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Jack and Jimmy got me into such a mess. Honestly, do you think that I could have conceived to hide behind the gravestones by myself? Those underclassmen are nothing but trouble.


I attended a large high school in the immediate suburbs of Pittsburgh, where we drink tons of POP each day. My parents stressed the importance of joining activities almost as much as attending church and earning good grades. So, during my senior year I found myself a four year member and captain of the track and field team. Our coach, Ray Milligan, or Adolph Milligan as we called him behind his back (and on one occasion to his face) possessed the qualities of a military drill sergeant. He led us on six and seven mile runs around our neighborhoods. Unfortunately for us, Adolph ran right alongside us so that we couldn’t slack off.


Jack and Jimmy, my two favorite boys on the track team (they would sneak into the girls locker room while it was empty to leave me notes that usually went something like this, “Liz, we’re skipping practice and hiding behind the maple tree near your car.) liked our coach as much as any American likes Omorosa from “The Apprentice”. They discovered that if you ran towards the end of the pack during the road runs, you could easily slip off and duck behind a tree or fence until the team was out of sight. This information became useful during the end of the season when our big meets approached.


One eighty degree day, as the team led by the sergeant ran past a cemetery, it seemed like a good idea to duck behind gravestones while the rest of the team ran by. We hid for what we considered a reasonable amount of time; we jogged back to school past waning rush hour traffic, slowly realizing that Jimmy could not tell the time by looking at the sun. Apparently, all of the coaches and the head of our athletic department had been notified that three students had gone missing. Needless to say, I had a lot of explaining to do; while earlier it seemed like the world’s best idea to hide in the cemetery, I realized it probably wasn’t the most responsible of actions for the captain. Being Pittsburgh’s biggest pacifist, I almost found my daily punishment of fifty stair sets easier to bear than the thirty scoldings I received that evening.

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What happened at practice was strictly between me, Jack, Jimmy, and the coaches, naturally, the entire class knew about it before homeroom the next day. I guess, if stories about you fly around school, they could be much worse, but who wants to be known as the girl who hid behind a gravestone?

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