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RhetoricAndComposition > SectionSixtySeven > YourBlogs > ScreenNames



Clicking on the screen name will open AIM if you have it installed. Look at the code to do it to your name. - WynesWorld


UniversityParker- xxphatness99 (Nick Esposito)


FreeSpeech - Tsumaranakunai (Billy Gruss)


WynesWorld - justinwyne (Justin Wyne)


TheMax - Maxtr0sity (Max Xia)


ParkerBlog - AParker591 (Alex Parker)


PennyPacker - o0o1o0o1o0o (Steph Ralston)


MrsGummyJoe -elizardw529 Liz


MckBlog -kayrie05 Karrie


PghFf - rbnlnz Robin


CoRy - reef11324 Coral


RyeGuy - ryerye0803 Ryan


TwOr - Twor771 Tim


MarCar - MarsCars823 (Marlena)


KevToto - BigSexyTruk Kevin Toto


SushiKuine - justdoit072 (Ben Nitta)


CodyBlog - sugarsweet101686 (Brittany)


LaxerGreg - LaxerGreg (Greg O'Brien)


PburghClark - skier053 (Linsdey Clark)



JuliusRockford - Julius Rockford (Kevin Wigton)


RedDog - RedDogP23 (Cliff Parks)


ElizabethBlog - lizzy0404040 (Elizabeth Meleshenko)



TheKemBlog - SurfaceEvent (Kem)


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