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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago

September 12

Today I noticed that I really need to do excercises and stop eating that much. I can't walk too much or too fast because I get fatigated. My jeans does not fit. I can't put the button. This is bad. I don't want to know what will happen when winter comes and all I will want to do is eat and sleep. I don't want to gain the 15 pounds of the freshmens. I will have to start my membership on the gym TODAY!


September 13

Dialogue and Debate: In a debate, you have a battle of opinions of a specific theme and you are trying to convince the other person or the audience that what you think or what you are saying is correct. In a dialogue, you also have a theme but you are just like exposing your opinions and hearing the opinion of the other ones. The confusing thing is that when you have a debate, in some cases you are having a dialogue, because you are trying to convince the other person and to do that you need to have a dialogue. But when you have a dialogue you are not necessarily having a debate.



September 13

Just came back to put here my IM to see if I can find a partner or partners to the final project. My IM is reef11324


September 14

Being in College is not easy. I have a lot of work. For this class I really don't know what to talk about in the final project. I have some ideas, but I don't know if they are good. I'm also a little confused because I don't know if I should work in a group or just by myself. I think in a group is good because you got someone else's opinion, but then you have to do a lot more. I really don't know what I'm going to do.



September 15

It's the third week of school and I still don’t know almost anybody here. It is rare how people are in the classroom and nobody talks until the class start. Nobody talk to anybody. It is the same at the bus stops, in the bus, wherever you go. I don't know if this is only happening to me but it is very different from home and school were everybody talk to everyone and knew themselves. I always thought of college having lots of friends and have memories being with them and then saying that I love my college friends. I hope I would say this someday soon.


September 18

Today I realized that I'm a horrible writer. I don't know how to express my ideas, I have them but I don't know how to put them in the paper or explain them better. I think I have always had a problem trying to express my ideas, because sometimes people don't underestand me or tell me that I talk too fast. I think that if i concentrated and I would organized my thoughts I willl be a better expreser(is this a word?). So please if one of you would like to tell me tips of how to start writing I will appreciate it.

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