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"Every daring attempt to make a great change in existing conditions, every lofty vision of new possibilities for the human race, has been labeled Utopian." - Emma Goldman


Every individual has their own different idea about the meaning of a utopia. Emma Goldman, an American International anarchist, believed that the definition of utopia is wanting what was just out of reach. Most sailors believe that a utopia is being on the sea with just the right breeze. For some skiers, their utopia is on a mountain with a new fresh coat of snow. Finally, some monks believe it is anywhere in the world with the perfect amount of silence. Utopia is not one set spot or meaning in the world. It is not just one set state of mind. It varies from society to society and from person to person. Utopia is an individual’s state of mind where he/she is mentally or physically in a place of his/her own perfection.


Complete satisfaction and happiness is vital to one’s utopia. No errors in their environment or mind state exist. They are in a place where they can be themselves and be genuinely content. In most cases, this is in a serene place. It is where someone can feel at peace. They are at peace from their problems and everyday activities and obligations. It is tranquil and soothing. For others, the physical place of where they are does not matter, but only about the people who they are with. They want to be around the people they love and have intimate relationships with. Generally, utter fulfillment and pleasure is gained by that person from being in their own utopia.


When looking in the Merriam Webster dictionary, one of the definitions for utopia is “an imaginary and indefinitely remote place.” In my opinion, this does not always have to be the case. Utopia does not have to be remote or secluded. Some people’s ideal place of happiness is in the heart of New York City. They enjoy the energy and life of being on the busy streets. For others, their utopia could be on a deserted beach, but the beach does not have to be remote as one of its characteristics to be a utopia, it all just depends on the individual person. Some people are in their own special ideal place when they are anywhere in the world, as long as they are listening to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns’ N’ Roses. Personally, my own utopia is in my room in Philadelphia. I love lying down in my own bed, while listening to a Dispatch CD. No matter what has happened to me that day, I will suddenly feel calm and at rest. I can daydream about anything and fall in and out of sleep. I do not have to be in any mood to do this; it is something that I just love being a part of even though I am by myself. It is a personal choice that probably is not the same for any one else in the world. No particular environment or scenario is required for a utopia. A utopia does not have any concrete characteristics.


Finally, the term utopia is described as “an impractical or impossibly visionary” by Encyclopedia.com. To me, utopia is something real. It cannot be an impossible place or something unreal. What makes that a utopia then? Wouldn’t that be a dream, fantasy, or wish? What is the difference between these two ideas? I believe the difference is that a utopia is real and a wish is not. It is possible for someone to find their utopia, only if they look hard enough. The term and idea of a utopia has more boundaries than that of a fantasy. A fantasy is an unrealistic dream or hallucination that would make you completely overjoyed. On the other hand, a utopia exists for every person somewhere in the world. It is not fictional illusion. Similar to a fantasy, a utopia brings happiness, but it does so in reality.


A utopia is a complex term that provides joy to others. Along with bringing satisfaction and content to each individual, this place or mind state has many characteristics that can vary with every person in the world. There are no solid details or requirements for such a place. It comes into existence because of people’s backgrounds and experiences. It is unique according to each person’s interests and personality. Finally, this place or mental condition is real. It is not a vision or a dream. A utopia is an ideal place and exists somewhere for everyone.


You chose a very good topic! Utopia is a term that people may toss around, but do they really know what it means? I had always used the term 'Utopian society' when describing a place that provides perfect happiness for everyone. Although my definition is a little different, your definitional argument showed that everyone can have their own personal utopia that is important to them. While society will probably never become a Utopia for everyone, everyone can have their own personal Utopia right now in the real world. If I were to change anything about your draft, I would fix the definition you got from Encyclopedia.com to read, "to be impractical or impossibly visionary" because it makes more sense and it is the actual definition from the page. - ParkerBlog

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