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The following is a proposal for the topic of my final project in English 15. The task at hand is a culmination of skills learned in the duration of the class, and the utilization of them in one final argument. After being introduced to the project in class, I conversed with a fellow classmate on the feasibility of my topic and possible ideas as to the discussion of it. My topic, after much thought, is to argue the issue of legalizing marijuana. Many positive and in depth aspects of this debate shall be explored, such as its economical impact, medicinal uses, and authority relief. After much thought, I believe this topic could be interesting to all, regardless of stance on the issue, and I would love to pursue my research.


The use of marijuana is undoubtedly prevalent throughout the United States, where it is also an illegal substance and its possession and use in prohibited by law. This concept, thus, causes many problems. Legalization of the drug that is no more harmful than a cigarette would allow for authority to dedicate more time to more important, urgent, and dangerous issues. Also, legalizing the medicinal uses of the drug would ease pain for patients already undergoing chemo therapy for various types of cancer, those suffering from glaucoma, and lessen muscle strain.


If approved, I will conduct sufficient research through on line resources and library tools. To strengthen my ideas I will include specific instances of documented marijuana uses such as Melissa Ethridge’s use in her battle against cancer, and Arnold Schwarzenegger habit of muscle relaxing. I shall also analyze laws of other countries around the world that accept the use of the drug and the results that have come from this acceptance. The economic effects of the legalizing of marijuana will also be viewed. And, I will look at how marijuana smoking compares to tobacco smoking.


My work will be organized in a fashion that flows and keeps the interest of the reader while staying informative and accurate.


Hey CarzKim its GiovanGrazi. I think that your final project will be really interesting. I researched this a little bit for you and this site might really help you out. I could only think of a few arguments and helpful hints. You might want to discuss the advantages AND the disadvantages of the legalization of marijuana. Make sure that you state why you stand on the side that you do and I also think that it would be important to stress how it would help our economy grow, making it applicable to our current deficit. Including the success story of Melissa Etheridge and other celebrities will also help stress your point because celebrities are obviously key role models to everyone. Another thing that you might want to do is incorporate information of some states and explain why they are different and what the people are saying about it.

Hey its BoreSta and I like this idea a lot for a final project. For different topics in your paper you could add how legalizing marijuana would stop a lot of crime and violence among dealers and people who buy the substance. It would no longer need to be purchased in a sketchy way, but instead you may be able to recieve it easier, such as a prescription, and maybe it would have an age limit similar to alcohol. However, you should also state many reason why this would not be such a great idea and why this could negatively affect teenagers. Adding both reasons and then giving which one you prefer should make for a great paper. Good luck and I hope you are able to pursue this project.

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