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The Music Has Emerged

Last night I had A LOT of fun. So let me first explain that I really don't like my roommate, and niether does really anyone else on my floor (but we're still nice to her and everything). But because of that, I've become really good friends with the girls in the rooms around me (one of them i've actually known since elementary school!) Anyway, last night we were just in one of their rooms, hanging out, and i don't know how it came up but i ended up mentioning that i had my keyboard up here, so they were like HEY! BRING IT OUT! So i go and pull my full 88-key keyboard out from under my bed and haul it into their room. Being that it's a full keyboard, it's a bit on the massive side as far as keyboards go, so everyone was like Where did THIS come from?!?! And even though i've actually had it up here, under my bed for a couple months now, i never really took it out to play it because my roommate was always around and i just wasn't in the mood. So finally, I unveiled my piano playing skills to my friends and it was awesome hahahahah. Most of the songs I play i've just learned by ear, figuring them out by listening to the songs. So I played them some Coldplay and Ben Folds and Counting Crows and Keane and we all sang along hahahaha. But it's like, music is such a big part of me, but i'm not the most outgoing, 'look what i can do' type of person so people don't often realize what i actually can do. I tend to be very humble and keep things hidden, and it bothers me because then people, especially new friends, aren't really seeing the real Me. So now that it's out, and people know, it feels really good-- i feel enlightened! And they feel enlightened also because they love music too, so now we've all got even more in common, an even stronger connection! Oh maan, it's just flippin awesome. :)




IT SNOOOOWWWWEEEEDDDDDD. YEEEAAAAAAA. I'm not gonna lie, but i'm pretttty excited about this snow. Last night when it was still falling, me and my friends got bundled up and charged out into it (around 2:30-3:00 am). We did stuff like throw snowballs at each other's faces and roll down hills (since we didn't have a sled). But yea, the rolling was actually really fun, but after the third time rolling down a massive hill, we all were pretty nausious(sp?). And from time to time we were even joined by a happy drunk, which made everything ten times funnier.


Playing out in the snow when it's still falling-- especially at night-- is really one of my most favorite things to do in winter. I love when you first walk out into it and even though the flakes are showering down, there's this still quite that is only present when it's snowing. AAaaaaahhhhhh-- I loove the snooow.




HOLY WOW. It's actually DECEMBER now. That is almost TOO crazy to comprehend. At this point there's really only ONE more week of classes, then FINALS, THEN BREAK. ?!?!?!??!?! ok ok ok I'll calm down. So I just got a DIGITAL CAMERA and it's absolutely amazing. I loooove cameras. I've had a big Nikon SLR one for a while now, and it's really nice, but it's just not as convienient in certain situations. But now i have this digital camera (which is actually about the size of a regular camera, it's not a teeny tiny one) and i'm so EXCITED to use it and learn alll about it. It's got a massive zoom and i just love it so far. But it's a bit unfortunate that i got it yesterday because i'm having trouble focusing on WORK, of which i have plenty to do. So i'm gonna head of to the library now and start tackling this final paper. YEEEAA BRING IT ON. HAahahahhahha



The Last Big Thing Before Thanksgiving

Ok here's my final proposal: TheChulFinalProposal. Yea it's a bit different from my initial proposal idea, but i think it will work better.



Last Day

I'm going home TOMORROW. Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS. WOW. That is just AAWWWEESSOOMMEE. I can't wait to see my puppy dog and kitties-- luckily my dog Ruby got a bath this week at Pet's Mart, so she'll be nice and clean when i get home! (Apparently she was pretty stinky haha). And I really can't wait for Thanksgiving to see all of my other family-- Grandma and Grandpa McShane, aunts, uncles and cousins. OOHH Family hahah.



What the FREEEZE?!?

Ok so the banners in town that say Winter are quite accurate now. It's Flippin COLD. I don't care if the calender says it's still fall because it's definitely NOT. You know it's winter when your face freezes the second you step outside. But HEY-- THANKSGIVING is in T-MINUS 6 DAYS. I'm soo stoaked and i'm gonna make pumpkin cookies with icing as soon as i get home. YESSSSSSS.



Monday Night

I registered for my spring courses last night and it was a lot less painful a process than i had been expecting. I was all worried that the site would crash or something because of so many people trying to schedule. But it didn't! And i got all the classes during all the times and days that i wanted! Awesomeness. As for Thanksgiving- like 10 days left. Dito Awesomeness. Yea well i've got to get to some French and Psych homework now- Ta TA

Oh yea- before i go-- just wanted to say that i'm getting a kick out of those banner/flag things hanging in town that say Winter on them. It's like, yep! That's right.... hahaha


FRIDAY again

WOW-- I can't get over how fast these weeks go, it's just crazy. I'm VERY excited though because my sister and mom will be here in a couple hours-- they're visiting me this weekend :) I can't can't can't WAAAAIT to see them, we're gonna have a fun time.

And hey- what do think of this weather? It's psycho. What was up yesterday with those little ice pellets?? I was like, what is going ON?!? haha yea, but i guess it keeps you on your toes-- always gotta be ready for the unexpected in terms of weather around here. And it got bitterly cold finally-- that was definitely a slap in the face. Oh weather, it just never ceases to bore me.



I commented on HolyCow's and NicoleBlog's proposal drafts at 8:10pm. And here's an interesting page about the topic I want to work on: The Sylvia Plath Effect.







Proposal draft

For my final paper, i would like to show how there is most definitly a link between creative expression and mental illness. I came up with this topic because, first of all I'm really into art and music, and second of all the topic of mental illnesses really facinates me. So what better topic to write about than both combined? I personally do believe there is a link between creative expression and mental illness- that mental illness can actually cause a person to be more creatively inclined. I would also like to address the question of whether medicating mentally unstable people, who are known to be creatively expressive, could effect their creative output, their creative 'drive'.




I LOOOOVe Halloween and this past weekend was actually WAY funner than i had expected it to be. Yea so i dressed up as an angel with these cool feathery wings- it was fabulous. And it was just sooo hilarious seeing everyone elses costumes- and how everyone pretty much 'became' whatever they were dressed up as. So today and tonight is ACTUALLY Halloween so hopefully my friends and i will take a break from all our crazy work and dress up just one last time. God- it's almost too much fun.



So mucho to DO

I feel like i've been running around and working non-stop. My brain is cluttered and buzzing and i'm surprized i can actually get stuff done. All I can really say is that i am going to be extatic once these next couple weeks are over and i'm finally home and eating turkey. That will be a happy day. Until then....




Plagerism occurs when you take someone elses information and don't cite it, don't give credit to the original source. In turn, this makes the information look like it's yours, when actually it isn't. Plagerism is usually done intentionally, but it can also happen unintentionally, like for instance, if you don't cite something correctly.


Wow, these past couple blogs have been really drab, but i guess i'd rather do assigned blogs than write a full paper. Oh well- they'll get more interesting soon I hope. Oh man- and this weather?? Yea, definitly puts a damper on your day. I can't wait until THANKSGIVING. And speaking of Thanksgiving, check this out. HAHAHahahah. ooh man.



Evaluative Argument #2

The second article i found for an evaluative argument is an article from New Scientist magazine called Smoking is bad for the brain. Here are the details!

Claim: Smoking is bad for the brain, reduces your IQ.

Reasons: Studies showed that smokers, when given cognitive tests along with former smokers and nonsmokers, scored much lower. The scientests explained how as people age, their brain neurons become increasingly sensitive to oxidative damage caused by smoking.

My counter arguments: I really can't think of any counter arguments to state against this article, because i also believe that smoking is harmful in many ways to the body- i'm not surprised that they've found evidence on how it can also hurt your brain.







Evaluative Argument #1

I found an article on BBC.com about how watching TV 'is bad for children'. Here are the specifics:

Claim: TV is bad for children

Reasons: The article explains how children who are exposed to too much TV have higher rates of developing attention deficit disorder.

Counter Arguments: The researchers said there could be problems with the study since "the parents' views may not be totally accurate."

My own counter arguments: It's probably not completely TV that is causing this disorder in children- you have to account for genetic factors and also parenting styles.




On the Wikapedia website, stigmergy is described as "a method of communication in emergent systems in which the individual parts of the system communicate with one another by modifying their local environment." This can be seen frequently in nature- and two great examples include ant colonies and termite nests. Both are built through indirect communication. Pheromones are used in each instance to guide and give order to the way structures are built. The amazing concept about stigmergy though is the fact that communication is not direct- it's an indirect process- and through this indirect communication astoundingly complex and orderly stuctures can be built and maintained.



Causal Argument Critique #2

This causal argument is from TheRoxySpot blog:


For my causal argument I found a very interesting article in the October 2005 Cosmopolitan titled "Inside the Mysterious Male Mind." It claims that"the way a man approaches a romantic relationship is largely dictated by the circuitry of his brain." It's ingrained in their minds to think that way. The article goes on to explain that men are driven to have sex with lots of women to "spread their seeds." They also can easily keep sex and relationships separate because they release less of the bonding chemical oxytocin during sex than women do. So the argument is that men sleep around because it's part of their physical make up. Some people might counter this argument that men sleep around because they're players, or because they don't really care about women only their own pleasure. This argument was probably intended for women to learn more about the male mind, so it's audience is mainly female, however guys would most likely be interested in it as well to defend themselves in their crazy sexual antics. So it can work for both, but would most likely be used to persuade women to believe that argument.


Claim: Due to the way men's brain's function, they are more likely to sleep around more often than women.

Causes: Men's physical make up; differences in brain physiology.

Counter Argument(s): Yes, it probably is partly physiological, but i also think men's sex behavior is fueled by society. Men can sleep around more freely than women because it's not nearly as looked down upon as when women sleep around. And also the fact that men can't get pregnant, which enables them to be more carefree than women.



Causal Argument Critique #1

So i decided to comment on this causal argument from PrimeTime's blog:


In the article What causes obesity? many factors are brought for that are believed and proven to cause obesity. Some causes mentioned include genes, fatty foods, bad lifestyle, metabolic rate and psychology. They have touched on many factors but I believe that they have left one out. I think they left out the impact of the environment in which they live. If their surroundings send them the signal that being fat is okay, then they will not try as hard to correct their problem. However, someone in a society where being obese is frowned upon will try much harder to obtain a healthy weight.


It seems right to believe that if you live in a society where obesity is frowned upon people would strive much harder to have a healthy life style, but i actually don't think that's true. Here in America, it's all the rage to be skinny and toned, and being "fat" is very frowned upon. But even so, we're still one of the "fattest" countries in the world. I believe obesity is caused more by factors pointed out in the article, like bad lifestyle (not eating right, not getting enough exercise) and genetic factors.




Causal Argument #2

The causal argument i found today is about how, because of high gas prices, there has been a spike in gas theft. A reasons that support this claim includes the fact that many farmers have become victims of gas theft- and it hurts them because on top of having to buy the pricey gas, they've been having to sell their crops for less. I believe that this article was written to show the large extent of damage caused by the high gas prices. This article is probably focused on attracting the attention of everyday people, as well as the government, which should be concerned with the wellfare of it's farmers. Other causes for the gas theft may include poor security for the farming equipment, and maybe the farmers are being hit by the theft because they're the easiest targets.


Claim: High gas prices cause gas theft.

Reasons: People can't afford gas so they steal it from where ever they can, like farms.

Counter-causes: Crazy teenages.



Causal Argument #1

The example I found for a causal argument is a news story about a mother who killed her two young sons. In the article is says that "Her defense claims she was under the influence of anti-depressants and alcohol, and that caused her to kill her two young boys in 2001." So in this article, the claim is that she killed her children because she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They are using the fact that she was "under the influece" as a reason that she should not be held totally accountable for her actions. To me though, i believe that "under the influence" or not, if someone kills children, especially their own children, they really need to be held accountable. The defense's claim sounded the same as if someone said, since i was drunk, i crashed my car and killed two people. That drunk person is NOT going to be let go- sure he or she was 'under the influence' but they will still be held accountable for their poor actions. Since this is an argument in a trial, the primary audience is the judge, the jury, and all others involved in the case. As for other possible causes, it could be a case of bad (really really bad) parenting, or maybe even financial troubles. But whatever the case, the mother needs to be held accountable in someway, whether she was under the influence or not.




All i can say is that last night- and really this whole weekend- has been the absolute craziest i have ever experienced. From Paternoville, to the actual game, and finally to the riotous atmosphere after the game, i'd have to say that this has been THEE best weekend ever. hahaha. But really- the energy and vibe that's been in the air all weekend has been just amazing. WOW yea... my throat is quite soar from screeching at the game all night- and i'm amazed that i can actually talk today. As for the game, my friends and i sat in the THIRD ROW of the senior section- it was fricken unbelievable. I will NEVER forget last night. Never ever ever evvver. EVER.



Big Weekend Time

Wow- what is up with this rain?? But hey, we're just gonna have to deal with it because this weekend is STILL going to be amazingly awesome- despite the unwaivering downpour. I'm not sure, but I might be camping out tonight with friends up at the stadium- crazy with the rain, i know, but hey i'm up for just about anything this weekend. And next weekend i'm finally visiting my home sweet home again! I CANNOT wait- can't wait to squeeze my puppy/dog Ruby, hahaha, and my two cats Milo and Willy. And to sleep in my OWN BIG BED- wow it's going to be aaaawwwesome.


On a less positive note though, my roommate was cleaning the room because her friend is coming up this weekend and she sprayed some kind of smelly cleaning spray or something and it's really bothering me. It stings my nose :( So i have our two fans blasting on high to air out the room a bit. And another smell that's been bothering me is the smell of our refridgerator- it smells like poop because my roommate puts all this fruit and tomatoes and stuff in it and then they must start rotting, which in turn creates the rotty poopy fruit smell. Yea that's been bothering me. But anyway, enough of that for now.




Hahaha- I was talking to my dad on the phone last night and he told me that the other day, after my dog Ruby had dinner, she spazzed out. She went outside and was tearin' it up across the yard. She does this thing when she's really excited- we call it "the pig"- where she does this crazy run back and forth. It's so funny because she tucks her back legs under her (sort of like a hyienna) but she sprints around like a lunatic. So anyway, when she was doing this the other day she ended up running into our neighbor's house! Hahahah she's so crazy.




The enthymeme i found is: "Fast food fits in with the current hectic lifestyle of many Americans, because it's easy to find, cheap, and of course as the name implies, fast." (From the article TO Stay Healthy, Just Say No to Fast Food and Large Portions, From the Daily Collegian) This enthymeme implies that fast food is convienent to Americans, since they're so busy. In order for this assumption to be true, the audience would need to believe that Americans live a hectic, on the go lifestyle. Sure, many Americans are busy, but not all of them. Through the eyes of those not so busy people, this assumption will not work, for them at least. Ok, so I hope that makes sense (it did in my mind...like two hours ago).



Lovely Day

The weather today was astounding. Blue sky, sun, and here's the kicker- a COOL breeze. Pure awesomness. Anytime I walked anywhere today I was just in awe of the wonderfulness. But anyway, I have my first Psychology exam on thursday, so i'm starting to get a bit nervous. That doesn't mean i've actually done anything about it yet, but i'm just feeling the testing tension floating in. I don't think it'll be too bad though- the class is REALLY interesting and my professor is really cool (Peck- he's one funny guy). So I guess I should try to start gearing up for the exam anyway- no matter how much my mind wants to procrastinate. Time to get to business.



Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Parent's weekend has come and gone :( It was fun spending time with the family and eating delicious restarant food. We went to the Waffle Shop yesterday AND today for breakfast- and i've gotta say, those chocolate chip pancakes are AMAAAAZING. Wow they're good. And the weather- i know it's cloudy, but i'm loving the chilly breeze- makes me want to just bundle up in some blankets. And actually, being that I am quite exhausted from the weekend's events, I think i'll do that and take a little snoozer.



Thursday Already?

I can't believe it's Thursday already- i don't know about you, but these weeks really seem to fly by to me. Like once you hit Wednesday, the week just speeds by. But i'm especially excited for this weekend because my sister and parents are coming up- I can't WAIT to see them. It's gonna be fuuuun. But now I have to revise my paper, so i best get to business!



Cool Off

I really hope it starts to truely cool off soon- for good. I'm soo ready to get bundled up in sweatshirsts and jackets and wear thick socks and mittens. I don't like bitterly cold weather, but fall weather is my absolute favorite. Especially since the leaves change and the air turns crisp and chilly. Cool/cold weather also makes getting hot beverages- such as hot chocolate or chai tea- so exciting. It's tasty getting hot drinks anyway, but it's just so rewarding getting a toasty beverage when you're feeling chilly. I just can't waaaait.



Wow- i just finished my definitional paper (it's 11:58pm) and i feel sooo relieved. I mean, i knew i would get it done somehow, but i was SOO dreading the process. But it's done now and i can go to bed- lovely, just lovely. Good night!



WEEKEND TIME- WEEEEEEE! I shall write more a bit later.



Ceramics Studio

Today I went, for the first time, to the ceramic studio in the Hub. It's reeally cool- I signed up for a membership so now I can go and make pottery on the wheel whenever I want! It's definitly one of my favorite things to do- throw pots on the wheel. It's actually really stress relieving- it takes my mind off all the other stuff floating around in my brain- makes me have to really focus and concentrate(i don't know if that's spelled right- yes i am tired, but really i've just never been a great speller). But yea- I can tell i'm going to be spending a LOT of time there, and by the end of this year i'm gonna have a LOT of pottery. hahaha- ok then i MUST get to bed now.



Debate vs. Dialogue

Ok- so here are my thoughts about Debate vs. Dialogue. To me, dialogue seems like more of a nonconfrontational conversation, such as "hello, how are you, bla bla, oh the weather, guess what i did this weekend..." ect. But in a debate there are differing opinions which are being confronted and talked about. In a debate, people are (obviously) debating something, forming arguments, where as in "dialogue" it could be more like sharing ideas and opinion. Oh Wow- i just had an epiphany. A dialogue could actually turn into a debate- once opinions and ideas start crowding or conflicting with one another. Hmmmm....I never thought of that until now. I wonder if it's right? Well anyhoo I feel like i've made progress and that my brain has benefited greatly. I am strangely happy with myself. Hahaha. Ok then- This blogger's out.






Oh my looord- i was just reading one of TheWarmth's latest blogs- the one with the Jack Handey quote- and i'm still laughing. And that's good because i just saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose and i needed a good laugh. Geeez i really can't believe i saw it- i mean i guess it wasn't THAT bad, but you have no IDEA how big and twisted my imagination is- and can get from watching scarey movies. But hey, i like the thrill and it's just the price i have to pay (fun thrill one night= scarey movie= no sleep for the next couple months). No, i don't think it'll be that bad because i think i'm beginning to be able to control/tame my imagination now- well for now. Oh and before i try to go to bed, i want to say that i TRUELY TRIED to read and UNDERSTAND the syllabus explainations for Sept. 12, but i ended up just getting realllly frustrated because i had no clue why or what i was reading for the most part. But i really tried- and i'm not stupid, i do read a lot- i love to read in fact. I don't know though- it was just sort of gibberish to me. Ok enough rambling, I will go to sleep now.



Getting Crap Done

Yesterday was quite a relaxing day for me since i was like the only one in my hall that wasn't at the game. Yea i stupidly never ordered student tickets, and now it's too late- so oh well :( But it's nice because during the game i get my room all to myself, so i can actually get some work done. And getting all that work done paid off because now i don't have to do soo much crap tonight! But i don't really know where this entry is going- my brain's not fully functioning right now due to a looong night. Yea so i'm going to go now- next blog will be better, i promise.



Thoughts on Milkshakes and Crazy Bikers

Walking back to my room, from getting a delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake from Ben and Jerry's, I was pondering in my thoughts. Then I came up with a fantastic blog topic: how everyday here i've become increasingly scared of being hit by a biker (not a motorcycle biker, just someone riding a bike). You think your safe on the sidewalk, from vehicles, but your not! You could be crashed into by a crazy biker. When they're wizzing past you, how do they know they're not going to, right at that moment, or at any moment really, hit uneven pavement or a stray rock, or a piece of mulch have you, and then just skid out and hit you also? Yeah, I guess I sound pretty anxious, but it's just something I tend to think about while walking to and fro. You never know what might happen.


But other than that I just have to say that that milkshake FILLED ME UP. I really felt like my stomache was going to EXPLODE halfway through drinking it. And it was even a regular- not Large. But wow- as always it was increadibly fantastic. It's worth the risk of stomache explosion in my opinion.



So I just read TheRoxySpotNarrative and i have to say i really liked it. Reading everyone elses narratives is definitely inspiring me and giving me new ideas. Haha- so now i'm feeling inspired, but I have a crap-load of reading to do for my psych and first year seminar class. So i'll try to bottle up my inspiration for tomorrow- and hope it's still fresh and bubbling by the time I decide to pour it out.




So i'm a bit confused about the linking and sampling stuff. Are we suppose to link them into our own narrative, or into a blog?? And now i've been staring at this computer screen for way too long so my eyes are beginning to burn. I'm gonna give it a break for a bit and come back later- let my eyes cool off.





The Roommate

I was diliberating whether or not to blog tonight, but after reading a blog by LoveYellow (titled Roommate Frustration) I couldn't resist. I too have been having a bit of roommate frustration- or really more like roommate tension. When i first talked to her over the phone before school started i thought i had really lucked out. She sounded really nice and we even had some things in common. But when move in day came and I actually met her, my view of her changed drastically. Now that i know her better, i've learned that she's very self-centered and just not the "warmest" person. I find myself wondering why, out of a whole hall of really nice girls, did i have to get her as my roommate?? I mean, we get along alright, but in the end she just really bothers me.

I guess what finally pushed me off the edge (why i'm writing this) is the fact that when i came home this evening (from staying at my cousin's last night) she just acted like a total bitch to me. I don't want to get too detailed but it's just that i had one of the funnest nights EVER last night and then having to come home to her sour adittude really just ticked me off. But anyway, hopefully things will work out someway or another.






Wow. I actually got a decent night of sleep last night- but why do I still feel tired? Oh well. My best friend, Elizabeth, is visiting me this weekend from Bloomsburg, where she goes to college. We've been friends since forever- she moved in to the house next to mine when i was 3 and my sister was 2. Sometime after that first awkward hello the three of us became inseparable, spending pretty much every waking day together playing barbies and house. And now, 15 years later we're still the best of friends. So she's really more like a second sister to me, since we practically grew up together. We had a lot of fun this weekend- but it would have been even better if Shay had been here with us also.



First Blog

First blog here we go! So my name is Chelsea Allen and i'm from Downingtown, PA. I've got one sister, named Shay, who's a year younger than me, so we are more like best friends than rival siblings. It's been so strange adjusting to not living with her anymore- and it's got to be even weirder for her. She's practically an only child now, well only "human" child. We have a one year old black lab, Ruby (named after the Rolling Stones' song Ruby Tuesday), who's more like our family's new baby sister. She's the first dog I've ever had and it's been hard, but so much fun. At first, being more of a cat person, it was difficult adjusting to the fact that we'd have to take her out to go to the bathroom, even in the pouring rain. Unlike my two cats she gets smelly, forcing us to give her a bath. It was just a lot of work in the beginning (obviously) but it was so worth it. Whenever I come home from school or somewhere in a bad mood, Ruby's right there at the door, wiggling and ecstatic to see me. It's going to be so good to see her again, and my cats Willy (who's actually a girl) and Milo (girl also). Even though i've only been gone a week I still miss them all so much, along with my mom, dad, and sister. But i'll be ok- Thanksgiving is right around the corner :)



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