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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 2 months ago

GratePhish: well i know were supposed to have a convo about our final project

XoXoGiRl145: yeah i was going to ask u

XoXoGiRl145: oh really

XoXoGiRl145: when is that due

GratePhish: read the assignment page

XoXoGiRl145: oh ok

GratePhish: cuz i dont really understand it

XoXoGiRl145: yeah that doesnt make sense

XoXoGiRl145: maybe we can just wait until tommorow and ask kem in class

XoXoGiRl145: bc i have no clue what to do

GratePhish: jen just tell me wut u wanna do ur final project on

GratePhish: wut do u wanna write a paper on

XoXoGiRl145: can it be anything

GratePhish: yep

XoXoGiRl145: i have no idea

GratePhish: JEN

XoXoGiRl145: what do you want to write yours on

GratePhish: maybe about hte transition from being here in the summer and being here in the fall

GratePhish: thats all i can think of

GratePhish: and u!?!??!

XoXoGiRl145: about if college is really necessary to suceed in life

GratePhish: alright cool

GratePhish: now copy and paste this into ur diary page

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