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Before I begin with my tale there’s just one thing you should know about me. I have always cared about other people’s feelings before mine. This has actually made it hard for me to find out who I really was. It’s funny because when I look back and think about it that is part of who I am. Anyway, this event helped me realized who I was or at least who I wanted to be and I am still working on being that person.

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In tenth grade, a youth group came into my grasp. A friend of mine told me all about this group that I could join through our church called Diocesan Youth Council of Pennsylvania. This council was a group of youth around the same age as me who put together events and service projects for the youth around the Diocesean. There was one particular project that stuck with me through out the years.

Every year we would have a large service project that we would set up. It was called Seeking Servants. During my junior year of high school there was one particular Seeking Servants where we made care packages and look them to a shelter for people in need of protection from parents and/or significant others. This opened my eyes to the real world and made me see how lucky I was. I was glad to be there, helping these people that had been through tons of torment and stress in their lives.

Our day began at eight a.m. Not actually knowing what we were going to do or see, but

delete but

we were ready for anything. We spilt

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up in to groups of about forty people (each group going out to do something different.)

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Mine was destined to the shelters…

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but before that we went to another church to make the care packages ready to bring to them. That in itself was an eye-opener for me. The packages we made were pretty normal, just the basics for living.

The first clause below (in bold) really is part of the previous sentence. Notice that if you put a period after "with" you'd have a sentence fragment (that is, a phrase that fails to have both a subject and verb).

Such as, toilettes and a hairbrush, some things to be entertained with and then we made a ton of fresh homemade cookies. As I sat there putting things in bags and baskets I started to realize how many things I took advantage of and started to see a little bit of what people who are not as fortunate as me have to deal. Not always having a toothbrush or soap and just simple things like that.

The bolded phrase is a sentence fragment. A complete sentence needs a subject and verb.

How do they do it? We finally finished the packages and they were ready to go off to the shelter.

Because of the neighborhood not all of us in the group could go. The people from ninth grade and below had to stay behind as the rest of us got onto the bus to go make the drop. As I sat on the bus and watched the streets go by, my nerves got worse and worse. The streets got shadier (in appearance and feeling) and there were people acting like they were up to no good on corners every once in a while. And then I realized this is where I was going. I was going right into the heart of this dark and disturbing neighborhood. Even though I knew all this, I still really wanted to do what I came there to do. I wanted to help them. It was my job to help them. I just couldn’t let them down.

The bus finally arrived, but we weren’t allowed off the bus. We had to wait until we got in touch with people inside to let them know that we were here. Two minutes past and we’re still sitting on the bus. Starting to get freaked out and I questioned, "why are we still on the bus? Why couldn’t we just walk inside?" People were walking past us; all giving evil stares, as if they were thinking

You need a beginning quotation mark before "why"

why are they here, they don’t belong here.” Ten minutes had past.


Now I was freaked, all I wanted to do was go or move somewhere. I didn’t want to be on that bus anymore. I wanted to help the people but this was getting ridiculous. Finally, after sitting outside the building in our little bus for a half a hour, a very large man who had to have been at least 6 foot and 250 pounds came up to the bus. He stated that he was there to escort us into the shelter. My heart stopped. Where was I that I need an escort from one place to the other when they were only about ten feet maybe a little more apart?

I walked into the building, it looked much more pleasant then the surrounding neighborhood. The group was brought into a room where some of the residences were waiting for us. My heart lifted. As we brought in the care packages they all seemed to be graciously happy and excited. As we gave them the packages we got to hear their stories of why they were sent there and what we should do to make sure it never happens to us. As I sat there listening to the stories I thought how lucky and lovely my life really was and how much I genuinely cared about their stories. I always use to think how crappy things were for me (when they were actually bad) but after that I truly realized how blessed I was.

After being at the shelter for a decent 2-3 hours we got back on the bus with amazement and bewilderment on our faces. There was completely silent the whole way home. With the stories that we heard and the events that had happened, we would never be able to reiterate that day but it would always be with us, a part of us, making and shaping us to who we really are.

Now I’m at Penn State in the nursing school learning to become someone that will help people everyday. Maybe it’s not the same type of help that I gave people before, but that experience made a deciding factor in what I was going to major in. It made me realize caring about others is who I am. Now it makes sense why I could not see it before. So even though I helped people that day, they were really helping me at the same time.

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