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The Mormon Threat


(The following is a letter addressed to the local pastor of my hometown, concerning a problem within our congregation)


Pastor Elkin

Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church

Montoursville, PA


Dear Pastor,


Truth, the Word, whatever you call it, it’s the only thing any religion has going for it, that the theology maintains itself infallible by claiming this ideal, a singular right and wrong, the way it was and forever will be, however conveyed to us by conversations with the Almighty, ascending the innards of oneself by rumination and meditation, or devout self-deprivation and eventual enlightenment, and this is nothing special. Every faith and creed has its own version that preempts dissimilar religions; its singular nature excludes any other possibility.

And being raised in the traditions of one religion makes it easy to write others off as a sham without a hesitant breath or second thought. My faith says I’m right, so you’re obviously wrong. When I came across Mormon missionaries, my immediate thoughts were just the same. Mormons are different; they claim to be a part of my faith, of my Truth, and this cant be further from the truth.

At the moment, Saint Mark’s faces a threat. Two years ago, our town’s resident Mormons came together and built an official church, a legitimate face for their religion. This formation personally affects our congregation. The Mormon church pulls attendants away from us. Fewer attendants would be lost to the new church, if you call to our congregation’s attention that Mormonism is not Christianity, as I will show in this letter.

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