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Just recently I read about an accident involving teens in my hometown of Bethlehem Pa. Over the past few years I have been hearing about more and more needless deaths like the one I just saw. I see way to many deaths on the news from accidents that are usually on Friday or Saturday nights. While watching these reports I hear the phrases "just received his/her license", or "alcohol may have influence", and "excessive speeds". The young and inexperienced drivers are not ready for the road and often meet a fate that many of them don’t have to have. Teen drivers are more likely to be the cause of there accidents because of their lack of skill, inexperience behind the wheel, and their immaturity. Because of this I propose that the driving age be raised to 18 and that there are more restrictions and a longer phase-in period put on new drivers.


It has not been long since I first passed my drivers test and received my license. I still remember clearly what it was like the first time I drove by myself. Thinking back on it, I now realize how much of an improved driver I now am. To truly be a good driver you must have experience and maturity. Many people would argue that age doesn’t matter because even kids as young as 14 can drive. I agree that driving is not very physically demanding, but to be a good driver you must understand what happens on the road. And to understand everything that happens on the road, age and on the road experience matter a lot. There are many people who think they are ready to be driving, but when caught in certain situations while driving, have no idea what to do. It only take one mistake to cause an accident and one mistake to end a life.


No parent wants to get a call saying their child has been in a fatal car accident. This is a fear that all parents have before they send their kid out on their own. Many parents have a problem letting their 16 year old be totally responsible for a vehicle, but others will have trust and let them go. I think its a problem to have young inexperienced drivers be responsible for a vehicle and have others lives in their hands. The facts are clear, while the 16-20 age group accounts for only 7 percent of all licensed drivers, they suffer 14 percent of fatalities and 20 percent of all reported accidents. I firmly believe that if drivers are older, more mature, and have more experience before they begin driving the number of young drivers getting in accidents will decrease. The number or deaths will also decrease and lives will be saved.


Although I had my license when I was 16 and I did not get into any accidents, I don’t think I was mature enough to be driving by myself. Unlike many young drivers I had much more experience with a car when I first started driving alone. In high school I took drivers ed. and on the road training, which helped improve my driving abilities a lot. On the road training is one of the best ways for young drivers to improve their driving skills. The 6 month phase in period is supposed to be the time for the drivers to get training from their parents or other licensed drivers. For many people this 6 month period does not give them enough time on the road to give them the experience that they need. Some people don’t get enough time on the road because they dont have anyone to drive them around. Since experience is so important to becoming a good driver I propose that not only the driving age be raise to 18 years old, but the phase-in period be one year. Permits should be given at the age of 17, and then young drivers will have one year to be on the road with a more experienced driver before they take their drivers test.


I’m sure not everyone will agree with what I’m saying. There have been many 16 year olds go out and never get into an accident. There are also many parents that will have no problem with letting their 16 year old drive a car by themselves. But I also know that if these parents would have been in the shoes of the parents that have lost a child because of an accident they would have felt differently about letting their son or daughter drive. It is a reality that many young drivers get in accidents and that many die every year because of these accidents. It is a major problem that can be improved if the driving age is increased and the phase-in period is also increased to one year.

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