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Picture this, you are a girl above the age of 21, you sit down at your local bar and order yourself a drink. A carefully groomed man with impeccable fashion sense and a boyish grin comes up behind you and says he would like the same. He pays for both your drink and his, and sits down next to you to start conversation. You think to yourself, “I know what he wants, he thinks he can buy my body with a few drinks”. You state that you aren’t a common street walker, and that you cannot be bought yet the next morning you wake up in his bed. You just got played.

Or try this on and see if it fits better. You are a man in your mid twenties. Sitting in a trendy upscale lounge one night a gorgeous female starts talking to you out of nowhere. She is dressed like she wants to be looked at, low cut shirt (most likely accompanied by augmented assets), tight pants, and heels. She flirts with you all night, dropping lines about her recent divorce, sexually charged topics, and possibly light touching. You buy her drink after drink probably because you know you are in, and you end the night with her back at your place. Do you just have that animal attraction going, or was she an animal, a cougar to be more exact.


Nice lead in paragraphs, gets the brain thinking in the direction you are going without giving too much away, is this last sentence a question or a statement?


The term player started out innocently enough. Dictionary.com would have us believe that a player is “One that plays, especially: One who participates in a game or sport. A gambler. One who performs in theatrical roles. One who plays a musical instrument.” But of course in this day and age not too many words can really exist without gaining new meaning. A more appropriate definition for a “player” in our sense is “a person who participates in or is skilled at some game”; this is also provided by Dictionary.com. We would arrive at an even better definition of player if we changed the second one around a little bit to read as “a person who is skilled at ‘the game’”. “The game” referring to the set of skills and techniques used to engage in relationships with the opposite sex.


I understand your thesis, at this point, to be defining the word "player" and how it is not as innocent as it may seem


Player in the sense I am writing about is in reference to females as well, commonly referred to as a playette (also known as a cougar or a fox in some cases, not to be confused with a gold digger, slut, or a whore).

There is much debate as to what makes a player a player. Some believe that to be a true player you must carry out simultaneous relationships with many men or women at the same time. This is not true. You can be a player without dating multiple partners at the same time, in actuality the most skilled players will not be dating (dating here is defined as any relationship that is viewed as exclusive by either partner) anyone. The goal of a player is simple, have sex, lots of sex, with lots of people.


Therefore the definition of player should be extended to include the specific goal of the player. The definition should read “a person who is skilled at ‘the game’ for the specific purpose of having sex with as many partners as possible”.


Just a minor grammatical note, Therefore should typically be followed by a comma or semicolon

Modern day examples of players can be seen all over. C-list celebrity Tucker Max can be viewed as today’s most prominent player. His entire life revolves around being an asshole, “spitting game” at girls, and getting laid. Mr. Max writes about many of his exploits in his books, Belligerence and Debauchery: The Tucker Max Stories, and his other book entitled The Definitive Book of Pick-Up Lines. Another player, Colin Farrell, while more low key, fills women’s magazines like a fat man in a Minicooper. The gossip on this man is truly extraordinary, and as one of my female friends tells me Colin Farrell is considered to be a bad-ass player the kind that , “lieksic he’ll have sex with usic then ursic mom and not even care the least bit.” Other players include people such as Adrian Greenier’s character “Vincent Chase” in the television series “The Entourage”, Curtis Jackson’s representation of himself as “50 cent”, and Sean Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy a.k.a P. Diddy a.k.a Diddy.


Nice flow, and very nice analogy, but i think it should be "like a fat man FILLS a Minicooper," otherwise some very thick people could take it as fat guys in Minicoopers are all through women's magazines


As you can see the types of players are widely varied but the basic principles of playerdom remain the same. All of the examples exhibit mastery of “the game” and “get the bitches like what”.


You stated earlier, "Player in the sense I am writing about is in reference to females as well," but that seemed to be the end of the "playette" part of your paper. Is there any way you can elaborate on this more like you did with the players?

edited by ValLan, I hope you find some of my remarks useful, though I am sorry to say that proof reading has never been one of my strong points.

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