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Directly in front of me, a young woman in her late teens began to tell her story. Struggling to keep her composure, she pressed onwards. Her brother had been in a car accident a few years ago, she explained. He has been in a coma and is struggling to stay alive. At this point, I began to feel uneasy inside, but not knowing the cause of this tension, I continued to listen. Suddenly I recalled the events from only two days ago, and at that moment, I became overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt.


It was a bright and sunny day, without a single trace of the clouds which usually covered the sky during this time year. Below the clear blue sky laid a gleaming white landscape, which served as a reminder that spring has yet to arrive. The highways and streets had been plowed that morning, exposing strips of charcoal gray tarmac within the snowy terrain. In both directions small groups of cars can be seen cruising through the peaceful scenery, but in-between them, there was only silence. The silence is suddenly broken by the sound of my turbocharger, as it whines to feed pressurized air into the engine of my car. Behind me, a black Honda followed in suit, feeding the car with more gasoline in an attempt to keep up with the speed of my car. For the past twenty miles the Honda and I had been playing a game of cat and mouse, I would speed up ahead and he would catch me a few miles down the road. We were on our way to a ski resort in the middle of Pennsylvania where our church had planned a weekend retreat.


Before I could catch up to the next group of cars, I was met with an unexpected sight. Two cars up ahead had separated from the pack and began to race each other down the seemingly endless stretch of highway. Unwilling to let them have all the fun; I downshifted the car and sped up to join the race, leaving my rationality behind. By this time, the Honda had also cleared the pack of cars and was watching our little escapade from a few car lengths behind.


I was brought back to reality by the sound of sobbing and crying. The girl was no longer fighting the tears she was holding back. I felt extremely guilty for the incident on the highway, for she was riding in the black Honda and had been watching the whole time.

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