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Hey everyone. My name is Curtis Whitehurst and I am a freshman at Penn State. I was born in Bethlehem Pa, where I have spent my entire life. I am in the Smeal College of business which I enjoy so far. I am thinking about majoring in marketing but I still am not sure what I want to major in yet. I am a very active person. I like to play a lot of sports, run, and lift. I also like to meet new people and make friends so hopefully I will meet a lot of new interesting people in this class.



Response to Martin Luther King Jr. "Letter from Birmingham Jail"


Martin Luther King Jr. was able to use his knowledge to write "Letter from Birmingham Jail" in which he showed great emotion toward the problems that were going on in the South. His nonviolent methods stood out to me. He knew the points he wanted to get across, and he also knew that nonviolent methods were the best way to be heard. A point that I found very compelling is when he pointed out that he has been repeatedly told to wait, but he could wait no longer. If he would keep waiting nothing would change and he knew this. He said, "justice too long delayed is justice denied." I really understood where he was coming from when he said this. I really enjoyed reading this letter and I think I have a better understanding of just how much emotion Martin Luther King Jr. put into changing the views of others toward his people.


In high school, I was a member of the football, basketball, and track team. I was also involved in Deca, which is why I decided to enroll in the Smeal College of Business. I choose Penn State to find a career in marketing. My name is Curtis Whitehurst.


Four Freedoms

I did not enjoy reading FDR's "Four Freedoms Speech" as much as Martin Luther Kings letter, but I think FDR did a great job of letting the Americans know that they are in danger. He made it clear that certain things must be done to keep our freedom in this time of emergency. FDR was ready to make sacrifices for this because he knows our way of life is worth it. He uses his speech to put some fear into the Americans and convinces them that he is right on what he is saying, but lets the Americans know of his ideas to help. Roosevelt knew how to handle the situation and what everyone had to do to get themselves in the best situation for the future.


The "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" promises freedom and equality to the people in the countries in the United Nations. It gives hope that this will happen. The declaration appeals to the emotions to display the message of human rights. I think this declaration is very omportant to have, but I don't think it followed as it should by every country. Every person deserves to be treated equally and every person deserves certain rights. I really like what is said in this document and the hope that it brings.


Random Blog


Its final exam week. Not my favorite time of the year. I really dont like taking exams. Its really important that I do well on these exams, so I am feeling a lot of pressure. I think I will be spending a lot of my free time studying so I am prepared for my exams. I just want to get the exams over with so that I can go home and dont have to worry about grades for the next couple of months. I have to say my freshman year went well though. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of new people and I definately did not gain the freshman 15.


Defining "crime"

What is "crime". Crime is defined as an act punishable by law, usually considered an evil act. This definition tells me that crime is caused by laws. Any action is simply an action until there is a law against that action. But who decides what is criminal and what is not? If crime is just an act that breaks a law, then "crimials" are invented by the law makers. A crime is also described as a serious wrongdoing or a sin, but then is a sin or a bad act that is considered legal not a crime? The definition of crime is very broad and leaves many questions. In this paper I plan to examine the boundaries of the definition of crime to give my readers a better understanding of this word.





I think this is a pretty good proposal, and the topic "crime" is very interesting. The claims and reasons are very apparent , yet the warrants are somewhat vague. This could be due to crime being a very broad topic. So, I would suggest focusing on one aspect of crime. A counter arguement that comes to mind is that of, Are lawmakers the soul reason why some actions are crimes and others not? Overall, a good topic. PickYourPoisonBlog


I commented on TheTyBlog


__Personal Blog__

Freshman year is almost over and I have to say I enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun but I am glad to be going home for the summer. I miss a lot of my friends and cant wait to see them. I just want to relax over the summer, make some money, and have as much fun as I can have until I have to come back here in the fall and leave my friends again.


__Personal Blog__

I just scheduled for my fall classes. My schedule isn’t too bad but I know I will not have it as easy as I had it this year. My fall and spring semesters were pretty easy. I had fun classes and none of them required too much effort. The times of my classes were very good too. I did not have morning classes which helped out a lot because I don’t like waking up in the morning. I know my classes for next semester are going to require a lot more time and effort and I will not have as much free time.


__Response to Genocide__


I was shocked reading the articles "Rwanda: How the genocide happened" and "Q&A: Sudan's Darfur Conflict". I was not aware of the genocide that occurred. I am shocked and disgusted at the number of people that lost their lives during this time. I thought these articles did a good job explaining what happened and clearly explained that this was all caused as a direct result of the plane attack and killing of the president Jevenal Habyarimana at that time, and the growing tension between the Tutsi and Hutus.



























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