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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 9 months ago

E: so waht kind of tihngs do you think would be good for the paper

R: well.. maybe since we're all girls we could do something about women

E: oh yeah that could be good

K: yeah that's a good idea, I'm looking at our first conversation on our blogs now to see our old ideas

R: yea i forget what we talked about too

E: maybe issues like abortion?

R: yea

R: or..

R: how like women still dont get paid as much as men at work

E: yeah like when in class he was talking about CEOs and how women dont get as much

R: yea

K: here were our old ideas.... the drinking age

K: underage drinking

K: facebook


K: how technology is changing peoples lives

K: school should start later bc teens need sleep

R: lol

E: i thnik the drinking age/underage drinking could be good

K: poverty in africa/ live 8

K: girls become anborexic due to media

K: and by the end we said,., i think should do either the technology or the girls self image

R: i think either would be good.. or the CEO thing.. or abortion

K: same here

E: yeah

E: we have to make sure we can substantiate things enough becaue its a very lojng paper

R: yea

R: i dont know if the technology thing would be that easy

E: it may be too broad

R: yea

E: it may be more opinionated

R: yea thats true too

E: so we should probabvly start researching these topics to see what would be the best

R: well, i know someone wrote about abortion for one of their other papers.. we could do it but like, its sort of been done

K: i was thinking that too

K: and everyone always does abortion as a topic

K: we need to do something were somewhat interested in/know about too

E: right

R: yea

R: either of those are pretty interesting to me.. so whatever u guys think

E: well do u think we should research online a little and then see what has the most?

R: yea thats probably a good idea

K: yeah

E: alright so we can start doing that

K: and if we think of any more interesting topics, that would be fine too

R: yea

E: definitely

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