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Holy freakin' crap! I'm done!

>>>>>>>> FreeSpeechFinalProject <<<<<<<<<






The Free Blog


(I had a dream last night that a raven the size of a dog was trying to take M&Ms out of my pocket.)

Restraunt to try: Herwigs. If you can find it.


It's an Austrian hole-in-the-wall place somewhere downtown. I can honestly say right now that it was probably the best food I've ever eaten. You are required to pronounce what you order, which is read to you once off a blackboard, and if you don't finish what you got, they hit you with a paddle. But you'll finish it because it's aweseome.



(I gotta get on the ball)

Okay, now that it's fast approaching finals week and I seem a thousand years behind, I'm gonna start...cramming. Hm. It's bad enough that I'm so behind here, I have the project to work on, too...


...It'll work out, won't it? Like it always (never) does?



(I need to clean my life.)

I kinda don't know how to start my final project draft. I'll do it tomorrow; I have buttloads of time. Look for a big post with an inclusion tomorrow.



(I can't watch anymore.)

The Steelers got whooped tonight. It wasn't even fair. It wasn't close.


From now on, though I am still a Steelers fan forever, I predict the Colts will win Superbowl XL. Peyton Manning is some kind of football GOD. He doesn't even need coaches! He just calls the plays on his own!


See? That was an evaluative argument.



(758 words, 11:32. I didn't panic at all!)




(No drinkie!)

I just went to what had to be the worst play ever. It had no plot, the main character was missing, and there were terrible technical problems. Gross. It had science notes in the program.




Progress on the proposal=existant. That's the stage where I actually did somehing, but not much. It'll be good.



(I still consider it the 17th...)

With my final project fast approaching, I can't help but think about work. I think about the work beyond the proposal argument. It's gonna be 10-12 pages, man! That's gonna be tough! What will I include/exclude? What will I work on over break? So many freakin' questions!!



(New, clear weapons of mass distraction.)

I'd like to direct the attention of those who read this blog to this website: The Sect of Homokaasu


It's pretty hard to understand the purpose of this site, I'm still not quite sure what it is, but I have a lot of fun there. Look for the Gasgames, TKEP, and the community and stuff.



(A week, eh?)

I watched Crash today in McElwain, and it got me thinking about the difference between nationalism and racism. What is it? What is the difference between, nationalism and racism? Seriously, I don't know. As I understand, the first nations were formed on the basis of ethnicity, clan, and race. Think of all the great civilizations of the world. Who did they ever enslave? Their own people? Hardly.


Nowadays, the notion of a single-ethnicity state is considered outdated at least, perhaps unthinkable by some. Still, clans and classes develop which, regardless of what race by blood, form a cultural identity which is somewhat exclusive to others. In such a case, a nation may develop of people who are possibly diverse by blood, but unified by culture and class. Such groups may act as though they were a unified "race," and in some circumstances where this class of people held the power and money, went so far as to declare citizens of their own nations, even those ethnically tied, second class. Such happened far into the nineteenth century with the Russians and the French. Of course, things have settled down there a good deal since then, and both nations enjoy unique cultural identities that are generally shared by their people.


But why, in America especially, has such an identity been so hard to obtain elsewhere? Do whites form a "class" diametrically opposed to minority "classes"? Are these classes considered somehow inferior?


Ugh, it's so complicated. And my head's about to explode. Wait, I think I hear some people clammoring about sexism. Yea, I'm going to bed.



(Beat-boxin' around the world)

I wrote something in the ClassSyllabus



(Across the universe)

I was THIS close to winning myself a DVD player tonight. I don't even own a TV. Still it'd have made me proud.


Here's something for all you to think about. Or not think. I don't really care either way.



(I feel awful.)


I also feel that this is a little bit of a self-fulfilling porphecy, what with my name and all. I guess it's what I'm passionate about.




I'm not sure if I'd be able to narrow this down enough for a consice 10-12 page paper, but maybe, just maybe, I might like to do something about free speech and its limits. Perhaps implicit constitutional limits, societal limits, limits placed by the college, stuff like that. Remember that WillardPreacher thing I started at the beginning of the semester? It was going to go into this kinda thing. It's a shame that I never got back to it. I should have yesterday, really (look at the blog). In any case, this certainly feels like a good idea. It would be, of course, only what I make it.



(Are we supposed to be doing something here in college?)

I've been so boooooored lately. Seriously, I must be missing assignments or something. There's NOTHING to do. I thought I would have to learn time management because I wouldn't be able to get my work done because of all the freakin' WORK. I'm seriously dissapointed. I'm gonna do my physics now, EARLY. So bored.

At a certain point, college is what you make of it. TheKemBlog

Want some of my homework? Don't convince the instructors that we don't have enough. Some of us do! - ParkerBlog

What is your major? I am always doing something for one of my classes. PghFf


(It's Haloween tonight!)






Well, after a largely unsuccessful weekend without my roomate, it's time to turn it in and await my tuck-in via the girls from floor one. I'll tell you how it was in a minute.



It was lame.



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