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Introduction to Final Project

Arguments against Gay Marriage



As noted earlier, about ten percent of the US population is estimated to be homosexual. Obviously, this is a large number and we cannot simply ignore their situation. Historically, homosexuality has been around as long as the human race. Some cultures have embraced it while some have banned it. If one believes in Adam and Eve they are probably completely against gay marriage but if one believes in evolution they’re probably more open to the topic. Your standpoint on gay marriage is probably supported by these opinions.


Today in the US, as a society, the country is and has been, for the most part, against homosexuality in general. Most would agree it is unnatural and homosexual marriage is unnecessary. Whatever your standpoint is it is currently illegal for same-sex marriages in the US (except in Massachusetts). Currently, married couples do receive benefits and that is because society needs and values the family structure. These couples have kids and help contribute to society and procreate which is essential for our society to continue on. Homosexual marriages do not really contribute to society and so they’re not in need of these benefits. Marriage is not a right and so it can be denied to people solely on the grounds of pure definition.


I am like most people where as I have no problem at all with gay people. However, when it comes to marriage, I do not feel they should be allowed to engage in this commitment. Marriage is defined as a legal union between a man and woman as husband and wife (www.dictionary.com). This definition is what is known to be a marriage and it clearly states marriage is between a man and a woman. Obviously, it doesn’t imply same-sex unions. As a society we see homosexuality as aberrant behavior. By allowing same-sex marriages we would be supporting deviant behavior.


What is marriage? What does religion have to say about this topic? Two of my strongest arguments will be drawn from these two questions. I plan to analyze and evaluate the issues brought up with those two questions. Then, if for whatever reason, we do allow same-sex marriages will we allow for them to adopt children? Would that be okay and acceptable to society as a whole? What about our meanings and ideals of family. When I think of family I envision a mom, dad, and a couple of kids. Two dads and a son isn’t something that jumps out at me when I envision a family. All of the above points will be my main points of argument.









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