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This is my first of class b/c the bursar office messed up my account.




Hi I am La-Toya Askew and I am a freshman here at Penn State.I live in Philadelphia,pa which is about four hour away from State College. I am in Smeal College of Business, and I plan on Majoring in Finance and Real Estate. I love all sports, but my favorites are basketball and track & field. So if anyone is up for a game or a good run let me know!!!






After reading Martin Luther King's letter for the third time maybe, but anyway i found some interesting things that I must of missed the first and second time. First and for most i found Kings steps very creative and could even still be used today. I hope not for injust situation, but for other problems that happens today that solved with these unvoilent steps. Even though the letter was long, it was good and King got his point across in more then one way. He did not only express he feelings for the imprisonment, but also for other reason of the injust world. He got really personal and spoke of his childern's pain from segregation. I also like the way he use the bible as a reference, because everyone claimed to be a child of God, but was not following His ways.





Like Ryan Digney, I plan to major in Finance. I am also a freshman, and my favorite sport is basketball. And even though I am Acutally from philly he lives close enough.





Favorite in College Hoops: Age 12 and older

8% Duke Blue Devils

6% North Carolina Tar Heels

4% Kectucky Wildcats

1st claim: Duke is the best in the NCAA

2nd claim: Most do not have knowledge of the other teams

3rd claim: Survey was taken in an area were most people are fans of Duke





In FDR's "The Four Freedoms" he warns the nation and other nation of the dangers that war was and is creating for us. But how these wars will also help us to have freedom of speech, want, fear, and religion. He also speaks of how the US needs to help the smaller nations that are helps us fight these war. They don't have enough money to get the weapons they need. And that they are fight so that the US can finish preparing. He also talkes of how the United states will become more prepared and ready because this is taking to long.





The Declaration of Human Rights is mainly about hope. Hope that the nation can be better for the future. The hope that all nations can get along and become one, so there will be no more wars. The hope for peace and love in the world. Maybe this should not be for all countries, maybe not this format, but I do belive that everyone should have something of this content.





After reading Bush's address on the terrorist attack it seem as if he was going to do the right thing. He took in acount of very citizen, not just of amercian descent. Here he noted that the war was choosen as a nation, but now its like he is not even listen to the nation crying out for our troops to return home. But thats another issue.He aslo made a point which i beleve was the best point becaus eof my faith, that just becasue the terrorists claim to be islamic that every muslim is going to take the fall for their (terrorists) actions. From the day that this address was made war seemed like a going ideal, i mean they did kill many friends and family. but when we see that nothing good is coming out of this it makes me think, are we keep just as many people as they did?





I agree with the definition of terrorism from all acounts, they were kind of repeat as i read through them. Terrorism is a violent act cause by an indiviual that has been choosen by some "higher autority" to be an messenger.




In the USA Today, there wa s article about the death of Coretta Scott King. In the article they mentioned that Gov. of Georgia Sonny Perdue had offered the King's family a public viewing at the state capitol. This may not seem like a big thing to most people if they did not understand the meaning. After the death of Rev. King, his family and friends were denied the right of a public viewing. This goings to show that civil rights are making great progress.




On the news, a walmart was being sued for not carrying the "morning after pill." When i heard this i thought it was crazy, first the pill is unsafe, as the seem affects as birth control. Now its a drug that can be prescibed to any one, given young teens espcially females another reasonti have unprotected sex. What is the world coming too? What do people want, espcially from WALMART? Give them a break.


2/6/06 Definition Proposal


I have decided to write about child support. Child support is a form of welfare that is suppose to provide help to the parent that has custody of the child from the other. Child support use to be only used in divorce cases, but now it seem as if its used to get revenge. In most cases the parent that is paying child support are the fathers, but that are suppose to be "dead beat daddies," even when that love the child just as much as the other parent. Or the mothers feel as if they need help with the expenses a child comes with, but the problem is that the father is in prison. So if the father is in prison how pays the child support? The tax payers do. Some parent do not even need the money, but since they think its "free" that try to grab as much of it has possible. There are many statistics that show how mother want to get back at the fathers, and go through the system. This may not apply to all parents, usually mothers, but I know that its more than half that abuse the system. But the have to realize that they are only hurt themself and the children because for one they are tax payers, and they are putting the childern in the middle. I must explain to the parent and government that allow this abuse to continue, why this is wrong and how there are most of the time no positive end to it.



I think it is very hard to hard to argue about the definition of child support. I don't know exactly what you are arguing about the definition. The question "how will the child support get paid" brings up a god point but what other questions can u bring up? It seems to me that you are not focusing on the definition of child support, but arguing if it is right or wrong.




I commented on PickYourPoisonBlog.



In the daily collegian there was another Hitler comparsion. Funny right.



Nothing to do, everybody is getting ready for thon. What is thon anyway?



The vice president shot someone, what it was a millionare attorney. It was an accident, he on a hunting trip, so i guess that makes very thing okay. I believe its time to give up on the hunt Cheney.



I do not like V-day even though I do have a boyfriend. I do not think that I understand love complete. What is love?



The Declaration of Independence is an important document to our society.



Evaluation Proposal

In today’s society many people claim that what types of music, movies or television show young adults watch or listen to have a strong affect (effect) on their behaviors. I believe this is true because we young adults look up to celebrities as role models. So what they say they did or would do sounds like a good ideal for us to do. For example when a rapper says that they use to sell drugs to get by, young men may think it’s cool to sell drugs because it would help them get started on a career. Well that is not the case, and most rapper would say that what they say in songs should not be taken to heart. Most people would blame the parents but is it really their fault? Or should musician, actors, etc. express their self in a different way, or at least give two prospectives.


It's not yet clear what your position will be. You seem to be interested in the effects of celebrities on youth culture. Are you saying their impact is bad? If so, how will you measure that? What are the counter-arguments? Finally, you need some sources. TheKemBlog



The “Rwanda: How the genocide happened” reminds me of the war that is going on today. There is a majority and a minority in this war and the cause of today’s war has to do with planes and so did the Rwanda.



The Sudan’s Darfur conflict also sounds like the war today. The War today seems as if it is never going to end. And both governments seems to be doing the same thing. They are just causing more problems by sending more troops and more weapons



Political arguments are really rhetoric because everyone has their own opinion. So there are always going to be different views.



I think that I took the wrong math class. This is to easy.



This is the day of me and my ex two year anniversary.lol



Stigmergy was originally defined by Grasse in his studies on the reconstruction of termite nests. A Stigmergy configuration triggers a response of a termite worker.



I have decide to not to continue my education at Penn state. Here I come pierce college of business.



Spring almost here and it is still freezing outside.



I let April fool’s day get away with out playing a joke on any one.



No econ class, no math class, and no English class, what a Friday.



Today my sister is turn 20 but act as if she is 5



I am going home for Easter; I can’t wait to see my boyfriend.



I don’t think pot should be legalized. People only want it to become legal because so many people do it. But if this do happen what else would become legal?



My first year of college is over!!! I had a good time.

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