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9/5/05 about 5:30pm


Back in my one post on the 31st, I had stated that Guild Wars is so much more awesome than World of Warcraft. I have decided that I will begin defending in this post. First and foremost, and what every college student can appreciate, is the money factor. Though both have the same base price of about $55, Guild Wars is absolutely free other than that, not including cost of the internet or computer. World of Warcraft requires a monthly fee to keep your account. I will now quote Bilzzard's excuse for having this fee.


"A small monthly fee is necessary so that Blizzard can

continue to make updates to the game, support players

online with Game Masters, update and add servers, and

other things necessary to keep WoW exciting..."



This "small montly fee" really is not that small at all. The cheapest possible price per month is $12.99 from Blizzard, and you can only get that price if pay for a 6 month subscription. You can do the math I am sure, that adds up to to about $78. That's almost 150% of the cost to buy the game initially. Also, all of the reasons for the fee above are somehow managed to be done for free by the Guild Wars team. On Wednesday, Guild Wars is even adding an entirely new section of map to explore, FOR FREE.


I will continue this argument further in future posts, which I will try to limit to one per week so as not to bore those of you out there who truely don't care about why Guild Wars is so much more awesome than World of Warcraft.


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