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Hey Kem - Just wanted to say good luck with the move and sorry I wasn't coming to talk to you the other day.. I was actually coming from a final, and if I wasn't on the phone with my mom I would have talked longer! But anyway, I also accidentally hit edit just a few moments ago on my proposal page because I was seeing if you had graded it yet, so it probably shows that I recently edited it, but I haven't! Ok, well have a good summer!



No problem. Have a great summer. Kem









Final Paper Proposal


This will be a combined effort with CandyLand. How far is too far when you are publicly voicing your opinions in a disrespectful and offensive manner? Is this still freedom of speech, or is this simply an unneccessary act of hate? In this paper we hope to argue the issues of freedom of speech, censorship on tv and on the internet and in the general public. DazedNConfuzed will take the argument that the 1st Ammendment is being abused, whereas CandyLand will take the counter-arguments. The media has gotten out of control with what they are willing to show, say, and do. People should not be forced to constantly be exposed to these undesireable things. Things that are meant for the entire public should be censored further than they are today. Most parents do not appreciate their children being exposed early-on to violence, nudity, foul language, and drugs whether on the streets, on tv, or in the newspaper. On the other hand, many people feel that censoring these things infringes our freedom of speech. We have a choice to not watch or read these things. If parents do not approve of what is on tv, then they should monitor them more.





"Banning Indecency on the Internet Is Unconstitutional" by John Paul Stevens. The Information Revolution. Paul A. Winters, Ed. Opposing Viewpoints® Series. Greenhaven Press, 1998. Reprinted from the majority opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, written by John Paul Stevens, in Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, no. 96-511, June 1997.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Thomson Gale. 07 April 2006



"Censorship Can Be Beneficial" by Thomas Storck. Censorship. Byron L. Stay, Ed. Opposing Viewpoints® Series. Greenhaven Press, 1997. Thomas Storck, "A Case for Censorship," New Oxford Review, May 1996. Copyright ©1996 New Oxford Review. Reprinted with permission from the author and New Oxford Review (1069 Kains Ave., Berkeley, CA 94706).

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Thomson Gale. 07 April 2006








It is such a hard decision picking out my classes for next semester. One, because I am still not 100% sure I want to go through with applying to medical school and going to medical school, and two, because the classes that I definitely want to take/ need to take are already filling up and I dont want to take some random class that won't count for anything if I don't have to. So, thats frustrating! And I can't beleive there are only 2 weeks left of school, its crazy. Freshman year is almost over, I almost don't know what to do! Theres so many things I need to do/ want to do before graduating and I don't know where to start. Thats ok though, I'm sure lots of other people are feeling the same way so I'll just calm down and focus on each day as it comes.



In a debate with my future apartment-mates for next year I was thinking about next fall and how everthing will work out. One girl suggested we all put money together and buy a nice television and other things we will need living in the apartment. I personally agree with the idea of sharing the costs for food and stuff everyone will be using, but what about things like the TV? If we spend say, $400 on a nice tv, and then something happens because we have a party or whatever, we just each lost a lot of money. Plus, who knows how we will feel about each other after a year, as sad as that sounds. We may not choose to live in the apartment with each other again and then how do we decide who gets to keep the TV? I think it would be a better idea to either have one person buy a cheap one, or we use one we already have that way it leaves less room for argument in the future.



I watched a show on MTV today... True Life: I have OCD, and it was really interesting. I never imagined the full extent of someone with OCD until I saw this show. I think its looked at more of a joke than a real problem because everyone has their own tendencies that might seem like they are either obsessive or compulsive, but it was just really interesting to see what it really does to someone. And still, I find it hard to understand why someone needs to touch something with their left hand because they accidently hit it with their right, but I guess that is why psychology is so interesting to me, I like to know why we do what we do.



Went to the movies today and saw V for Vendetta with some friends, I heard from a lot of people it was an awesome movie so even though I did not know what it was about, I wanted to see it. I'm glad I did too, because it was a really good movie, the way it told its stories was a little different, but it all intertwined and made sense and kept the audience in suspense. Throughout the whole movie I wondered who the voice of V was, and the name of the actor did not look firmiliar so I looked up what movies he was in, and he was the bad guy in the Matrix, if anyone else wondered haha.







Rewriting the Definition of the Word Stigmergy

Stigmergy, introduced by Pierre-Paul Grasse in the 1950's, is the indirect communication taking place among individuals in social insect societies. The regulation and coordination of the building activity do not depend on the workers themselves but is mainly achieved by the nest: a stimulating configuration triggers a response of a termite worker, transforming the configuration into another configuration that may trigger in turn another, possibly different, action performed by the same termite or any other worker in the colony.


Glad you found the posts. See you in class. TheKemBlog



Proposal for Proposal Paper

Everywhere you turn there are new buildings built or land being sold to build new houses, companies, churches, or even cemeteries. It is clear that America is running out of land, and as more land is used up, more resources are being taken away, along with animals being pushed out of their homes. An easy solution to this problem is to stop building, but we know that is not going to happen anytime soon because as our population grows we need more housing, and as our economy grows companies will continue to build. My proposal is that instead of getting burried in cemeteries, get cremated because it would save land and is also cheaper than the traditional burials.



Response to The Communist Manifesto

I honestly tried to read all of that, but it didn't interest me, and I know nothing about this because I haven't taken history in a long time, so I don't think I could make a good argument after reading this.



Final Causal Paper




So, as we all know, it is Saint Patty's Day, and honestly I think think the fact that it is celebrated it stupid, because (me included) half the people don't even know what we're celebrating. It is just another excuse for people to go get drunk. What is the point to get up at 8am and start drinking and go to class, or even to start drinking that early anyway? I mean, if I'm not going to go to class, I'd rather sleep in. Seeing drunk people that early in the morning just makes me realize that PSU really is a party school. I didn't really know that before I came here. And if it is such a party school, how is Penn State still such a hard school to get into and looked at with such high prestige? I mean, i realize the students drinking doesn't have anything to do with the Professors and stuff, but still, how hasn't its reputation been changed. Don't get me wrong though, i love it here at Penn State!


It seems to me only the Welsh (Patrick was from Wales) and the Irish (since he drove the snakes from Ireland and brought Christianity as well) ought to be able to celebrate the holiday! Now, granted I have both Welsh and Irish blood in me, so perhaps I'm trying to take the holiday for myself! TheKemBlog



So, since I don't really have anything to argue about at the moment, I thought I would write about my awesome Spring Break!! The plan was to go to Florida on Saturday with 3 of my friends here at school (they all live on my floor), to make the flights cheaper we decided to fly out of Florida though, and also that way I could go home for the night and see some family and friends. Anyway, the fun part is Florida, so while down there we stayed with one of the girl's fathers that lives down there in Parrish, 20 minutes from the beach and about an hour and a half from Orlando. We went to the beach a few days, I did not get burnt AT all until the last day we went to the beach, which made no sense at all because I did not put any suntan lotion on.. hmm.. wierd! And one of the girls ended up with second degree burns from her sunburn.. intense! Then on Wednesday the girl's dad got us a hotel room so we could go to Orlando's Downtown Disney/ Pleasure Island and not have to drive home late. So we went there and it was interesting, to say the least, the age range in these little 'clubs' was l8 - ?? so it was kinda funny seeing older men there hitting on us 18 year olds. Ok, not funny, actually disgusting. But yea, it was an experience to say the least haha. Then the next day we got up early and went to Disney World's MGM Studios (where I rode for the first time the Tower Of Terror), Magic Kingdom, and Epcot (yes.. ALL in one day!). The Tower of Terror wasn't really as scary as I thought it would be. I had imagined going all the way up in the elevator and then straight dropping down, in this case it was more of bouncing the elevator so you thought the cables gave away and you only fall like a floor or so. It was still cool though. Then on Friday we went out on Katie's (who's dad's house we were staying at) uncle took us out on his boat, that was 30 feet long! It was so nice and cool, we were going to go out in the Gulf of Mexico to Eggmont Key (speling?) but the wind was too strong to take us out there, instead we just anchored on the Manatee River and laid out in the sun! Then sadly on Saturday it was back to reality, and then Sunday back up here to school! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasnt so coooold right now, I miss the 80/90 degree weather!


Causal Proposal

Ever wonder why we act the way we do? Everyone wonders why they might have a shy or others a more outgoing disposition. Not only does the biology of a person, but also the home environment effects the personality of a person throughout their growing up, and as an adult. For example, many studies have been conducted as to why people act in criminal behavior. "Families with poor communication and weak family bonds have been shown to have a correlation with children's development of aggressive/criminal behavior." Also, the attachment theory is one theory used to describe why certain people are more introverted than others. Those that have a more extroverted personality grew up in a more secure home and had a good attachment with their parents, whereas the opposite occurs for shyer kids/adults. Other things, too, could influence us as to the way we are now. If one realizes they don't want to be like their parents they may make a point to change the course of events. Also, the crowd a person hangs out in and grows up with can influence us to be who we are.


I'm not quite sure what your thesis will be! TheKemBlog







So I took the little quiz that was posted to see what I would fall under and it said I fell under Totalitarian.. a balance of both conservative and liberalness (You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.) but somehow I still was more liberal than conservative, yet I agree with Republican views. Who knows! I don't think that quiz is very accurate though because how can you tell things about people and compare views of politicians with questions like the one below that was asked in the quiz: It bugs me when somebody names their child something like 'Sunshine' or 'Charm'.


Well, I thought i was a Republican, and I thought they were conservatives, and while I agree with some of the things in the chart it says we argue for and support, I am not so sure about others. For instance, it says we support inequality, is that saying that most conservatives and Republicans don't think everyone is equal? If so, I do not agree with that. I don't know, from that chart there are things I would want to argue about what it is saying, if in face Republicans are conservatives, because that is not necessarily true for each Republican. Again why I am not very into politics, because I really am not aware of much that is happening.


Excellent! You should bring this up in class. There may well be problems with the chart. (Or perhaps, the Republicans aren't really so far right??) TheKemBlog


Response to Rwanda: How the Genocide Happened...


Reading this I immediately remembered the movie Hotel Rwanda, which I assume was about the same thing, the war/genocide between the Hutus and Tutsis. The whole thing is so sad to read about, and the movie (I'm not sure how accurate it is) was even sadder because you saw the effects and the struggle rather than actually reading about it. To me, seeing pictures and movies are create more of an emotional response because just reading about something you don't imagine the full effects. It is amazing to think there are still things like this happening, that wasn't that long ago, less than 10 years ago, it is a scary thought.


Final Evaluation



I went to the No Refund Theatre's performance of Sex with some friends, and it was pretty good. I went in having no idea what it would be about, just assuming somewhat from the title, or it was at least named that to try and draw people in (which i think it did). It is actually a hard play to explain what it was about because it was so random but the combination of the improv and audience interaction made it really funny. Even for the lack of props and acting ability, some of the actors could really play their parts and made it enjoyable. I really didn't like the choice of words though. I personally do no tsee the need to have profanity in every show or movie I watch. It just makes something less tasteful. I feel like we are making these words, more and more normal to every day conversation and okay to be used. Overall it was a good play though and kept the audience intrigued because the humor and skits were so random, yet still funny.



KFC is making new commercials where if you watch it in slow motion you can see how to get a coupon for a free Buffalo Chicken Snacker (whatever that is), worth 99 cents. They said they are doing this because they are sick of people fast forwarding through commercials with the new technology, but I really do not understand how this will help their advertisements. Unless someone is recording the commercial, and has the special ability to slow down the playing of the commercial I don't see how it would actually benefit them. Because honestly, who cares that much about getting something for just $.99, free? Maybe if the reward was better I could understand why they think this will boost their sales and advertising. I think the idea is cool, but I don't think enough people have the equipment/time needed or care enough about KFC to do what they want the viewers to do.


Response to Andrew Sullivan's "My America"

From reading this, I take it he was not born in America, but rather Britain and was very glad to be in America? I got this because he compared American ways to Great Britain a lot, such that America has more of a pride and sense of security than other countries. When, I see America does have pride, why not? We definitely have a lot going for us compared to other countries, and we have our share of bad history too.



First of all I don't know why any one feels the need to get plastic surgery done, you should just be happy with the way you are. But even worse is getting illegal plastic surgeries performed on you by unlicensed doctors. Treatments such as silicone shots, Botox, and plastic surgeries. Apparently people are willing the risks of these 'doctors' from overseas that come to America, specifically Florida to get treated because they are cheaper, and there is no wait. Many lawsuits have been created from side effects of these surgeries, but it is still a growing trend for people to have parties with these doctors for everyone to get these surgeries done. Why take the risk of looking worse, or getting worse side effects just to make your lips look bigger?


Evaluation Proposal

"Fans with fond childhood memories of the candy-colored fantasy Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) are in for a nasty surprise,” according to TV guide critics. Everyone probably remembers Mel Stuart’s warm, chocolate loving family film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but is Tim Burton’s remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just as memorable? Most fans of the original agree the new movie does not do it justice. Comparing the new movie to the old, this paper will evaluate its success as a remake of the old movie, and if it is overall a good family movie. Also, the original movie was a musical, where as the new one was trying to be more of a comedy, but is it considered a good comedy? A good, family comedy is one that is laced with good humor and that appeal to the whole audience, both adults and children. Throughout the paper I will discuss the key differences that make the original movie much more appealing to a family audience rather than the new movie.


We talked a bt about this in class. It seems you're going in the right direction. Make sure you spend some time arguing for the criteria according to which you'll be arguing that the original is better. TheKemBlog











Everyone thinks that they do not need to drink milk or eat dairy products, but rather just take calcium pills, but a recent seven year study showed that there actually are no benefits of taking calcium pills. Not only are there no benefits, but actually more people ended up with kidney stones than those that did nto take the pills. Those that had a good amount of calcium in their diet seemed ok. But does this mean that drinking a lot of milk or eating a lot of food with calcium that it is not good? Because another thing one of the scientists mentioned was "Too much of a good thing is not a good thing."


Reading the Declaration of Independence made me more aware of the reasons the United States declared their independence, but it really did not sway me in any way as an argument. If I was back then living in the United States I probably would have more to say about it, but things like politics and history are not really my thing.



Final Definition



Commented on IWishIWereCreative



Definition Paper Purposal


Since the 1960's there has been a growing controversial medical phenomenon in the medical curriculum, known as the practice of holistic medicine. Holistic medicine is defined as "a form of medical treatment that attempts to deal with the whole person and not merely with his or her physical condition." Breaking down the two words separately, holism (the root of holistic), is characterized by the tendency to perceive or produce wholes, and medicine is defined as to treat or cure a person or condition by means of medicine. Although the primary objective of holistic medicine is optimal health, it does not use proven methods to cure their patient. Holistic medicine views illness as a manifestation of a dysfunction of the whole person, not as an isolated event, instead one must look for underlying causes. Disorders, such as bipolar, are said to be genetic. In this scenario, Holistic medicine would recognize core causes such as their working environment rather than focusing on curing patient. Other factors of holistic medicine include: illness, pain, and dying. Holistic medicine perceives these symptoms not as suffering, but as learning processes for the patients and physicians. Dying does not, as the definition for holistic medicine states, heal or address the care of the whole person. Love, in holistic medicine, is the most powerful healer. Love does not treat or cure cancer. This paper will explore the concepts and the meaning surrounding the practice of holistic medicine, and if its definition actually suits its practices.


Comment by Da3B: Your proposal was well-stated with specific examples to back up points and ideas that the typical person, who knew nothing about Holistic Medicine, would have no clue of. I am still not exactly clear how you will argue the definition of this paper. I understand how you are going to define holistic medicine, but is the definition of holistic medicine really debatable? It might be, because I have to say, I know nothing about it. But if it is debatable, make sure you include both sides of the definition. Overall, your proposal has parts to it that one can conclude would be part of the definition of Holistic Medicine. I am personally curious what you come up with your paper.

2/8/06 - Comments. You've got a solid topic there and one thats pretty interesting. You've definitely done your homework and I have no real criticisms. Keep it up. -Berto




Bortman, Marci, Peter Brimblecombe, and Mary Ann Cunningham. "Holistic approach." Environmental Encyclopedia. 2003.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Thomson Gale. 05 February 2006 <http://galenet.galegroup.com/servlet/OVRC>


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"Holism." Oxford English Dictionary Online. 2006.


"Holistic Medicine." Oxford English Dictionary Online. 2006.


"Medicine." Oxford English Dictionary Online. 2006.


The Principles of Holistic Medical Practice. 2004. American Holistic Medical Association. 2 Feb 2006 <http://www.holisticmedicine.org/about/about_principles.shtml>


So, I am sitting here on this lovely night(sarcasm, its raining here probably is in State College too though, I don't know) at about 10 pm and I am supposed to be babysitting until sometime after 1 and I am debating with myself if I should have my friend come over or not. Usually the parents of the kids I am babysitting are cool about that, but I haven't babysat for them since the summer. Plus, the kids just fell asleep and I would not want to wake them up or I'd probably have 2 little boys screaming the rest of the night. On the other hand, I am also sitting here trying to write my english paper, but I still can not decide on a word to use, so that really sucks. There are a few in my mind but I don't know if they would actually take up 4 pages or even if I am interested in them so much to make my paper interesting. Urgh.. I wish I was good at making arguments.. or at least creative! :/




Response to USA TODAY article ~ Papers take a leap forward


I was looking through the newspaper to find an article that I could relate to and not one on politics because I do not have much of a backround on politics, and I found one that I had actually just been thinking about. How much paper is used daily to print off the billions of newspapers. I have always been a strong believer of recycling and always stress that recycling should be available everywhere. An article in USA Today was on how papers are trying to conform to prospective readers. If you think about it, Penn State students are given these resources, but how many of us actually read the newspaper rather than just cut out the Sudoku. Newspapers are starting to make their articles more available online, and even through cell phones. Think about how much paper and resources would be saved if altogether newspapers were online. Plus, with the new age and technology people don't actually sit down that often to read the newspaper. I find myself relying on the internet, since I use the computer most of the day, to tell me what the news is and what is going on in the world.


On or Off Campus Living

So this weekend has been very stressful for my friends and I. We, like all the other students that wanted to live on campus (particularly West because of their chocolate chip cookies haha) applied for a housing contract the first day we could. Having seen many of my friends get their contract even the day before they were supposed to be sent out, after a week and a half went by I started to worry that I may not recieve one, so I called housing and they told me I should probably go out looking for a place to live. Now, this is stressful because most of the apartments have already been taken and/or were taken the day I found out we needed to get an apartment. Looking with what limited time we had we found one apartment left at the Graduate that would fit the four of us that did not recieve housing, but one girl's father would not allow her to make a 'rash decision' because he wanted to hear for himself that we needed an apartment. Today we woke up at 8 and headed down to try and get the apartment, after dealing with the fourth girl's dad finally saying okay after 3 hours we got the apartment. Now, my question is, how can there be so many students going to Penn State and nowhere for all of them to live? The housing people told both us and her father that there are 42,000 students that will go to Penn State next year and only on campus living for 14,000. Most of that living is guaranteed for freshman because they, for the most part, have to live on campus. Also, places to live such as East View Terrace are only offered for the students that are of Junior or Senior status. My sister, for one, goes to Penn State Berks, not even main campus and she tried for the lottery syster for East View and got in. I think it would be fairer if it was offered to at least sophomores that are at main campus too since us soon to be sophomores are already being forced to find alternative living, whereas some students that are Seniors next year have made it safely through the four years living on campus. While, I am excited to now have an apartment, there are many benefits of living on campus. It costs less, both in the altogether cost and also in doing the laundry, and you are closer to your classes. I am sure that once I live in the apartment though I probably won't want to go back with on campus living, but hopefully in the future there are more places for students to live and they are not put at such short notice with little options.



Response to Defining Terrorism


It has been asked if everything is an argument. I think so because no matter what, someone will have their own views on something and create an argument whether it should be argued about or not. For instance, this definition of the word terrorism. There is not one simple definition for what terrorism means and everyone has their own view on what it should be. Each definition is a little different, but have the same kind of theme to it and use the word intimidation in its definition. No matter what though someone will always have something to say and probably will never agree on one simple definition.


"Why tell the enemy what we're doing if the program is necessary to protect us from the enemy?" .. I am watching the Press Conference of President Bush's on tv right now and what he just said is exactly how I feel. People get mad that things are secretive and about this new plan to tap in on people's phone calls, but obviously we, as civilians, for our own protection should not be told every little secret and plan that the government has. I just thought I'd add that, now I'm going to go finish watching it..

Respone to President Bush's State of the Union


My fellow citizens, for the last nine days, the entire world has seen for itself the state of our Union -- and it is strong.

The civilized world is rallying to America's side. They understand that if this terror goes unpunished, their own cities, their own citizens may be next. Terror, unanswered, can not only bring down buildings, it can threaten the stability of legitimate governments. And you know what? We're not going to allow it.

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.

I'm sorry, but if after this speech you don't think President Bush is at least somewhat of a good leader, for the way he handled 9/11 and put hope back into the people, than I think I'd like to know how you would handle this situation. The bulleted items above are just a few things that I thought stuck out to me, and put a message with a sense of hope and that closure will come eventually. I know people got mad for the fact that we ended up going to war with Afghanistan, but as he said here, it was going to happen. And what would you do? Sit back and have let the terrorists get by without retaliation. While retaliation isn't necessarily the best way to fix things, when you are dealing with people that do not have morals or beliefs like America's, sometimes that is the only way to protect America and our freedom. Bush did not promise it would be over in a few months, or years, he said it would be a long battle against terrorism, so people protesting now for the army to come back should just stop. Plus, if you're standing there protesting, you are not the one that CHOSE to fight for your country and other people's freedom, those that are fighting did. They CHOSE to fight for freedom, no one made them, so you shouldn't be protesting to make them come home.


Another thing, like I noticed other people had already said, is that as they read this it reminded them of the moment 9/11 happened. This made me think about everything again too, and brought chills and almost tears to my eyes remembering seeing the people falling out of the building on the news, and the damage done. Bush's speech definitely evoked many emotions and brought the people closer to him and united the people of America, making this such a powerful speech.


Response to Universal Declaration of Rights


You can tell this was written when the world was moving into a new time, because each article is something we would look at today as something that was understood. Also, things back then, before 1948, was by classes in different countries, and everyone was not considered equal. I thought this was interesting because you can see how different the world was not too long ago. At the same time I think it is pathetic when looking back and seeing how primitive we used to be as humans. The fact that we actually needed to make it a law, in order for people to marry whomever they wanted to, or even for everyone to have liberty and freedom. Although, in the article it says we should be allowed to marry whomever we want, there is still discrimination when people of the same sex and different races want to marry each other, but then that gets into a whole different issue with beliefs and religion. Where, in article 18, it states we have the freedom of our own religion and beliefs. I also feel that even though this is for every country in the United Nations it still is not followed by everyone. You still hear about people being forced to do be in certain religions because of where they live.



Response to The Four Freedoms


I learned about World War II in high school, but I don't remember too many of the details. After reading the letter, I am a little confused about many of thoughts and ideas Roosevelt was trying to portray. This was clearly an argument of character because Roosevelt was a highly respected and knowledgeable person. Until I realized the date that this was written and addressed to congress, I took the part about needing to raise taxes as a usual thing because it seems every year we are raising our taxes. I realized that this was for the protection of the country because with the war going on in Europe it could start over here at anytime. Roosevelt said that it was most important to be prepared for anything that could happen, and I agree because look what happens when you are not prepared or always on your guard. For instance, even after he said we should be prepared, Pearl Harbor still occurred, and even now after that there was 9/11. So, no matter what Roosevelt said it's most important to protect our freedoms, and in this case it is vital to be ready for anything.


USA Today Snapshot

One of the snapshots found on the "USA Today" website was that 41% of young adults (21-34) say they drank vodka in the past six months, 31% between the ages 35 and 44, and 21% 45 and older. A few inferences can be made from these statistics:


1) Only younger adults drink vodka, and older adults prefer other kinds of alcohol.

2) As you get older you drink less.

3) Younger adults in the past six months celebrated the holidays with vodka, whereas older adults do not celebrate with alcohol.


Race Relations


So today I had to go to a Race Relations meeting for my premed seminar class, which from what I heard about it I was dreading already. When I got there, it was exactly what I expected, somewhere I really did not want to be. This is because, I walk around campus, I don't really think about racism or people being racist on an every day basis, or really at all. So, when I was put into this discussion, where the leaders of the group were there to MAKE you talk about what your opinions on racism were and things related to it, I was not very happy. I have my opinions, yes, we all do, but I felt that having to sit there in a group and listenl to how others feel, talking about racism just made more angry and realized how racist people still are. For instance, the other students there kept saying how white people aren't approachable and we have a permanent grudge on other races. When really I feel its the other way around, because just from sitting in that session, and hearing what the other students had to say, it was the Blacks and the Hispanics that sat there and said when something goes wrong it is usually because of a white person not treating them right. One girl used an example from her day today that when she asked, as she said, "a short little white girl" if she was in the right line for something the girl ignored her. Now, anyone could ignore someone for any reason, either their not a very nice person, they didn't hear her, or they are having a bad day themselves... but right away it is assumed it is because the 'white girl' is racist and that is why she did not answer her. Really I feel like the racism problem now is just everyone still having the same stereotypes for different races. It's assumed Asians are smarter, Blacks are ghetto, and whites are (apparently from the discussion with these people today) all white trash. It is just like the stereotypes we have for sorority girls, but it is tied to race, and I think it is just stupid. The blacks in the discussion today talked about how they went through a 'struggle' and they hold the permanent grudge from when their ancestors were slaves, but honestly, that was a long time ago, and they personally did not go through 'the struggle.' (which I'm still not 100% sure what they meant by that). So overall I came out of that meeting very frustrated, and did not feel like it benefited me at all, because I did not feel like I could actually say how I felt, fearing that if I did at all because if I did then I would be offending the others there. Especially considering the one girl that said 'whites are unapproachable and have a grudge on Hispanics' kept making snickers everytime the leaders of the group would ask 'us white kids' what we felt about something.


Ok, that kind of felt good just venting because I was really frustrated, sorry if it jumps around a lot, that is why I am not a good writer/ don't like writing, but venting is always good!


A couple of things: 1) You're making an argument, and so your writing seems already to be going in the right direction! 2) I wonder how talk of a "struggle" and someone's perception of racism might be related. For example, would it make a different if being ignored by others weren't an isolated incident but rather an example of a repeated experience? TheKemBlog


I was born in Rochester, New York, but grew up mostly in Coatesville, PA. I don't have one particular group of friends at home, but am friends with people from a variety of cliques. I also have an older sister who I don't get along with very well, but I love her anyway. In high school I didn't play any sports because I'm not very good at the whole hand/eye coordination thing, haha, so instead I played the violin and was secretary of the LEO Club (a community service club), along with being an active member of many other clubs. I love listening to music and going to concerts, and I also love movies. I am very interested in psychology and medicine and would like to have a career involving both.

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Response to Letter from Birmingham Jail


After reading Martin Luther King Junior’s letter from the Birmingham jail it reminded me of everything African Americans in the South had gone through in what was not too long ago. I think it is easily forgotten how far America has come in such a short time, but even so, there are still remnants and reminders of the ongoing battle of discrimination. For instance, when I lived in Wilmington, North Carolina, there was still a Confederate flag up. Why would the flag still be flying? Are the people in the South proud of what that flag stood for? It always kind of bothered me, making me feel uneasy, and I am still curious as to why they would still have the flag up. Also, in the letter I thought it was amazing to see how devoted to freedom and how much hope in humanity Martin Luther King Jr. had after everything that had happened and while he was in jail. He said even when he was disappointed in the church, and had tears, they were 'tears of love' and still did not seem to doubt that in the end everything would work out for the best.


Personal Narrative


First of all, I hate writing because I’m not very good at it. The only time I really enjoy writing is when I’m talking to my friends on aim, which I happen to be addicted to along with the infamous Facebook. My interests consist of: taking pictures all the time, watching Grey’s Anatomy (the best show ever), and hanging out and watching movies with friends. I am from Coatesville, PA, but I have also lived in North Carolina, New York, and even State College. Penn State is by far my favorite place to be! I am currently studying pre-med, but because I love psychology I am considering changing my major. I'm really shy until you get to know me, then I just don't shut up!

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