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“Grease is the word, It’s got groove, it’s got feeling. Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion, grease is the way we are feeling.” According to Franky Valli’s lyrics to the theme song of the movie Grease, the title of the movie encompasses the entire decade and life during the 1950s. Grease, released in 1978, is a timeless and classic movie. Grease combines many genres together; it is a comedy, romance, and musical. Together, these three genres create a fun and enjoyable movie to watch.(Good. You've identified the criteria.)


The movie takes place in the 1950s at Rydell High, where the “cool” boys are known as the T-birds and their girlfriends are the Pink Ladies. The leader of the T-birds, Danny Zuko, met a girl named Sandy during the summer at the beach in Australia and fell in love with her. They were heartbroken at the end of the summer, since they thought they would never see each other again. Sandy’s family suddenly moves and she transfers to Rydell High. Although they are excited to see each other, her move now causes drama between Danny and his old friends and girlfriends. The movie then follows them in their senior year of high school together.


Grease contains many elements of comedy. First of all, Danny Zuko appears as a tough and macho guy who is an automotive expert. However, he has a very sensitive and loving side with Sandy over the summer. He tries to “play it cool” in front of his friends, which is humorous because of the opposite side he showed in the beginning towards Sandy. The T-birds constantly make jokes to each other, especially to one boy Sonny. The jokes are all corny, but make everyone laugh.


Grease can be viewed as a typical high school movie. It includes love, romance, friendships, teen pregnancy, drinking, drugs, rebellion, and sex. The main romance occurs between Danny and Sandy, and they experience many ups and downs. Danny “cheats” on her, and Sandy dates other boys and becomes a Pink Lady. In the end, Sandy’s “wilder” side is revealed and she wins Danny over. This romantic end to the movie makes everyone smile and just wish we were in their positions, right? Maybe not…but it does make it fun to watch and poke fun at.


The music in the movie contributes a great deal to the overall effect. The upbeat and fun songs like “We Go Together,” “Greased Lightning,” and “Summer Lovin’” will always be classics to all generations. Instead of talking in many scenes, the characters choose to sing their lines. It’s actually very funny at times, but it makes the movie uplifting and very enjoyable to watch. After viewing it many times (as many of us have), we seem to even have memorized most of the songs. Their catchy tunes definitely remain in my mind.


In addition to the music, the cast is great. John Travolta plays the leading man Danny Zuko. Travolta was only a young man when the movie was filmed, and he was a great dancer and singer. His smooth moves and confidence made him the heartthrob of all young girls who watched the movie. Sandy, played by Olivia Newton-John, was a beautiful young Australian girl with a fabulous voice. The combination of the two is unstoppable, and the other actors are great as well. Stockard Channing played the role of Rizzo with power and energy. All of the supporting girls and boys had great voices and acting skills. All together, the cast was phenomenal.


Although the movie has great characteristics, the plot is nonexistent. It is merely about teenagers who fall in love, have obstacles in the way, and later get together. The plot appears to have no true point, and just films high school students and their relationships. Also, the dialogue is very childish, simple, and mediocre. If there was no music, this movie would have bombed. This movie is also supposed to be for children, but features some aspects of life that may not be appropriate for young children. Ideas such as sex and drugs may not be appropriate for young minds, even though the movie is rated PG.

Although these criticisms can be made, the movie is overall a very well-done and enjoyable film. Adapted from a play, and now performed all over the world, Grease will forever be a part of our lives. It is perfect to watch with family and friends on a weekend afternoon. Go out, rent this movie and have a little fun singing along with Travolta!

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