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Proposal for Genocide Essay


I propose to write my final paper on the subject of genocide. My question will deal with where genocide exists today and what nations and ordinary people can do to stop it. I feel this is an important matter that needs to be discussed in order to fix the growing problem. I have a set audience that I will direct the paper towards. It is also feasible to write a ten to twelve paper on this issue.

Genocide occurs in many places all over the world. People are being slaughtered, raped, starved, and having their homes burned to the ground because of their ethnicities and religions. Genocide has been a problem for centuries and most people especially politicians recognize certain instances like the holocaust and state that this should never occur again; however, they turn their shoulders to countless instances that occur today. The problem with genocide is that it people are unaware that it is occurring. News stations across America and other countries won’t air stories about genocide because of the high cost and danger of sending a reporter to a third world country. Since politicians give little aid to these third world countries, it seems that there will be no assistance for these dying people; however, there is a lot a person can do. They can tell their congressmen how they feel about genocide and why they want it stopped. People can give donations to groups dedicated to informing people and fighting genocide. The first thing that needs to be done; however, is to inform people of the horrors that are occurring across the world. That is why writing this paper is an important matter.

The audience that I plan on targeting towards is college students. Since I am a college student it won’t be hard relating the material. I believe that there are a lot of things college students can do to help stop genocide; however, I don’t think they know what they are fully capable of. Now obviously an average student can’t just go to a foreign country and tell the leader to stop killing their people, but they can join different groups that support anti-genocide movements. A college student can help raise money for various groups. They can also help by informing people about genocide, whether it’s just telling a friend or writing to newspapers and other media sources. Students can also e-mail their congressmen and tell them how they feel about the United State’s actions towards genocide. There are so many more things students can do. All of these things are easy and can be a big help to the problem. I believe college students could change the entire situation and that is why I am choosing them to be my audience.

Writing a ten page paper about genocide and how to stop it is possible. There are many sources in the data bases provided by the university’s library that discuss this matter. They are all informative and reliable. I have also found many websites that are made to inform people, fund efforts, and fight genocide. I have found these sources to be reliable, as well. I believe since this is a very important subject that there is a lot to write about. There are many things people and their governments can do to help the effort against those who bring genocide to their people. Also, many people have strong and different opinions on this subject. This allows for a good argument and different views of what is going on in the world. When I write this paper I will start off with a history of genocide. Then I will get into the genocide that is happening in today’s world. After that I will discuss what governments are and aren’t doing to stop the problem. I will then get into what governments should and can do, as well, as ordinary people, focusing on college students. I think this will allow for a solid essay.

My paper on genocide will be an informative essay that deals with the horrors of genocide and what can be done to stop it. I am confident that it will be informative, as well as effective. A topic like genocide is something that must be discussed more, in order to fix the growing problem. It is possible to write a valuable essay on this topic, due to the vast amounts of sources and opinions that deal with the subject. I think this paper will be revealing and successful.



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