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Course Schedule, Spring 2006

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Week One: Introductions and Course Overview

9 January Assignment: Buy Everything's An Argument, print-off course schedule
11 January Course overview and setting up your wiki (Bring a copy of the course schedule)
13 January What is An Argument? (Due: Read Everything's an Argument (EA), pp. 3-26; post personal narrative to wiki)


Week Two: The Gentle Art of Persuasion

16 January Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no classes (Due: Read "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (1963) and respond on your wiki.)
18 January How do arguments persuade?: Reading and writing arguments (Due: Read EA, pp. 27-45; respond to a classmate's personal narrative by rewriting it so that it's about you!)
20 January Enthymeme (Logos) and Rhetorical Practice (Due: Read EA, pp. 100-118; post a response to #2 on p. 117)


Week Three: The Importance of Audience

23 January Arguments Based on Character (Ethos) (Due: Read EA, pp. 88-97; respond to FDR's "The Four Freedoms" (1941))
25 January Arguments of the Heart and Shared Values (Pathos) (Due: Read EA, pp. 65-87; respond to "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (1948))
27 January Considering Context (Due: Read EA, pp. 51-61 and 331-346; respond to President George W. Bush's Address to Congress (2001))


Week Four: Defining Issues, Part 1

30 January Assign Definition Paper and Discuss Research Requirement (Due: Read EA, pp. 147-173 and 424-454; respond to "Defining terrorism")
1 February Structuring Arguments (Due: Read EA, pp. 121-146; respond to an issue/topic in The New York Times or The USA Today or the State of the Union address)
3 February Arguments and Counter-Arguments and How to Use the CAT; Practice Outlining an Issue: What to include? In what order? What ties it all together? Why am I defining this issue to this audience now? What previous understanding am I trying to change for my audience? (In-Class Workshop: Reviewing the CAT)



Week Five: Defining Issues, Part 2

6 February Fallacies of Argument (Due: Read EA, pp. 384-400; post 250 word Paper Proposal for the Definition Paper to your wiki: remember the research requirement of 6 sources (not counting personal webpages or chat rooms) with MLA bibliography of works consulted.
8 February Looking at Samples of Definition Arguments (Due: Comment on a classmate's Paper Proposal (on their wiki); what might they do to make it better?)
10 February Draft Workshop and Style Workshop: MLA Citation Style and the Dangers of Plagiarism (Due: Read EA, pp. 401-411; bring 2 copies of Definition Paper)


Week Six: Making Evaluations

13 February Evaluation Argument Overview and Assign Evaluation Paper (Due: Read EA, pp. 174-204; post Definition Paper to wiki in clearly marked location by 11:59PM)
15 February Evidence (Due: Read EA, pp. 367-383; respond to "The Declaration of Independence" (1776))
17 February Sample Evaluation Arguments (Due: Post your 250 word Paper Proposal for the Evaluation Paper to your wiki)


Week Seven: Making Evaluations Conclusion and Introducing Causal Arguments

20 February Draft Workshop and Style Workshop: Paragraphing (Due: Bring 2 copies of Evaluation Paper Draft)
22 February Logos, Ethos, Pathos Review (Due: Read "The Art of Rhetoric" and TheFiveFoldWayOfRhetoric); respond to Andrew Sullivan's "My America" EA, pp. 202-204)
24 February Causal Arguments and Assign Causal Paper (Due: Read EA, pp. 205-237; Evaluation Paper due to wiki by 11:59PM)


Week Eight: Causal Arguments Continued

27 February Assessing and Using Sources; Assign Causal Paper (Due: Read EA, pp. 412-423; respond to "Rwanda: How the genocide happened" and "Q&A: Sudan's Darfur Conflict"; Evaluation Paper due to wiki by 11:59PM)
1 March Political Leanings in Rhetoric and Assign Causal Argument. (Due: Read and respond to Political Leanings in Politics)
3 March Developing Causal Arguments(Due: EA, 211-217; post your 250 word Paper Proposal for the Causal Paper to the wiki by end of day!)


Week Nine: Spring Break

Enjoy the rest!

Fordham University (Bronx, NY)


Week Ten: Making Proposals

13 March Draft Workshop (Due: Bring 2 copies of Causal Paper Draft)
15 March Sample Causal Arguments, First Look at Final Project
17 March Proposal Arguments and Assign Proposal Paper (Due: Read EA, pp. 238-261; Causal Paper due to wiki by 11:59PM )


Week Eleven: Making Proposals Continued and Final Project Introduction

20 March Proposal Arguments, Part two (Due: Respond to "The Communist Manifesto" (1848); Causal Paper due to wiki by 11:59PM)
22 March Sample Proposals (Due: Post 250 word proposal for Proposal Paper to your wiki)
24 March Draft Workshop (Due: Bring 2 copies of Proposal Paper Draft)


Week Twelve: Practicing Rhetorical Analysis

27 March Style Workshop: Learning by Sampling(Rewrite the following definition of stigmergy so that it makes sense to a non-specialist.)
29 March Rhetorical Analysis and Assign Final Project (Due: Read EA, pp. 285-300)
31 March Kem in Burrowes 167 to talk about final projects


Week Thirteen: Practicing Rhetorical Analysis

3 April Humor in Arguments (Due: Read EA, pp. 262-279; respond to "A Modest Proposal" (1729); Proposal Paper due to wiki by 11:59PM)
5 April Visual Arguments (Due: Read EA, pp. 301-330)
7 April Consultations with Kem; 1 page proposal (with sources) for final project due to wiki


Week Fourteen: Student Proposals

10 April Section 18, Section 24, Section 25
12 April Section 18, Section 24, Section 25
14 April Section 18, Section 24, Section 25


Week Fifteen: Working on Final Paper

17 April Class cancelled
19 April The Art of Introduction and Conclusions Class cancelled
21 April Structuring your Argument (Due: Bring 2 copies of Final Project outline)


Week Sixteen: Conclusions

24 April Introduction Workshop (Due: Bring 2 copies of your Introduction Draft)
26 April Putting it all together (Due: Bring 2 copies of "complete" draft.)
28 April Conclusion Workshop (Due: Bring 2 copies of your Conclusion Draft) and Course Evaluations

1 May: Final Project due either to the wiki or Burrowes 167 by 5PM.

Have a great summer, and good luck. TheKemBlog

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