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January 12, 2006 - Personal Narrative

automotive forum

My name is Doug Rheam, and I am a freshman majoring either in Biology or one of the life sciences. As do most college kids, I like to workout, eat, sleep, and hang out with my friends. I live just 20 minutes south of Pittsburgh (Here we go Steelers!) where high school football is very important. I chose to come to Penn State because of its academic reputation. I am a redshirt walk-on for the Nittany Lions that plays free safety. Football was another main reason I chose the school; moreover, while I was looking at some prestigious division 3 schools such as john hopkins and carnegie mellon, I couldn't pass up the chance to play Division I football. While I would love to play in the NFL , my more tangible future lies in medicine, hopefully as a Pediatrician or an Orthopedic Surgeon.






January 17, 2006 - Repsonse to "Letter from Birmingham Jail" (1963)



Martin Luther King Junior's "Letter from the Birmingham Jail" expunged the comments about his peaceful protest being "unruley" and "untimely." Using the calm protests by himself and by the black race as an example, he humiliates and embarasses the racist South for the truth behind the marches, the violence, and the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on the African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. expresses his thoughts by basically saying everything can't be an argument, because the racist south has no solid reason to stop these peaceful marches, go to such an extreme to do so, or harm the lives of African Americans. Sayings through out history such as "All men are created equal" express King's views of how blacks and whites should be seen together. "Justice too long delayed is justice denied." While the same rights are given to the blacks and whites, the blacks are unable to use the rights and have an impact doing so. He shows imagery through the malevolent lives African Americans must endure for the hope of one day having a life where discrimination and racism will not exist. Asking for forgiveness from both the white man and God for different mistakes in the letter, King's thoughts are shown to be just, ruley, and timely. His ironic conclusion proves to need not one bit of forgiveness, expressing the racism blacks perservered, the peace they continued to express, and the time he knew it would take to live in a time of peace.







January 18, 2006 a Response to Ryan Digney's Blog



My name is Doug Rheam and am also a freshman At Penn State in my 2nd semester. I graduated from Canon McMillan High School, a school right outside of Pittsburgh. I live about 15 to 20 minutes outside of the city in Washington County. I plan to major in Biology or a life science. In the little free time i have, i also enjoy various types of music, hanging out with friends, and pretty much all sports. Football and Hockey are my two favorite sports; and while i do not watch a lot of basketball, i enjoy college basketball and some pro games. Moreover, I would love to go see a pro game. I can't match having an uncle in pro anything, but that's pretty cool. I also hope this class wiht improve my writing.






January 19, 2006 USA Today Assignment



I chose the Snap shot depicting the allowances of children from the ages 5 to 12. The majority of the children, 39 percent received between 11 and 12 dollars, 24 percent received 21 dollars or more, 23 percent received between 6 and 10, and 13 percent received 5 dollars or less. While this is not an extreme issue, there are many claims to be made. Many of these claims can deal with the collection of the information. If the information was collected from the children, error could be held in the fact that children may not realize how much they are really receiving. On the other hand, if the information was collect from the parents, they may try to cover how much their children are given or how much they are spoiled. Other than the collection of the information, the community or communities in which these children live and grow up could have a great deal to do with the information. If taken from several communities, there may be a difference in the wealthier areas compared to the less fortunate areas.







January 22, 2006 "Four Freedoms Speech"



FDR uses fear and future planning to set a sense of urgency in preparation for the future of all Americans. In this future, he illustrates the possibility of two paths...the path that could destroy the United States and the path that could carry them to power, success, and unity. To remove the fear of the malevolent path, FDR puts a strong urgency of what needs to be done in order to maintain our democratic government and our safety. What is behind in production must get caught up, and what is ahead of production must get even further ahead. More importantly, every single member of our country must be willing to stand up and fight for the freedoms that we desire: the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of expression and the freedom of the right to security. If the country can unify and create these freedoms, FDR shows the optimistic future of the United States. The many benefots that will come into play such as medical care, enjoyment of technology, jobs, and most of all equality.


I believe he displays a powerful and promising message. Putting fear on the hearts of Americans, FDR leaves no time for questioning for the attack against democracy. Stern and demanding, FDR shows a diligent character that is best for the United States at the time. The motivation builds hopes and dreams of many Americans to yield to his plan for the future.







January 24, 2005 "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"



Setting the freedoms, basic rights, and privileges of a free country, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights aims to destory any freedoms neglected to any country by its governing body. It spans over all freedoms, from the freedoms of leisure, jobs, education and marriage, to the rights of having a nationality, being able to have a voice in the governing of the country, directly or indirectly, or being free to live in a cultural community of one's choice. All of these freedoms are freedoms we take for granted every day; however, no matter how extreme or how diminitive the freedom seems, it would be worlds to countries who don't or didn't have these freedoms. Also, these freedoms were the ones that caused many world wide problems such as war, depression, problems in economy, etcetera. While these problems from the past influence governments around the world, the Declaration of Human Rights aims to rid these problems from countries with unjsut governments. The character, or pathos, of the Declaration is allow everyone in the world to live in peace with the lives that they deserve. Although the world wide problems will never be perfect, these articles defend the basic freedoms and rights every government should give to its citizens, the rights that would eliminate war, depression, or economic problems. Trying to create unity and freedom within all parts of the world, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights attempts to influence countries and governments to change in order to rid the world of any more major problems and allow their people to live in a free and peaceful environment.









January 26, 2006 "Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Terrorist Attacks"



After the devastating terrorist attacks on the United States, President Bush's speech fills the hearts of americans with a wide spread of emotions. The nation was left shocked and depressed. Attempting to rejuvenate the spirits of the Americans, Bush emphasizes his speech with pride. He reaches out to them in attempt for help and support; help for the families of lost loved ones, help for the rebuilding of our country, and support for the for the American tradition. He takes it one step further by involving the world; moreover, justice will be served. Anyone affiliated with the act of terrorism will pay for their actions. If September 11 was left alone, who would be the next victim of the terrorists. A sense of fear is put in americans throughout some of the speech. This fear, however, is smashed by the promise Bush makes to defend our country and expunge any terroristic threat.










January 29, 2006 "Definition of Terrorism



"The system of the Reign of Terror. b A mode of governing, or of opposing government, by intimidation. c Any policy of intimidation." Definitions of any word can lead to quesitoning and ambiguities. A controversial subject and word such as terrosim can seem even more confusing to many. Shown to harm or aim at someone in some way, the word terrosim ranges in severity. Many definitions shows the actions of affecting a nation or a government in order for change. The general definition, as shown in the opening of the paragraph, has the main theme of intimidation. In today's society, I believe the best definition is expressed by the "US Code of Federal Reugulations." Moreover, it describes terrorism as "...the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives." When thinking about terrorism, i automatically think of September 11. On the other hand, i do not relate terrorism with the definition shown by " The British Terrorism Act of 2000." They also explain it to be shutting down a website with views that someone dislikes. While this may be true to some, this example or examples with this severity show no relation to terrorism in my mind.










January 31, 2006 "USA Today response" Women of the Storm



After a devastating hurricane, Katrina left the city of New Orleans ruined. Homes were wrecked, posessions were lost, and many people were hurt. While the government has provided much help, some believe it has not been enough. A group of about 140 women went to capitol hill the other day to invite Congress down to the city to see first hand the destruction that has occurred. This group of women believe that Congress can do much more to provide help to the broken down city. Moreover, these aren't just any women; they are women of many city business leaders and women from the vietnamese community. Complaining about the actual number of senators and representatives that have seen the problems, the women expect more of these congressmen to come down. They want help for the city, and they want it back to normal. How much has Congress done for one of the most destructive hurricane hits of all time? While they have come to the aid, it appears that there can always be more down. There are still houses left in pieces, falling apart, families left homeless, people left without jobs, and some without anything at all. If Congress down visit the city, not only will they see the terrible conditions, but they will also have to deal with the women of the storm.








February 5, 2006 My Proposal


Through out history, the term Muslim has sparked different thoughts in people’s minds. It has been defined by some as a religion, faith, or way of life. To others, however, the term Muslim is thought of in a malevolent way that carries an omen of terror. Because of recent events such as nine eleven, many Americans view Muslims as terrorists. In this paper, I intend to change the perception that many Americans may have in judging this term or this religion. That in fact, is exactly what the term Muslim means, a religion. Just like Christians, Muslims have beliefs in how they should live their lives and how they should base their lives. In my paper, I plan to base my thesis around this thought. Automatically judged by many as a terrorist or a threat, Muslims are negatively viewed because of past events. However, the term Muslim is simply the majority in Islamic religion. Describing the Islamic religion and way of life and using past events from Muslim terrorism and Christian terrorism, I plan to show that the term Muslim should not be thought of in a destructive way. Rather, it should respected and perceived as any other religion would. In researching this subject, I will use articles on terrorism from both the Islamic and American standpoint, the history of the Islamic religion, and the former and recent definitions of a Muslim. In presenting my argument, I will use a speech format in which I am addressing ignorant Americans who think of the “war on terror” or a bombing when hearing the word Muslim.


Soage, Ana Belen. “An Arab Perspective on Islamic terrorism: The case of Al-Jazeera programme Al Shania wa-l-Hayat.” Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (2005) 299-307.


Brandon, James. “Internet Jihad: tackling terror on the Web” NewsBank. 3 February 2006.


Felling, Matthew. “Terrorist visual warfare uses media as a weapon” Christian Science Monitor. 4 August 2004.


Starr, Barbara. Putting Together a target list. 2006. CNN.com. 6 September 2006. <http://www.edition.cnn.com/2002/US/09/06/ar911.retaliation/>


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“African American Muslims” The Slavery Years. 2002. 5 February 2006. <http://www.islam.about.com/library/weekly/aa012601a.htm>.








Februart 6, 2006 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!


"This year we'll get that one for the thumb!" Over and over I have heard the Steelers super bowl song throughout my entire life...year after year; and year after year the Steelers fall short of that last Super Bowl title. I've been a Steelers fan from the day I liked football have stuck by them ever since...even if Tommy Maddox or Kordell Stewart was the quarterback. After having an unblievable 2004-2005 season behind the control of rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and a stingy defense,the Pittsburgh Steelers fell short of the Super Bowl in an ignominious defeat to the New England Patriots. While the next season- 2005 to 2006- season was very hopeful, the season did reach many fans expectations. Games were lost in the last seconds of games, and injuries plagued the season. Playoffs were a question that Steelers fans prayed for. If they did reach the doubtful post season, the Steelers path to Super Bowl XL would be one that no team has ever accomplished- the wild card getting to the super bowl. One by one, however, the Steelers ran over teams. They were determined to do what has never been done. The Bengals, Broncos, and Colts all suffered defeat to the iron curtain. Heading to super bowl XL, the Steelers went from wild card to favorite. As most know, the Steelers won the game. The win, however, was criticized by many as one of the worst super bowls of all time. While the game was not what super bowl fans ordered, the Steelers run in the super bowl to the playoffs was one that will probably never be matched.





February 7, 2006 I responded to IntroductionBlog



Comments on Your Proposal by DonsBlog:


I completely agree with your statements. After Septermber 11 people have viewed all "Muslim" people as terrorists. They are ignorant to the fact that this is a religion of peace. After reading your paper hopefully people will look at Muslims with the respect they deserve and not judge them. The terrorists were not practicing the Muslim faith and so it's sad people believe they were. This small group of people has really hurt the whole muslim community. As long as you explain the religion and stress that the individuals of 9/11 weren't Muslim you should have people on your side. My only counter-arguement would be the terrorists of 9/11 but again if you show they weren't practicing the muslim faith you should be good. Good luck.







February 15, 2006 Repsonse too the Declaration of Independence


Through out the Declaration of Independence, the 13 colonies demanded their freedom from Great Britain. They make this "declaration" through logical reasoning of their past and recent treatment by the overpowering government. Moreover, they evaluate what has been done to push them to this limit. The declaration proposes that "All men are created equal..." While Thomas Jefferson makes this claim, the colonists ironically feel the exact opposite. They feel that they have been belittled by Great Britain throughout unjust processes such as taxation. This evaluation of arguments suggests, from the colonists side, what should be done and what has not been done. Claim after claim of unjust action toward their ,, the colonies prove and that "they have the right and ought to be free." Saying they "ought" to be free, evaluates the situation froom their side, allowing Great Britain to counter that comment; moreover, this simple evaluation led to a long, tragic war.







February 16, 2006 Proposal for Evaluation Paper



In my Evaluation paper, I intend to question the morality of sports. Explaining this morality through the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports, I will judge morality by the use or banning of these drugs. Not only will I describe and evaluate the athletes’ perspectives on usage, but I will also evaluate the views from the fans and from the media. Being the majority, the common consensus shows many strong viewpoints for their banning: the morality of the game, the dangerous side affects on the user, the dangerous side affects on their competitors, etcetera. However, the opposing side believes its arguments are just as significant: the notion it’s the athletes decision, the fans want more for their money, some performance enhancing drugs are used in other jobs, etcetera. Are these drugs necessary to be competitive at elite levels? While many people may believe so, I believe that these performance enhancing drugs do question the morality of the game and the health of the athletes. My thesis will be…Questioning the morality of sports, the meaning of the game, and the health of the athletes; performance enhancing drugs gives all sports a malevolent perspective. I will repeatedly stress the negative connotation of these drugs on sports by past examples and the history of sports. Urging athletes and fans against the drugs, I will write this evaluation as a team doctor and former athlete for an article with a headline on the front of Sports Illustrated or ESPN the magazine. This approach will allow me to describe the health aspects with credibility and will give me even more credibility as an athlete related to the game.


Hmm. The thesis is a bit buried, but I think you'll be arguing that drugs in sports is bad. Question: is there much disagreement on this issue? If not, why not? Are the warrants behind this issue really robust?

Notice that you're criteria center on morality, whether drug use is right or wrong; whereas, the reason for their use centers on a different criterion, namely, performance. You'll need to argue that the moral criteria outweigh the performonce criterion. TheKemBlog



Lipsyte, Robert, “Athletes have the Right to Accept the Risks and Benefits of Performance-Enhancing Drugs.” Drugs and Sports. At Issue Series. Greenhaven Press, 2001.


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February 27, 2006 Response to Rwanda: How genocide happened and Sudan's Darfur Conflict


After reading this article, i thought of my 11th grade World Cultures class. We routinely had current events quizes and events we had to know about. Many times, the current events delt with the ongoing struggle between the Hutus and the Tutsis. This civil war turned into a tragic long term events of mass killings of people. As the article describes it, most of the dead were the Tutsis and most of the ones promoting war were the Hutus. It can be perveived, however, that Tutsis sparked the war in the first place when they took the superior status given by the Belgiums. AFter living under the Tutsis for many years, the Tutsis took action with their most logical answer, war and genocide. I believe the evetns between these two cultures is a tragedy. While they coudl have lived in peace because of their identical traditions, lauguage, etcetra, the intervention from the Belgiums caused a status between the two groups that envoked feeligns of jealousy and anger. The events of Dafur were also a tragedy. The cleansing of the "black" culture brings thoguhts of the holocaust and whiping out the population fo jews.






March 1, 2006 Response to Political Learnings


Throughout my life and as bad as it may seem, i have never really cared about my political beliefs. While i had many classes that introduced and discussed the topic, it always seemed as though my beliefs ranged through out different forms of politics. Becasue of my parents, i have always considered myself a democrat. And although it may not be the best way to vote, my parents thoughts on voting are what swayed my vote during my first year of voting. However, i am still open to many politcal beliefs. i am still unable to determine my politcal beliefs.







March 3, 2006 Causal Proposal


For my causal paper, I intend to illustrate the reasons for high school and college students dropping out. Some of these reasons may be different, while others are the same. Of the main reasons, students drop about because of financial reasons, academics problems, lack of interest in school, drug and alcohol problems, jobs, unexpected pregnancy, etcetera. Each of these problems is more or less relevant between college and high school. However, they have changed over time. Through out recent history, beliefs about the importance of school has changed. Because of these changed beliefs, laws have been passed that are meant to keep today's youth in school. It is shown that children or young adults who stay in school have a more successful future than those that don't. I want to describe the differences between those who attend grades nine through twelve and continue on into college to those who drop out of high school early or drop out of college early. These reasons of failure or quiting will be tied the to the future lifestyle of many drop outs. Moreover, their future attitudes will reflect the ones that caused their failure.




College Graduation Rate Below 50 Percent. CNN.com. 16 August 2001. .


Hegarty, Stephen. College Dropout rate puszzles state educators. St. Petersburg Times. 16 April 2002. <http://www.sptimes.com/2002/04/16/State/College_dropout_rate_.shtml>.


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Sangalli, Ramona. "College Preparatory Program." 4 Mrach 2006. http://www.lwsb.org/colprep.htm





I'd pick one. Either HS or college. For example, with college, what about lonliness as a primary cause? TheKemBlog







March 5, 2006 Spring Break begninning


Finally, my first break away from school. While there was christmas break and weekend trips home, I never really had a break from school and football. Coming home on weekends, I always had assignments to do. ALthough Christmas break was long, a majority of mine was spent in miami. It may seem like a good time, which it was, but i was still constantly around football. I'm looking forward to this break, mainly to get away from school, but also because i never really had spring breaks in high school either. In high school, my spring break consisted of the Thursday and Friday off before Easter weekend...some break. Anyway, this break will be a good chance to get caught up on some assignments, relax, and sleep in.




March 7, 2006 Friday Night Lights....Nothing like High School football


Prayer ends, pads rustle, and butterflies fill my stomach. As i button up my chin strap, my teeth clench. This is what its all for: a section title, a conference title, and a state title. There is no room for failure. If i fail, my team loses. I take one step towards the door and uncontrollable screams leave my body. The locker room door is the onyl thing that stand between be the battle field. It cages me in, and the enemy doesnt even know what's about to hit them. I OWN THEM!!! That is my field outside. The door swings open as our coach awaits his 50 some soldiers standing behind him. The noise of the crowd is drowned out. The only thing in my mind is the first play of the game. From then on, its jsut playing and hitting...or just plain out getting it done. The ground is slightly moist from the night time dew and the temperature is mid 50's...perfect football weather. AS i look up at the lights, i realize this is it. This is my last game in my home stadium, the last game in front of my home crowd, but not the last game i will play for the year. It's all on my shoulders. Our school has never been past this game, but "enough is enough and it's time for a change." You dont want to leave the friday night lights.








March 11, 2006 Spring break end


Well, it wasn't exaclty the break i had planned. Actually, it wasn't much of a break at all. It started off pretty fun with a visit to WVU for the weekend to see some of my good friends, but monday through friday were rather dull. I did get to sleep in; however, it seemed as though school and football haunted me through out the entire break. Everyday was routine as usual: wake up, eat, workout, and of course school work. How is it suppseod to be a break when every teacher from every subject i have assigns soemthing? It was nice, however, for some teachers to make the assignment gudielines less strict. Although I did have a lot of assignments and workouts to keep me busy, It was finally nice to be home for a period longer than 3 to 4 days. As nice as it was, I'm pretty excited to get back the the Penn State environment and start spring practice. All in all, i caught up on some sleep and enjoyed the comfort of my house.






March 12, 2006 What the hell are the Steelers doing?


The Steelers came into the season as a high favorite after the 14-1 season they ended with in 2005. Soon, however, they found themselves in risk of not making the play-offs. Creating their own Cinderella story, the Steelers finished out their season hard, made an unheard of run in the post season, and won the Super Bowl. As soon as all the Super Bowl hype and parades had ended though, it came to a day that many Steelers and Steeler's fans dreaded- signing day. There had been many players from the Steelers line up in jeopardy of being a high ranked free agent or jsut unable to be signed by the Steelers. Many big names like Antwaan Randel El, Kimo Von Oelhoffen, Chris Hope, and Mike Logan- ALL KEY PLAYERS. The loss of Randel El, especially takes away a part of the offense that will be hard to replace. No matter who they lose or gain, the Steelers will still have enough talent and coaching experience to make them one of the big dogs in the NFL.





March 14, 2006 A little piece of my home town


I've only been involved with one high school sport that i will sincerely miss for the rest of my life. Although i advanced to the collegiate football level, there is nothing like high school football. There is absolutly nothing like playing with, praciticing with, and being around your friends from childhood or possibly birth. The relationships I had with some of my coaches outweighs some of the relationships i have with aunts, uncles, and other family. Knowing that once a week for atleast 10-11 weeks that all eyes are on you. The competitions and preparation of killing yourself simply for the satisfaction that you know you're preparing better than the enemy. Enemies are exactly what they were. ALthough we were freinds with some kids from close school districts, we wanted to hurt them when they stepped on our field. It was OUR memorial stadium, and we were the Canon-McMillan Big Macs, the Blue and Gold, a family that will never be forgotten. My favorite coach left me with, "Remember, every time you buckle your chin strap you're carrying a piece of this place, your fans, and my respect with you. Go full speed...your oppurtunities now!" It is now; it's time to show what i showed in high school. The desire to dominate still looms inside of me. Although i dont want to admit it, my glory high school days are over...HELL NO. They will be back because i will continue to carry a piece of my former fans, my schools, and my coaches respect!







March 20, 2006 Communist Manifesto Response


Written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, the Communist Manifesto supports the communist government to the fullest extent. Not only does it support communism, but it demeans and criticizes the faults of all other forms of government. It illustrates the many forms of governments throughout history, and it shows every negative aspect about them. Mainly, the Communist Manifesto shows the pesimistic attitude toward these governments by the description of the separation of the classes of society. After desribing their failure, it continues to criticize the upper class- or the Bourgeoise. Again, it repeats their mistakes and failures in running the government. It suggests their reign has come to an end, and the future lies within the working class or the proletariat. Describing this hopeful future, this document eliminates the thought of a heiracrhy or of multiple classes of government. Its proposes that everything will be equal, no one will be above another, and, most importantly, the government will be more effective and more effecient than any past or present form that has failure or has downfalls.








March 22, 2006 Proposal fpr proposal paper


For my proposal paper, Im going to argue the reasons of why college athletes should be paid to play. From a standpoint a hard college life, i plan to illustrate the difficulty of the college life of a division I basketball or football player. I'm going to argue for these two sports because of the revenue they bring in and the profit they make. The money these two sports bring in not only pays for other academic scholarships through out the school, but in many schools these sports fund all of the other men's and women's sports. Moreover, they also bring in money to shoe companies and merchandise companies.


Not only do these athletes bring in millions to billions of dollars a year, but the time put in for preparation of a season is unthinkable. Juggling the hours of a day between school, practice, rehab, and meetings, division I basketball and football players have more than twice the workload of a normal student. Because of this workload, they are unable to have jobs for extra spending money. Therefore, while their tuition, books, and room and board are paid for, many college athlets can still have undesirable living situations. Conversely, students on other forms of scholarship, academic or music, are able to work. On top of being able to work for money, music scholarships allow students to play no matter what their GPA and play in a professional orchestra- or get paid for what they're doing. Moreover, a scholarship is one of the attractions to come to the school for athletes. Some of these athletes also come to college simply for their advancement to the pro levels of their sport.


Question: Will the proposal apply to all Div. I athletes, or just basketball and football? There's an interesting question of how to establish need here. As you note, college athletes often do get compensated for their efforts, namely, through scholarships. Is there anything prohibiting a college athlete from having a part-time job off season? If not, then...

One thing you mention might be considered more: college sports sometimes function as feeders for the pros. In a sense, they're like the minor leagues. But notice how that's a tricky sell because Americans still hold on to the idea of a student athlete. The question is, should they? TheKemBlog




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April 3, 2006 A Modest Proposal


In response to a modest proposal, i found the comments to be somewhat amusing with the point he was trying to get across. The proposal of eating babies is so outrageous and off the wall that i could not take that seriously. Even though it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, it did point of the problems with the irish catholics. In their situation, these comments, even though not taken literally, would offend my lifestlye, religion, and nationality.


"A Modest proposal", using humor to make its point, is very effective in pointing out the problem in Ireland, or too many babies being born in the irish community. While the problem is solved by humor in this proposal, the humor is very effective in suggesting such an extreme solution to the problem. This solution may not only disgust and humiliate and aggrivate the irish, but it will also make them think about the current situation. Either way, the humor used does its job by getting hte attention of the irish.









April 10, 2006 Final Project Proposal


What classifies a sport or an athlete? For our proposal we will be developing an argument between two opposing sides. One perspective will be arguing that sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball and lacrosse are true sports, where cheerleading and dance should not be considered sports. The other side of the argument however will be arguing that competitive dancing and cheerleading should be in fact considered sports. The sports such as football, basketball, and etcetera will be argued as true sports because of the history of their sports and the level of athleticism, size, speed, and strength it takes to compete. For the other side of dance and cheerleading, the argument will show the same level of athleticism, agility, speed, and strength needed in order to compete and be successful in these “sports.” Another prominent argument will consider the time and preparation needed to again compete in these sports. The point of this argument of cheerleading and dance being labeled a sport will be meant to gain respect for these activities and promote a further understanding to individuals who oppose the idea of dance and cheerleading as sports.


In order to present an effective argument, the argument will be presented in two columns, one for each side. The separate columns will contain parallel ideas to show the similar characteristics of real “sports” and compare them to dance and cheerleading. For more effect, video clips and images will be incorporated into the columns presenting the athleticism throughout both arguments.







April 16, 2006 As the year ends. . .


I was just home for the weekend for Easter Break. For my first time, all of my friends were home to celebrate Easter with their families or simply to see everyone. It was like we were back in High School. Two late nights of doing nothing but driving around and hanging out in each others basements. What's it going to be like in less than 3 weeks when our freshman year has ended and we're back at home for a longer time. Will everything be the same? Will the same people I hung out with last year still be around? What will it be like not living in a matchbox of a dorm room with the roomate I've had for the past 8-9 months? The answer...it will be exaclty how i left it. Friends are freinds, the same ones will be there to hang out with when i get back and my same roomate will be here when i get back here in the summer. Another summer will be filled with fun and another room will then be invaded with our mess.







April 19, 2006 Student's 6th Floor Fall


It was one out of control day- St. Patrick's Day. The bars opened and were packed at 7:00 a.m., students attended class after drinking way too much; and the entire campus was one big party. While i was in class because of the class importance and because of football, the party went on. For one kid, however, the party ended early. Under the influence, a student attempted evading the cops by tieing just a sheet and a blanket together and jumping from the 6th floor. Surprise, surprise, it didnt work. The student fell between 4-5 stories smacking the ground. Lucky to be alive, the student was rushed to the hospital and is still there until this day. Atleast he dodged a hefty underage drinking charge right? Wrong! Today in the paper, the student was charged around 360 dollars for underage drinking...what bad luck.







April 19, 2006 Life Expectancy Increasing


Junior year of high school, I had a world cultures teacher who would continuously refer to the fact that we dont have as long to live as we think. He would compare the time in history from A.D. time until present day. He was exaclty right. We don't have long to live. The average life expectancy in 2004 was 77.9 years of age with males being somewhere around 75 and females being around 80. Recently, Doctors have been "scratching their heads" when the new numbers of life expectancy came out. Because the population in the U.S. is increasing they expected the life expectancy to decrease. This decrease, however, was not the case. Living rates are longer than they have ever been; mainly because deaths caused by heart disease, stroke, and cancer have gone down.







April 21 "BLue White game Hype"


Once a year, the nittany lion football team faces off in their last intersquad scrimmage. This scrimmage, however, is not jsutu for the players. It's chance for former alumni to get back to the campous they once lived at; a chance for parents to visit their kids at their school for possibly the first time; and a chance for students and fans to get a taste of the year to come. This year is one of the many blue white games i will have and will attend, but the first that i will actually get to play in. Really, this game is the last of 15 spring practices the NCAA permits schools to have. The estimated attendance is around 50 to 60 thousand due to the successful season PSU had last year. I'm excited to play and look forward to a good game and a fun weekend with friends and family.







April 23, 2006 Post blue whtie game


Well the attendance wasnt 50 to 60 thousand, and the weather wasnt even close to what it had been all week; but the game did not fail to impress still somewhere close to 20 thousand fans. While the rain kept most away, thousands of PSU fans poured into Beaver Stadium for a taste of the year to come. Excited from the success of the Big Ten and ORange Bowl Championship, many fans can only speculate as to the possiblitlies for the future. Starts such as Anthony Morelli, Derrick Williams, Jordan Norwood, Justin King, and Deon Butler shined showing the Penn State community they have what it takes to continue the football tradition gained back from last year.


Being my first blue whtie game, i was very excited to play in front of that many people. Even though there werent as many as expected, the game still was very entertaining and very exciting to play in. It is interesting to see a team pit against each other, and play as though it were the national championship.






April 25, 2006 Some things NEVER change


Throughout my entire life, i have looked up to my brother. I wanted to wear what he wore and I wanted to do whatever he did. I pretty much did whatever he did. I played and enjoyed the same sports, enjoyed the same kind of hobbies, and listened to the same music. In football, i even played the same position and wore the same number. As we got older and keep getting older, there is more and more respect between each of us. Of course, there is an occaisional fight, but thats jsut natural. We continue to get closer and closer, even though we're physically moving farther and farther apart. I'm treated more as an equal, rather than the little brother. However, no matter how close we are and how equal he treats me, I will always feel like the little brother. I will be the little brother in a sense of worrying about what he thinks of me in terms of how I do in football and how I act sometimes. I will be pissed if he misses something, but quick to forgive jsut so i can hang out with him. Although we're no longer playing "He-man" or guns, the little brother big brother image will never leave us.






April 27, 2006 NHL PLAYOFFS


From the time the NHL came back, professional hockey hasn't been the same to me. Maybe because i dont play anymore, or maybe because my hometown team, the Pittsburgh Pens were not as successful as they used to be. While they have the talent with players such as rookie sidney crosby and players such as John Leclair, the pens were unable to put together a successful season. When the playoffs started, however, i got a little more interested. It reminded me of the times when i was into the playoffs. It also reminded me of many memorable Penguins games i went to with my dad and my brother. Even though i havent played hockey in the past 3 years, it will forever be a part of my life with the memories from Pens games with my dad to tournaments all over the country and all over Canada.







April 28, 2006 Bird Word


Glancing through the paper, there are usually few headlines that catch my attention. However, yesterdays paper showed one "Words for the Birds-Fowl pick up basic grammer." Is is possbile for a bird to pick up basic grammar...well apparently so. At the University of California in San Diego researchers taught a taught starlings (fowls) to distinguish between a regular bird song sentence and one that was "embedded with a warbled clause." They did so by 15,000 or more attempts with food as a reward. Thsi research shows that bird language, or animal language, is much more complicated than scientists once thought. It would be interesting to see if scientists could get it to a point where humans understand bird calls?






April 29, 2006 The NFL Draft


The NFL draft is a big day for many people- espcially those being drafted into the National Football League. Many are out early, the top player. Others, however, sit around for hours, or many even over day in anticipation to make a team. For the teams, the season can be highly anticiapted depending on draft status. The Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers drafted 17 of their 22 starters in the draft, and in the past 6 years have not drafted someone in the first two rounds who has not made the pro bowl.


While i usually follow just the Steelers, I will be following all teams this year, or mainly the Penn State players geting drafted. The players getting drafted have all been very supprotive to me and all freshman coming in. They were true leaders and deserve whatever they may gain in the NFL draft. It will be interesting to see a persons name in the draft to which I have had contact with and even hung out with.







April 30, 2006 Finals Week


So close but so far. While classes ended last friday, a huge sigh of relief was given off by many students. Some students packed up their cars and headed for home. Other hung out for one more weekend of fun. Man an i jealous of those people. Some were done with classes all together with finals and tests, others, however, have a long way to go. I am one of those students. Having one more week of school seems almost like nothing. Pressure from finals and final papers, however, makes a week turn into an eternity. All my papers and assignments are done, but tests loom over my head. Some classes mean more than others; those classes that mena more or less could make or break my gpa. Concluding the year, I just feel as though many of my grades are up in the air, and im not sure what to expect. Although it seems like an eternity, however, my freshman year will be finished in 5 days....no regrets.




April 30, 2006 Bush makes a funny


At the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner, Bush showed up as usual. This time, however, he showed up...with his twin??? Steve Bridges, "Bush's alter ego, is acutally a George Bush impersonator. They began the festivities with a little speech, poking fun at Bush, Cheney, and even Hilary Clinton: saying that when Cheney shot the guy quail hunting he was drunk as a skunk; saying the only thing missing was Hilary Clinton rolling her eyes; Making fun of Bush by saying he didnt want to be there because no one at the dinner liked him anyway.


From my perception, I liked Bush's idea to open the dinner with a little humor. Although I do not know much about events such as these, it doesnt seem like the place for the multiple jokes Bush and his alter ego came up with. Everyone needs to loosen up now and then. Bush definately had a good idea.





April 30, 2006 Trash or Treasure????


"Beyond making lemonade out of lemons, it's the idea that out of destruction comes creation." In the recent hurricanes many people have been lost many posessions, and some have even been left homeless. Nothing good comes out of a hurricane...or does it? It turns out,some artists have used debris and remains from hurricanes lying around for most of their projects. What is ones persons trash is another person's treasure.


Aside from artists using the remains, high school students have been inspired by the devastation of hurricanes to use hurricane debris in their projects at school such as their senior project. While msot kids do a boring presentation of a research paper, this idea expands what the student possibly felt during the hurricane and can show how it affected his or life as well as everyone elses.

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