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Pokemon: The First Movie

Jason Chen



To most children Pokemon has become a commonplace term. Every kid knows about the Pokemon television series starring Ash Ketchum, his friends, Misty and Brock, and the host of Pokemon they interact with. If asked about Pokemon they could tell you all about the card trading and the video games that have developed from the concept of Pokemon. Of course, you maybe one of those parents who is asking themselves “What the heck is a pokemon?” Pokemon are simply the dogs, cats, fish, and birds of and alternate (??) cartoon world created for children. The basic plot of the popular television series revolves around Ash Ketchum’s dream of becoming the worlds greatest Pokemon trainer; (Semi-colon should be a comma.) and the means by which he all others trainers of Pokemon go about advancing themselves involves the battling of their Pokemon.


Derived from the extremely popular trading card game, cartoon/anime, and manga, “Pokemon: The First Movie” is about the ancient concept of finding balance and harmony between different beings. The film illustrates in an inventive and attractive manner, the consequences of misunderstanding and displacement of great power. (Good)


The film begins with the creation of a Pokemon creatively name Mewtwo having been cloned from an original Pokemon named Mew. The scientists are ecstatic to find that their cloning experiments are successful. However, Mewtwo turns out to be too powerful to control, resulting in the destruction of the lab. Mewtwo makes acquaintance with a man named Giovanni who aids Mewtwo in enhancing his power, but later turns on his word and tries to use Mewtwo for his own evil purposes. Mewtwo does not appreciate this and breaks free of Giovanni with the resolution that all humans are evil and that all Pokemon are merely enslaved to do man’s bidding.


At this point, the heroes of Pokemon, including Ash and Pikachu, make their first appearance. They, along with other trainers and their Pokemon, are mysteriously invited to a mysterious island to participate in a mysterious (repetitive) tournament. Ash, being an overzealous and foolhardy character (Need comma after character.) decides to accept the challenge with no hesitation. Ash and the other trainers eventually discover that the island belongs to Mewtwo and his army of cloned Pokemon with which he intends to take back the world from the humans. A violent battle ensues between the Pokemon and their clones. The original Mew also appears to do battle with its clone, Mewtwo. Ash is caught in the crossfire, and at the climax of the massive battle, is killed as he tries to stop the Pokemon from fighting each other. At the most heart wrenching moment of the film, all the Pokemon realize that their efforts to defeat each other solves nothing and that only through understanding can they live in peace. The tears of sadness from the Pokemon as they experience this revelation revive the hero back to life, serving as a metaphor for the restoration of love and peace between all beings. In conclusion, Mewtwo decides that his perception of the human-Pokemon relationship is wrong and that love and harmony can exist between the two.


The film is much better developed than the television series in that it is better animated and having a storyline that breaks from the typical Pokemon plot of the television show involving the capture and training of different Pokemon. It relates the concepts of teamwork and harmonious coexistence between peoples and creatures in a way that is understandable and attractive to children.


Of course, most children will be jumping in their seats with excitement as they watch their favorite Pokemon, Pikachu, help defeat the forces of evil, and most parents will be sound asleep by the time the heroes are introduced. Yet, this movie, no matter how unbearably sugary and mind-numbing, is a nice movie for the grade school audience. If adults can have their violent dramas starring people like Angelina Jolie and Arnold Schwarzenegger, why can’t children enjoy more film experiences starring people like Ash Ketchum and his loveable pet Pokemon, Pikachu?


Overall this video is great if you need time to take a break and nap for a couple hours, or if your little Pokemon fan is having his or her birthday party at the movie theatre. This movie does well explaining its lesson in a way that is appealing to children. Though the lessons and morals may be too deep to get through to some children, they will nonetheless be moved by the teary conclusion. Overall, this film is good for anyone who understands Pokemon, but will be only a couple hours of boredom for those who don’t know what a Pokemon is.

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