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When I was little I use to dread family picnics for there were no other little girls for me to play with. All I had were older cousins who liked to pick on me or babies that couldn’t do anything and all the grown ups paid attention to them. Needless to say, I would have rather stayed at home and watched TV or read a book. But, as I grew I realized that there is no other group of people that I would rather spend my time with.


My family is now a very important part of my life and last year I realized just how important they are to me when one of my cousins was suddenly taken from us. My one cousin was a police officer and while on duty was shot and killed. As can be assumed it was a devastating blow to the whole family, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how my family would be able to handle it. Before this time I had viewed my family as one that enjoyed being with each other, but never really showed it through signs of affection. The morning I found out my cousin had passed away I prayed that my family might somehow pull through and come out even stronger. I also prayed for my family not to lose faith, and be able to know that even though we may not have seen the reason for such a terrible incident to happen to us, there was one. Needless to say, my prayers were answered.


My family now never lets a person leave without a hug goodbye or a kind word. In my eyes, they have come out stronger than I had ever thought. We are all connected through our histories and the pain that we have had to endure together. From this time I also realized that I have a little bit of each of them inside me and I have to come to realize how each of us are so much alike. We are all shy at first meeting, but once you get to know us...watch out. We can talk your ear off or make you laugh until you pee your pants. We all enjoy a good hearty laugh and most have loud cackles that you can hear from a mile away, myself included. All of us have loving hearts, although we may hide it through our sense of humor and thick skin, but deep down inside all we have is love.


I guess when I prayed that night my prayers were answered and then some. I not only saw a change in my family, but I also found a change in myself. The little girl who once hated going to family reunions because she had no one else to play with now loves to attend them, for she has 17 cousins to talk to, not to mention 18 little second cousins to play with.

In reading AlisonsThoughts narrative I found that I liked her idea of telling people that she has always tried to make others happy, and now she hopes to finally do some things for herself. I am also a person that tries to please others above myself and this is actually how I ended up at Penn State. I had always just thought that going to Penn State was what was expected of me, but I, like Alison am trying to start enjoying it because it is what I want to do.


I also didn't mention anything about my schooling as many others did, such as TheMax. I do have many stories from high school, such as times I would freak out and laugh/cry all at the same time, which my friends always found hilarious, but I didn't chose to include that in my narrative.

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