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When I got this assignment I never thought it would be so difficult to think of things to say. I guess if I had to describe myself to people who don't know me I would have to begin by saying that at first I am fairly shy, but don't confuse that with the thought that I'm being cold. I enjoy meeting new people and I think I'm pretty easy to talk too. As far as interests and hobbies go, I'm very into sports and love philadelphia sports in particular. I look forward to getting to know everyone in this class.




After reading Dr. King's letter, it becomes evident that the lack of understanding for the urgency of his movements was just as prevelent as that of his ideas in general. The timidness of the moderate white community, who inwardly seemed to sympathize with the black community's situation was in fact more agitating than the outright hatred exemplified by members of the KKK and other hateful groups. The fact that many people called for patience from the black community is ignorant and close minded, as they fail to see the situation from any point of view but their own. They were not the ones suffering through the situation and being oppressed, and therefore the patience that they have and feel is neccessary for others to have is misplaced. The length of the letter seems to emphasize the magnitude of instances that Dr. King has to protest about, and within the letter there are many examples of groups and people from the past that suffered similar tragedies and oppression to what the black community was living through at the time, and their actions and protests were looked upon as noble and brave, where the receivers of this letter were calling Dr. King's actions untimely and unwise. This letter would appear to be a definite eye-opener to many clergyman, as well as other people.




This personal narrative was taken from MaseW456 and edited to fit me.

Hi, my name is Ralph Romspert and I'm from East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania in the Poconos, so unless you are from somewhere near me I dont really know anybody out here. I like to play basketball and baseball, and I am playing on an intramural team in the residence hall division, representing eighth floor Pinchot. If you are a girl you can contact me on AOL Instant Messenger through the screenname gg42487. I am also a big fan of Philadelphia professional sports.




The first claim that I would like to derive from the statistics given in the USA Today Snapshot in the issue from January 19th 2006, is that it would seem that the majority of presidents in US history attend Ivy League Schools. This claim can be supported by the statistical evidence given in the snapshot. As three of the top five schools for former president's alma maters are Ivy league schools (Harvard-5, Yale-3, and Princeton-2). The second claim that I would like to make is that there is not a very high concentration in any single college for having graduated presidents, as the school with the most, Harvard, only has five all time, and the school with the fifth most presidents graduated is Princeton/Yale with 2 each. Therefore, presidents seem to graduate from a large selection of schools, and there is no so called "president factory" college. The third and final claim I would like to make, is that the majority of schools chosen by presidents, has to have been around for a significant amount of time, and there seems to be a heavy emphasis on law schools and or military schools. Prime examples of this are the fact that Harvard and West Point are both in the top five, being a law school, and a military school respectively.




Reading FDR's address to congress was an interesting experience. The use of ethos in this address was heavily evident, as FDR called on the historical character and ethical values of Americans, in order to gain their support and help in defending the free world. Using traditional American values and incidents from the past, FDR paints a wonderful picture of the American ideals, and their role and function in keeping the world a place for people to live free lives under democratic governments. Any threat posed to these ideals calls for direct action by the American people, and this action requires a sacrafice. In order to inspire these people to do what is necessary, and sacrafice for their country, FDR uses arguments that would appeal to the values and characters of the people (ethos). This is a perfect example of someone using a persuasive argument in order to gain support.




The importance of this declaration seems to go unnoticed by many people throughout the world. Granted, there are frequent violations that go unpunished, but imagine a world without these guarenteed rights to all people, it would be a lot worse. The rights that are guarenteed to all people by this Declaration are intrinsic values that most people strive to live by. They allow fair and equal oppurtunity for all people, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, and other socially categorizing characteristics. The success and prospect of a free and peaceful world is heavily dependent upon the enforcement and compliance by the people to this declaration. A world with violated rights and mistreatment is a world with unhappy people. Unhappy people lead to revolts, battles, and wars. This bill of rights plays a major role in gaining universal happiness to all people of the world. There is more however to be done. This declaration was a major step, we as people must continue to advance in this area, in order to live at peace with one another.




Reading President Bush's address to congress brought back many memories from the days and weeks immediately following the tragedies that befell this nation on September Eleventh 2001. Bush conjures up emotions and uses these emotions that sit within people to inspire action by the people of the United States. The nation's collective reaction to the terrorist attacks revealed shock, anguish, and disbelief, leaving much of the population feeling battered and vulnerable to similar terrorist actions in the future. In order to raise morale, the president appealed to the intrinsic values that come with being a US citizen. Bush calls for patience to bring about justice, and his words cause a swelling of pride in the hearts' of Americans, and this unifies the people when the country needed it the most.




There seems to be a recurring issue in the world of sports today, primarily in basketball, that is a great hinderance to the game. Referees and officials in many sports seem to repeatedly interject themselves into the game without need. There is no denying that officials play a vital role in any sport, in fact, the outcome of a game sometimes relies on their performance just as much as the players involved in the contest. There are more penalty flags flying and more whistles now than in the past, and the game is slowed down and changed as a result. The issue seems most prevelant in basketball. A Conference USA referee recently gave a technical to Houston head coach Tom Penders for collapsing to the ground on the sidlines during a game. Penders had stood up to question a call, which when done within reason is a perfectly acceptable part of the game, however Penders has a heart condition, and the quick action caused him to collapse to the ground in pain. The referee saw this and thought Penders was showing him up, so he gave him a technical. Penders was then taken to the locker-room on a stretcher to be treated. UAB guard Squeaky Johnson proceded to make both free throws awarded by the technical, and Houston lost the game by three points. This was a completely blown call and changed the outlook of the game dramatically.




It is interesting that such a major issue in the world today does not even have a widely accepted definition. Terrorism, which has ravaged the world in recent decades, is hard to put into words. The broadest definition is in fact the use of terror and fear, achieved through actions which are often violent and deadly, in order to send a message that the terrorists believe in. However, this definition changes when you change perspective. When acts that are considered terroristic by many are viewed from the point of view of others, terrorists may even be considered freedom fighters. A prime example of this change in perspective is an examination of the actions of our nation's forefathers (whom we consider heroes) during the time period of the revolutionary war. They participated in acts of violence and objection to the oppression that the English government put onto their people. When looked upon from the point of view of the English, we may have been considered terrorists. Therefore it is always important to look from multiple perspectives before deeming anything terrorism.




With the President delivering the State of the Union Address this evening, I thought there was an interesting set of facts in today's issue of the USA Today. There were statistics given of the most frequently used words in all of President Bush's previous State of the Union Addresses. The number one ranking word is America, being used 117 times. Other words such as security, taxes, terrorists, budget, health, economy, and freedom were all used over fifty times. In addition, a statistic showing the number of times certain words were used before September 11th and the number of times the same words were used after the infamous date. "Terrorists" was used once before 9/11, while being used 59 times since the attacks. Similarly, war was used once before 9/11 and 40 times after. Also, certain "hot-button" words such as abortion, republicans, and democrats, were used very rarely (once, three times, and four times respectively). These statistics underscore the importance of language, and word selection while making an argument. When delivering a speech as important as the State of the Union Address, to such a large crowd, certain words bring out certain emotions, playing into values that people have, and inspiring support for causes that the president hopes to promote. Therefore, these statistics show just how much of an emphasis is put upon word selection in arguments.




There is an issue that is prevelant throughout college sports at many different universities that often goes unnoticed. The intentional overlooking of academic eligibility for certain student athletes is a problem at many schools. Certain athletes get special privelages and are allowed to participate in sports while not fulfilling certain academic standards. This is unfair and all students, regardless of what sports or other activities they are a part of, should be held to the same rules and regulations. Florida A&M university recently placed themselves on four years of probation in NCAA sports. This self-inflicted punishment was agreed upon by the NCAA, and came about as a result of over 23 violations of academic eligibility rules. Acts like this can't go unpunished and the university did a good job of punishing themselves for such violations.




With all the attention being payed to the superbowl during this time of the year, there is always special attention given to the stars of each respective team. It is hard to find a running game more vaunted than that of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and with Jerome Bettis' homecoming to the city of Detroit, the skill players like Ben Roethlisberger and Jerome Bettis get all the media attention and are seemingly always under the spotlight. The same type of situation comes into play on the other sideline. Perhaps more attention is payed to Shaun Alexander, the league's MVP, than anybody else that will be on the field sunday. Though this is a trend that runs rampant in major sports today, there comes an inherent injustice with such a situation. There are unsung heroes that are essential to the success of the stars of the game today. The offensive lines, and fullbacks are the men doing the dirty work to give the stars the time and space they need to perform at the highest level, yet they do not recieve the praise they deserve. I think that more attention should be given to the lineman and fullbacks of the league. The Mack Strongs, Walter Joneses, Allen Fanecas, and Dan Krieders should be given just as many accolades as the Shaun Alexanders and Jerome Bettises.




Definition Proposal


In the world of sports there is hardly a sport with more chivalry, tradition, and courtesy than baseball. As a result of this quality, the sport often has high standards of the people that perform as its representatives and role models. With the world of sports changing as rapidly as it is, I belive that Major League Baseball's definition of a Hall of Famer is out of date and inconsistent. Baseball commisioners such as Bud Selig place a heavy emphasis upon a player's off the field attributes and qualities, sometimes placing these characteristics in higher regard than on the field accomplishments. The definition of a "hall-0f-famer" should be primarily reliant upon on-the-field performance, and not the caliber of person in question. This definition is very important and has come into play recently, with the Pete Rose induction. Baseball is America's past-time and the players that represent the sport in the Hall of Fame should matter to anyone who is a sport fan in this great nation. There is much attention to be paid to the fact that the actions calling the character of Pete Rose into question were involved within the sport of baseball, and this along with the importance of being a role-model for young children will make the definition a tougher sell. Using former inductees and standards of induction I will prove that the definition of a hall of famer should be reliant upon on the field issues and not the person's character. This will require research into sports periodicals, magazines, and the internet, and the paper will be in traditional research format.


Edited by MaseW456

I think this is a pretty good proposal, and a good topic. Alot of people might feel differently than you, so it's easy to come up with a opposing view point. Pete Rose is a good example, and since there has been a bunch of controversy over steroids and all that junk, the arguement is relivent today.




With the end of the NFL season having come, there is repeated coverage of the poor performance by the referees. These complaints, which may have some warrant, are just dragging out something that can not be fixed. Just let it go already. As much as I love the NFL, this years superbowl seemed kind of sub par. Neither team played well, the Steelers won the game as a result of basically three successful plays in the game. Not to take anything away from the Steelers, because they won and they played well in the playoffs and to close out the season, but the game was boring, and felt like a regular season game. The media is already talking about next year. I would like to hear some hype for the upcoming baseball season or the current NCAA basketball season.







The Declaration of Independance was one of the boldest declarations of all time. The fact that colonies would have the guts to challenge the most powerful country in the world, and secede from the crown speaks volumes for our founding fathers. The writers of the Declaration employed highly effective use of evidence, listing all the wrong doings of the British Goverment in order to legitimize their actions (calling for complete seperation and independance from Great Britain). Giving these reasons gives weight and warrant to the Declaration, and without them it might have been taken less seriously or looked upon as a hasty act. This is the perfect example of a work of writing that effectively uses evidence to legitimize a claim.




Based on the fact that Villanova beat number one ranked Uconn in Ncaa basketball last night, I have to write something about college basketball. With March madness fastly approaching, I would have to say this years tournament is shaping up to be one of the better ones in recent history. Although last years will be a lot to live up to. There definitely isnt a single dominant team, in fact there are many teams that are taking turns beating each other. Duke beating Texas, Texas beating Villanova, Villanova beating Uconn. There are also many surprise teams like Georgetown, as well as teams like George Washington, who is having a dream run. I can't wait to fill out my bracket.




What makes a good leader? Is it a man or woman who would go through anything in order to lead his followers to their desired destination? Someone who would sacrafice in order to gain better standing for the team. More specifically, what does it take to be a leader on the football field? There are just some intrinsic qualities that a leader must have in order to gain the trust and appreciation of his teammates that is needed for them to put their faith in that leader, and trust that he will take them to the top. Perhaps no position on the football field requires these qualities more than that of a quarter-back. Does a team need a good quarterback in order to be successful? All of these questions will be answered, and a more specific evaluation of leadership abilities will be carried out for Donovan Mcnabb the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.













Having spent a lot of time at THON this weekend, I have to say that even though it was very tiring and time consuming, after being present for the end of it, the time was well spent. It was a terrific experience and the positive effect the dance marathon has on the unfortunate children involved is evident. Not only is it a fun event for the children, but it is also an extremely good source of financial support. The frat I was present with raised 117,000.00 dollars, and overall THON raised over 4 million. Anything that helps the fight against cancer to that great a degree is worth every second of effort put into it.




Reading this essay made the contradictory nature of American society very evident. We are the most politically, religously, and socially free country in the world, yet we have the oldest standing constitution. Our rigidity and necessity to honor history could eventually become a problem in America. At times as a society we show too much reliance upon strict following of rules and statutes that were written hundreds of years ago, which in some instances cannot possibly be applicable to situations of today. As a nation we need to be able to adapt with the times and change somewhat as we go. It is no doubt important to honor the constitution and things of high historical significance, but flexibility is extremely important for a nation to remain successful.




There is a great lesson in the story of Maurice Clarett. A college freshman with boundless potential, the former Ohio State star had all the oppurtunities in the world lying ahead of him. However, too much success came his way at a far too rapid pace, and his maturity proved incapable of handling it. He began to make irrational decisions and say rash things, claiming he could be a defensive star as well as offensive star. Perhaps feeling that he was above the rest of the NCAA ranks, he entered the draft prior to elgibility, a mistake that would turn out to cost him a career in the NFL. He is now up for robbery charges in a court trial. Clarett assumed he had everything, and threw away all his oppurtunities before he had anything, leaving him with nothing.




Its good to see people who really need it win the lottery. Its also good too see numerous people in which the wealth is spread generously throughout. Eight workers at a meat packing plant in Nebraska won a record powerball pot of 365 million dollars. When split evenly, each worker gets approximately 15.5 million dollars. What to do with 15.5 million dollars, not a bad topic of conversation for a lunch break in the middle of a day at the meat packing plant.








The events described in both of these articles gives a whole new perspective on the degree that we take our government for granted. We often complain about our government, and criticize their decisions, but when shown that a group of people could actually carry out such crimes unchecked and often encouraged brings about an appreciation for what our government does for us. Another interesting point is that the international community immediately looks to the US for help when it is needed, and that despite all of the efforts that we put forth, when a situation like those described goes unattended, partial blame is always put on us. Although I do think we are responsible to help any nations in duress such as Rwanda and Sudan experienced, we can't save the day every time.




I don't follow or get into politics much. I think they are pretty boring actually, but given the spectrum and the characteristics that run along different points on the spectrum, I would say that I'm a moderate republican. I am definitely more in the middle on most issues though. Its difficult for me to feel strongly on a lot of issues because the news that I watch the most is on ESPN. Sports are, for the most part, the only thing I watch on TV, and when reading the newspaper, I go straight to the Sports section.




Causal Proposal


A slight modification within a system can bring about a chain reaction that can change the face of an organization. This is especially evident within the sports world. The Penn State Football team had an extremely successful year this past season. What made this success surprising was the fact that in the years preceding this season, success was extremely limited, especially based on typical Nittany Lion standards. So what caused this recent change of fortunes? A slight change in recruiting leads to a change in win output. As a result, this return to a winning tradition increases recruiting even more. This chain of events makes evident the fact that a slight change in the Penn State front office (with recruiting in particular) leads to increased winning. In addition, increased winning will in itself increase recruiting abilities. Many would disagree with this claim, thinking that a school's name recruits for itself. I think that recruiting must adapt to the times and trends in the game, and based on this need, the cause effect relationship between winning and recruiting methods is revealed.


Predicted primary sources:






the daily collegian




These labor disagreements in the NFL are driving me crazy. I just wish something would get accomplished instead of the deadline being continually moved back. I realize the importance of such an issue and that nothing should be done rashly, but instead of wasting time, what is best for the game and the future of the League as a whole should be taken in consideration and put into effect. Individual owners should worry less about themselves and more about the whole league. After all, it is what allows them to make such wonderful profits.




I dont think there is enough attention being payed to the World Baseball Classic that is currently taking place. This is a tremendous event for baseball that I hope becomes an annual tradition. It is great for patriotism for any country participating, and gives oppurtunities for many players who may not have had a chance to showcase their skills on a grand stage in the past to do so. Their are many teams with significant shots at winning the tournament, and their have already been several cindarelly stories and upsets, including Canada's shocking defeat of the United States. The fact that there are so many teams from so many corners of the globe also shows the impressive spread of America's Past-time across the globe. The talent level of some of the ball clubs is absolutely incredible, culminating with the incredible batting order of the Dominican Team, which is comprised of multiple MLB all-stars. These games mean more to many countries and players than any other sporting event going on right now, and the competitive nature, and comradarie that this brings between different countries is being downplayed too much.




There has been tremendous increase with the success of Penn State's basketball team, and their first Post-Season NIT tournament game is tonight. Most would have doubted that the young Penn State squad would have even come close to qualifying for the NIT tournament at the beginning of the season, however, to the surprise of many, they had a much better season than the last, despite very little experience. They gained a 7 seed and a home game against a talented Rutgers team. I hope the student body shows up to support the team as if it were a football game, the great effort the basketball team put forth this year is worthy of our appreciation, and they have so much promise for the coming years. The fact that they have earned a first round home game in the NIT tournament shows their climb into a productive team. Go out to the BJC tonight and help root on the Lions against Douby and the Scarlet Knights, get them to the next round.




A terrific coach in John Chaney retired today after 24 seasons with Temple University. He led the Owls' Men's Basketball team 516, including 225 wins and a national championship with division II squad Cheyney University. His hall-of-fame career has come to an end, but many coaches have tried to match and copy-cat his fiery methods and fearless scheduling. He was a trail-blazer for the game of basketball, and helped make it acceptable for african-american coaches to lead division I basketball teams. He always forced his players to put the effort in off the court as well as on, making them better people as well as players, and preparing them for life. A great coach, although sometimes controversial, will be missed on the Temple sidelines.




Isaac Hayes, the voice of the character Chef on the show South Park, requested that his contract be bought out due to no longer being able to stomache the show's take on religion. This was due to an episode that made a mockery of Scientology and its followers. Matt Stone the co-creator of the show fired back claiming that this was only due to Hayes' belief in Scientology, and that he had no problem cashing checks that the show made him while making fun of Christians. I just thought it was really funny that the USA Today had an article on this and I will greatly miss Chef.




A pizzeria in the Pittsburgh area is attempting to get into the Guiness Book of World Records by creating the worlds largest commercially available pizza. They are offering a 150 slice pizza that costs 99.00$ to their customers. This pizza would break the current record and use 20 pounds of dough, a gallon of sauce, and 15 pounds of cheese. The Record is not in the category of World's Largest Pizza, (that wasnt commercially available) as one was created in South Africa in 1990 that was 122 feet and eight inches in diameter and used 9,920 pounds of flour, 3,968 pounds of cheese, and 1,984 pounds of sauce.








Having read the Communist Manifesto, the ideals and interests that go along with communism are very interesting. I would question who was the first person to come up with a proposed system of this nature. How can there be no hint of capatalism in society without everyone becoming highly stagnant. If everything is given to everyone equally, then people would highly lack motivation, and this in turn would only tear apart society. Without incentive to put forth an effort in ones career or whatever service he or she provides to society, (usually money is the incentive) then what is the purpose of trying or caring about ones performance in the workplace, or on the market. In the long run I beleive this system is completely ridiculous and goes against everything America stands for, this was made obvious by our stances against such systems in the past.




Japan won the World Baseball Classic over Cuba tonight, and something that is often overlooked and extremely unfair was brought into the limelight with the showcase tournament. Cuba as a country pumps out a tremendous amount of baseball talent, and the players that starred on their national team are widely accepted by experts as some of the best in the world, and by all accounts would be superstars in the Major League, if only they were permitted to play in it. The only way that this is possible however would be for them to defect from Cuba to the United States, and Fidel Castro makes this exceedingly difficult. This is unfair as the best in the world should be allowed to show off their skills on all stages and exploit their talents to the best of their ability to make money and make something out of their life.




The Cowboys can have T.O. and he will fit right in with their history of trouble making employees. If the man can't get along with Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb, what makes anybody think hes going to be happy with Drew Bledsoe who stands in the pocket and holds the ball way too long. Nobody debates Bledsoe's ability to make good throws and his strong arm, but he is too patient and gets sacked constantly due to his slow decision making process. I think this will drive Terrell Owens insane, and I hope he tears apart the Cowboys organization. He's a great reciever, and I believe that he does really want to be competitive and win with his team, however he has no concept of being a good teammate off of the field and this is what makes him a cancer in the locker-room. Also, hes a terrible rapper.




There was an article on an interesting study in the collegian today. According to recent tests, when caffeine is consumed into a body that is under significant amounts of stress, then the combination of the two can cause a chemical change within the body. Symptoms of this change can be sweaty palms and an increased heart rate. The magnitude of victims of this effect is seemingly tremendous. Think of all the students under the stress of difficult exams and classes that need caffeine to keep their motors running. Many people drink coffee or soda in order to keep them awake for all night study sessions, and this mix of stress and caffeine is a hazerdous one. More students need to be made aware of this chemical reaction.




There is a problem in the world of baseball that has haunted other professional sports in the past, and I believe something should be done about it. There are certain teams that dominate the free agent market, due to vast resources of money. Where there is no problem with using the resources one has, it causes competitive issues in the league and there should be a salary cap implemented like in several other major professional sports leagues. It is comparative to the business world, where one can not monopolize a market, and even though there are many reasons that one could consider it business freedom, it has caused many fans to grow irritated with the game, and has caused the popularity of the sport to suffer. Parody Parity is a terrific aspect of sports, and the abundance of this in things like the NFL, and march madness, with terrific upsets and no dynasties causes a tremendous rise in popularity. A terrific solution to this problem is the implementation of a salary cap in Major League Baseball. That is what I propose to make add parody and more popularity to the game.


For the paper, make sure you get to the point that you'll be talking about MLB more quickly than you did in the proposal! What you'll need to make clear is the need. One way to do that is to demonstrate how the current mechanism, namely, the luxury tax, doesn't bring parity to MLB. And, you'll have to establish that there's really a problem: I know that the Yankees and Red Sox tend to be successful, but are they really more successful than other teams? How would one measure that? And, finally, there's an interesting assumption at work here, namely, that the stars should be equally distributed, but why? Shouldn't a town that really loves baseball be able to have the best players? (That's just a possible counter-argument that you might want to think about.) TheKemBlog


Works Cited











The NCAA tournament this year has had everything that an enjoyable tournament is supposed to have. Crazy game-winning buzzer-beating shots, upsets, and rivalries. The fact that George Mason made it to the final four is one of the greatest cinderella stories of all time, in any sport, not just college basketball. They have taken down Michigan State, Wichita State, North Carolina, and UCONN, all powerhouse teams (with the exception of Wichita State). They are an 11 seed and are only the second double digit seed to make it to the final four since LSU in 1986, also an 11 seed. They have proven they can beat very high quality teams on several occasions and this means their upset victories are not just flukes. They have a chance against the University of Florida and I'll be pulling for them on Saturday in Indianapolis.




Stigmergy is an amazing phenomenon that takes place within insectal society. The communication system and social ranks allow the insects to all have duties and jobs to fulfill on a daily basis. This creates an organization of all members of a colony of insects, and therefore completes all the necesarry tasks of life with the utmost efficiency. This communication and organizational system is a point of high interest and study that can provide worlds of information and insight into the intelligence of insects and their methods of thinking.




An intriguing story with the upcoming MLB season is the fact that Jimmy Rollins has a running 36 game hit streak, which is only 20 games behind the seemingly unbreakable record set by Joe Dimaggio of 56 games. It is a very tough task to carry over a hit streak with such a long layover in between seasons. When a player gets hot, they can keep a streak going for a long time, but with the break in between seasons, keeping the streak alive may be more difficult, and I think it will be very interesting to see if the young blooming superstar of a shortstop will be able to keep his bid for a MLB all time record alive and even come close to the standing record.




Certain events have recently transpired and there was an article published about these events in the Daily Collegian. Having been exposed to the truth behind the matter the lies and deciet that is printed in the pages of the University's Newspaper makes me question everything I've read in it for the past two semesters that I've been a part of this great university. The truth was stretched to the point where it was broken at some points, as some of the story that was printed was complete fabrication. Sometimes journalists, in this case sad journalists, will write anything to get someone to pick up a paper, even at the tremendous expense of someone else.


I'm curious, when was this article in the Collegian and what was the headline? I'd like to read it. -VaryAwesome


The article was in the collegian on either the 29th or 30th, and it was the rape article on the front page.








I remember reading this short story before, and it is an effective paper to get a point accross. Using many rhetorical techniques, the author proves a political point that has Irish-English rivalry connotations, and spreads his opinions without coming out and saying exactly what he thinks. His sarcastic style allows him to make a ridiculous proposal, and the title of the essay "A Modest Proposal" simply adds to the sarcastic and exaggerated rhetoric of the work.




Final Paper Proposal


The first thoughts that are conjured up when the word rape is uttered are terrible, as they should be. However, in the majority of rape cases there is some degree of doubt and lack of communication. When someone is accused of rape, and labeled a rapist, the worst connotations are accompanied with their name, but what is rape exactly? What constitutes consent, and when alcohol and other drugs are involved, how can the accounts of victims be faulty? Many "victims" are in fact the ones praying on others, claiming rape was committed when they only seek money from the legal system or other benefits. In no way am I saying that victims of rape are not really victims, but the definition and view of rape is skewed from the truth. Rape is often misunderstanding between two people, and when someone does not offer a definite refusal, and simply goes along with an act, rape is seemingly and unfair accusation. I believe that the events and actions that constitute rape in the legal system should be more definite and more severe than they currently are. There should be penalties for what is currently considered rape, but they should not be as severe as what truly is rape, a violent, intentional sexual ravaging. When someone misunderstands someone of the opposite sex and nothing is objected to, then a person should not be considered a rapist, this is ridiculous and happens all to often. Some may argue that rape is rape, no matter what, and that instead of waiting for someone to say no, one must wait until your partner says yes. Through examination of several different cases in the past, and different arguements and counterarguments, I will define rape, evaluate certain instances in which it supposedly occured, take a look at what causes rape and the effects it can have on a person, and propose a solution to the problem that I believe currently exists in the legal system.





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