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Final Project Discussion

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years ago

WallyRllr20: hey

ShOrTE014: hey

WallyRllr20: ur not busy with somethin else are u?

ShOrTE014: nope not really

WallyRllr20: awesome

WallyRllr20: alright, the first criteria he said we should talk bout is interests and what we care about, so....

WallyRllr20: what are ur interests?

ShOrTE014: see i hate these questions

ShOrTE014: bc i feel like i dont have any

ShOrTE014: i used to play softball, i really like that

ShOrTE014: but thats not something to make a project outta

WallyRllr20: yea, but its a topic, sports

WallyRllr20: do you like just softball, or are u into most other sports too?

ShOrTE014: well i only played softball and volleyball, but i like others too

ShOrTE014: what about you

WallyRllr20: ok, thats good, cuz i played baseball, and golf, so sports seem to be the common ground so far

WallyRllr20: i play all kindsa IM sports too, right now im playin volleyball

ShOrTE014: me too

WallyRllr20: so how could we take this and form this into a project?

ShOrTE014: i dont know. but im not sure if we could each get 10 pages out of this

WallyRllr20: i think we could, but we'd need to focus on a really good sports topic, like steroids or something

ShOrTE014: hm

WallyRllr20: but ur right, we should prolly discuss other stuff too, cuz this might not be easiest subject matter

ShOrTE014: right

ShOrTE014: well other things in sports or a completely different topic

WallyRllr20: well, we could go to another topic

WallyRllr20: like, what are some things u care about?

ShOrTE014: haha, another difficult one, not that i dont care about nething, just that its hard to think of off the top of my head

WallyRllr20: lol

ShOrTE014: how about u answer the same question

WallyRllr20: i got nothin...

WallyRllr20: i think we need some kinda controversy, cuz that usually stirs up ideas

WallyRllr20: how bout politics?

ShOrTE014: good thinking

ShOrTE014: ugh, i really dont care about that!

ShOrTE014: lol

WallyRllr20: lol, ur turn

ShOrTE014: doesn't interest me in the least possible way

ShOrTE014: i guess obvious things like abortion, gay marriage...

WallyRllr20: yea, but they can be boring, we need somthing exciting

ShOrTE014: ok hm

WallyRllr20: is hm just hmmmm or does it mean something, cuz i have no idea what that is, lol

ShOrTE014: haha just like hmmm=thinking

WallyRllr20: ok, thats what i thought, but i wanted to be sure, ha

WallyRllr20: what about movies and music and stuff like that?

ShOrTE014: like what about them though

WallyRllr20: i dunno, maybe like influence of movies on children, or maybe music

ShOrTE014: thats good

WallyRllr20: u think?

ShOrTE014: yea

ShOrTE014: i mean do u think we would be able to find alot of info on it

WallyRllr20: it depends on which stance we take on the whole issue prolly

WallyRllr20: but i mean, we gotta get library info too, so that might get us on this one

ShOrTE014: omg we have to get that by friday dont we?

WallyRllr20: damn, ur right, he didnt give us much time, but its only i draft i guess

ShOrTE014: its just a proposal draft, but i mean do we need the library sources by friday

WallyRllr20: i think we might

WallyRllr20: see, that might be why some dry topic might be good, cuz it wont be hard to get info on it

WallyRllr20: like gay marriage, or abortion or something thats all over the news

ShOrTE014: right

ShOrTE014: does this proposal have to be the definite topic we r taking

WallyRllr20: yea im pretty sure, cuz its like laying out the plan of what we're gonna do for approval

ShOrTE014: ok

WallyRllr20: im hoping we get more detail about this tomorrow in class

ShOrTE014: yea me too

WallyRllr20: so, which topic do you think would be best?

ShOrTE014: well gay marriage is more recent with the contraversy with the states, but abortion is on going and if we wanted to bring up statistics and studies and like legal cases..

ShOrTE014: its a hard choice

WallyRllr20: well, i guess the bigger thing is that we'd have to agree on which side of the arguments we're on, cuz it is rhetorical writing, u know?

ShOrTE014: well if we disagree wont that be good too, or do we have to agree

WallyRllr20: i think we have to agree, cuz i think its just one project with one idea

WallyRllr20: i dunno, maybe not

WallyRllr20: i guess we should get our stances out on the table anyway though, right?

ShOrTE014: sure

WallyRllr20: u first lol

ShOrTE014: ok on abortion, im completly against it.. im pro-life

ShOrTE014: and for gay marriage, i dont really like it but i cant do nething about it, so i guess i just let it be..

WallyRllr20: cha-ching, we're in business

ShOrTE014: lol

WallyRllr20: pro-life as well, and i dont like gay marriage, but i can live with it

WallyRllr20: so i guess now, which one will produce more of a paper, at least info-wise

ShOrTE014: yea i keep going back and forth with this one

WallyRllr20: flip a coin?

WallyRllr20: lol

ShOrTE014: haha

ShOrTE014: well do u wanna think about it and we can decide tomorrow and if neither of us have a preference we can flip

WallyRllr20: sure, sounds good

WallyRllr20: alright, well, then, i guess thats it

ShOrTE014: ok!

WallyRllr20: see u in class tomorrow, and we should prolly set up to go to the library after we figure out what we're gonna do

WallyRllr20: aight?

ShOrTE014: ok thats fine!

ShOrTE014: bye

WallyRllr20: later

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