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My SN is JenLo711 so if anyone wants to work on the project....

















November 21, 2005

I cannot believe there are only about 2 weeks of classes left this semester. Because my finals are done on Tueday the 13, I get to go home really early. It stinks because I have three finals in 2 days, but my vacation is that much longer. I think I am looking foward to the Christmas lights on all of the houses after thanksgiving, and the luminaries that our whole neighborhood does on Christmas eve. P.S. The giants beat the eagles yesterday, amazing.


November 17, 2005

So it is finally november weather. Cannot say I am enjoying it, but I guess it could be worse. I could be in the midwest with all of the tornados. I saw a tornado once, but no one believes me. Anyway, I am taking meteorology next semester so I can learn all about that weather stuff. I think it should be intresting, especially because I do not like chemistry or biology or that other conventional science stuff. Alright this blog has served no purpose whatsoever.


November 16,2005

So I finally scheduled my classes. I cannot complain because I do not have any early classes, but I do have classes until 5:30. My wednesday stinks because I have class from 10:10 to 5:30 straight. That is because I have a science lab, but still that is a long time. I only have one class on Friday so I am stoked about that. Now I am done pretty much with the bulk of my work and tests and I am really excited because I finally get to relax and live a little. Thanksgiving is in less than a week!!



November 13, 2005

This weekend I traveled to Reston VA to can for THON. It was a lot of fun because we went into Washington DC on friday night and walked around Georgetown. It was nice because they were getting ready for christmas so there were a lot of lights and deocrations! I love DC, going back made me wish I went to school there. I love it here at PSU so I should not compare. But the canning trip was really successful and it looks like BASH might make more than last year! Thats exciting! The Giants lost today, tear, but we will make up for it next week against the Eagles.


November 11, 2005

So the deadline for housing is coming up soon. Next year I think I am going to live in BASH again in North Halls. I am not sure what I am going to do with my roommate for next year though. My roommate this year is moving out next semester to be with her sorority so I might be getting a new roommate. I hope that works out okay. I get to schedule for classes on monday... there are no classes left so I am not sure what I am going to do. I guess I'll figure it out soon.


November 9, 2005

Oh calculus... Why did I pick a major with so much math? Beats me. Oh yeah... I am worse at english. Anyway, I had a big test today and lets just say it was not too fun. Well it is done now and there is nothing I can do to get it back. Now, I am basically in the clear until Thanksgiving. It is weird to think I will be home for almost a week and I am going to be seeing people I have not seen in three months. I have gotten used to the fact that I have not seen them, so it will be really weird going home. I cannot wait though! Especially because it is thanksgiving and I get to eat a lot of food. Okay this turned out to be a really random blog.. sorry.


Novemeber 7, 2005

So the rough three weeks are almost over. I only have one test left and one project. Granted it probably is the hardest of the tests (math 140) but I plan on studying my butt off. This weekend I might be going to Virginia to go canning for THON. I am going with BASH (Business and Society House) to one of my friend's house. I have only gone canning once, and that was for my high school tennis team, and it really did not work, we made like 10 dollars. I hope we are more successful in Virginia. Otherwise, it should be a fun time.


November 6, 2005


Today I commented on these two blogs.

I think the class should read this article pertaining to my topic.



November 2, 2005

Have you ever been driving along in your car, music blasting, wind blowing, concetrating on the road when all of the sudden your cell phone rings and you have to fumble around your purse or pocket while almost swirving into oncoming traffic? Well that might be a little extreme, but I know it happens. People feel an obligation to answer their phone, even if they are doing something more important, such as driving. Thousands of automobile accidents are caused every year because of cell phones. I want to explore the negative effects of cell phone use while driving. Some states already have legislation preventing the usage of cellphones in cars. Research on how those states compare to states without legislation can prove to be essential in my argument. I feel like this topic affects everyone. As seen today in class everyone but Kem has a cellphone, and I am sure the majority have driven, even talked on the phone while operating the car. So everyone can relate...













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