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Hi. My name is Greg O’Brien. I grew up in Downingtown, PA. Throughout my elementary and high school years I played on lacrosse teams. Ever since I began playing lacrosse it has been one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately I do not plan on playing lacrosse during my stay here at Penn State University. I think that the demand of an engineering education and a team sport would be a bit too much for me. Once I’m settled into college life I might change my mind, but for now I’ll just take it easy.


Procrastination also played a large role in my high school life. I tend to wait until the very last minute to do assignments, kind of like how I am sitting here at 9 PM the night this paper is due, writing it. Maybe one day I’ll grow out of this horrible habit, but I just do not do things until I feel a sense of extreme urgency. I also love to have a good time and go to parties.


During my senior year at high school many of the seniors became good friends and most of the high school “clicks” dissolved into a mix of good friends. We all grew closer over the summer and had a blast. We had pool parties all the time, and it was a great experience becoming friends with people whom I thought I’d never do more with than say “Hi” to. I’ve learned a lot from my senior year experience, and I hope to carry the trend of meeting new people to college. It’s a shame that I haven’t even made friends with people on my floor yet. It seems everyone just does their own thing. Also, I hang out with people who went to my high school, and are going here, so I’m not forced to make friends. Anyways, I feel that this whole thing was very forced for me, so if you are interested in actually getting to know me, send me an instant message sometime, or stop by 509 Shunk Hall. Also, facebook me. That thing is really fun.


MckBlog did a nice job of talking about how she learned from her friends experiences. I didn’t have anything like that happen to me, but I’m sure if I did then things would have went differently on my first day.


I relate to CodyBlog because I also grew up in a Philly suburb.

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