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What does it mean to be a SUCCESS??


{I guess I scared you away from the racism paper. Bummer.}


What does it mean to be successful in today’s society? How do you measure

whether or not one has become successful? The American dream is to be a success

and to make it in this world but how is this accomplished? Most people today

would agree that success is based on how much money you have and is measured by

how much money you earn. Therefore these people are assuming success is all

about money and material things and that there is nothing else to it. However,

this notion does not due do justice to the term success. Success is about leading a positive life and working hard to reach the goals you have set for yourself. Someone who is happy and satisfied with themselves is a successful person. Success may mean different things to different people but it does not have to do with wealth.


We have all heard it over and over again. Being successful means making a lot

of money. This is wrong. There is more to success than making a couple of

dollars. Many people falsely believe success has to do with a persons social

status. When you’re at the top you are succeeding and when you’re anywhere else

you’re not. Contrary to this belief there are people who are “at the bottom”

who still consider themselves to be a success. If they’re supporting their

family and are satisfied with who they are as a person they are considered

winners. Just because they do not drive a Mercedes and live in a mansion

doesn’t mean they’re not happy. You may be able to find people who have these

material things and yet still live miserably. Maybe some of these people with money were born into wealth, so does that make them lucky or are they considered successful as well. It is clear success cannot be measured by something like money. Obviously, there are going to be people at the top who are happy and people at the bottom who are not, but does how successful they are explain this?


Another definition of success is the gaining of fame and prosperity

(www.dictionary.com). Now this is also not accurate. This definition clearly

assumes that the public associates success with being famous. Therefore,

everyone wants to be famous and will then be living the American dream that we

are all striving for. However, we can look at some people who we would all

agree were once famous, and see how they didn‘t end up being too successful.

For example, let’s talk about Kurt Cobaine. He was a lead singer for a

famous rock band and was making a lot of money. However, Cobaine ended up

committing suicide. How could he do that if he was successful and living the

dream. Obviously, success consists of more than simply being famous. You have

to be comfortable with yourself as a person and have a lot of self-confidence.

When one is satisfied with themselves they can then begin to take the

necessary steps to seek whatever goals they may have.


For one to truly succeed they must work at accomplishing their goals. Going through this hard

work and getting what one wants will, in turn, make someone feel better about themselves.

Nothing in this world is given to you and so you have to go out there and get it. Undoubtedly,

this hard work will not be over a short period of time either.Once you have a goal that is set,

you have to work hard to obtain it. This process is where the success comes into play. Let’s take

someone who has won the lottery for example. If they’re playing the lottery their goal is obviously

to get rich. However, they simply bought a ticket and luckily got rich. There

was no hard work in achieving this goal and this person is not a successful

person but rather a lucky person. If this person tried to say they were a

success in this world they would not be using the word correctly.


Success is a long process and it can be compared to a 100 yard dash. The goal here is to get

to the finish line. Winning the dash is not only crossing the finish line but actually getting to

the finish line. And no one is going to run for you so you have to do it

yourself. You have to work hard (in training) and prepare yourself for

finishing. Again, just because you didn’t earn money for finishing doesn’t

mean you didn’t succeed. You set a goal and you went out there and achieved

that goal. After accomplishing your goal, you will be satisfied with you accomplishment

and consider this a successful experience.


In conclusion, success is about self-satisfaction and reaching goals that you

have set for yourself through hard work. Success is not about fame or about

money. Success is about being in touch with ones self. There doesn’t have to be

any type of money to show that you are in fact a success. Success includes the work,

time, and effort you put in in order to get to that goal. There is no better

feeling than working hard and knowing you have earned what you want. I have set

a goal of getting an A on this paper. I’ve worked hard and went through the

process of writing it with confidence. I am happy with my work and proud of

what I’ve written so hopefully it will be a success and earn me an A on this assignment.









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