedding date. I can not wait to go back to PR to go to the movies. Here is too expensive and I don't have time anyways.


November 29


I'm so happy this semester is going to an end. I have so many work I don't even have time to write a short parragraph here in my blog today. I have to study for my bio test!


November 30


Today is the last day of November!!! Christmas is here and I'm going home. I already started doing my luggage. I enjojyed a lot this year at school. It was very different from what I expected but I liked it anyways. I had really good teachers and clasmates too. I really liked this english class. I think I learned a lot of new words and other things that I know will help me to my future.

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