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Salary Caps In Major Leagur Baseball




Man, I should have never went home for Easter. I was up here for two straight months and finally getting into a good rythym. Getting my work done quickly, understanding all the material. Now that I went home im back to sitting around staring into space. I guess next year I shouldn't go home so often. Kinda sucks that I messed up so bad, but what other way is there to learn than from your mistakes?




Proposal for Final Project



Cook babies? Sounds like it could be in a strange way delicious. Just kidding. A Modest Proposal is a very good satirical piece that raises a good point. Even though it was written in the 1700's, the piece still addresses problems in todays world. Why would some people have five or six chlidren if they can barely care for two? Now by saying this I am in no way a fan of baby eating, but the idea of allocating cretain people to be fit for raising children is not too bad of an idea.



In simple terms, stigmergy is one helping out the whole. Large communities of insects use invisible signals

such as pheremones to send signals and repeat their process. If an ant walks a path, it will put an invisible marker there so others can follow that same path. Many insects with nests, such as termites, also show stigmergic patterns such as this.



Causal Paper


After reading the Communist Manifesto, I have realized that Communism does have some good ideas put into it. It seems to work perfectly on paper, but in today's world it could never work. Mabe in a smaller society it could survive, but in todays globally minded world, there's no way that a country of millions would ever keep this plan running for very long.



Its 6am and I cant sleep because i'm still on Hawaii time, so I thought id bang out a quick blog. Im pretty sure some powers that be have a grudge with State College. For them to tease us with a beautiful 70 degree day which I wasnt even here for, and then throw a blizzard at us 12 hours later is crazy. Weather like this is how some people get pneumonia.



I never thought I could ever be so tired. I just got back to PSU today at about 5pm after 21 hours of straight traveling across the country. I spent my break in Hawaii with my twin brother who goes to school down there and I might even transfer down there myself next semester. I had a really great time and I enjoyed spending time with my brother, but this trip was brutal. Thirteen hours to get to New York, and another 8 on a bus back here. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Hawaii is beautiful and thats only from the one island I saw. I didn't even get to go to the island with the cool volcano, so another trip is definitely in order to go see that. The only bad thing was I missed 3 days of classes, so I have alot of catching up to do.


Binge drinking has become an accepted part of the college experience for many students. Although there are other reasons a student may choose to binge drink, the influence of friends, the lack of outside control and the denial of drinking- related problems are the main forces driving the need to consume alcohol to the point of physical harm. The desire to be social enhances the willingness to binge drink. Social drinking has become a necessary activity at most weekend college parties. Unfortunately, the transition from high school to college often leads individuals to become first time bingers.


On the posted political spectrum, I believe I would be a leftist, and a liberal by American standards. I think the definitions given for American political demographics is very accurate. On the topic of the evening news, its interesting to watch not just the news hour, but the entire station. Usually where I am from, most stations, such as FOX, are pretty liberal and when there is some sort of mishap in the present government, they jump all over it. But at the same time, if you switch to another station with a conservative reputation, its unteresting to see how they sometimes put an entirely different spin on the story to agree with the views of the big bosses.


Religion and its Influence on Advancement of Embryonic Stem Cell Research in America







I commented on the thesis of DreamHopeImagine. Hope it helps.




In my argument proposal, I will talk about the social and legal acceptance of marijuana. For years everyone has heard the facts spread by the government in its ads on t.v. and in the classroom. My puropse here is to give all the facts from both sides of the story. I know what most people would say, just another pothead trying to justify his illegal habit. I admit that I do smoke marijuana, but I guarantee you that will not bias the truth in this paper any bit. But what I will show in this paper is that there is significant evidence available for everyone to see that gets rid of the myth that this plant is such a terrible thing. To use marijuana as a tool in the war against drugs puts the thought into the masses. Most middle-class parents are not seriously worried about their teenage child trying heroin, but using marijuana brings it right into the home. I am not saying that marijuana is totally safe, it is without a doubt a psychoactive drug. But saying that it is so detrimental to our society is bunk. 70 million Americans admit they at one time in their lives recreationally smoked marijuana, and there are not 70 million drug addicts on our streets today. By identifying the pitfalls in research and the tactics used to keep pro-marijuana research crippled in America, I will prove that this drug is no more harmful that cigarettes or alcohol, and can also have health benefits for certain goups of illneses.


Eva Betram, ed. Drug War Politics: The Price of Denial. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996.

James A. Inciardi, ed. The Drug Legalization Debate. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1999.

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Page, Clarence. "The Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use Are Exaggerated." Chicago Tribune 22 May 2002: p25.

Johnson, Gary. After Prohibition: An Adult Approach to Drug Policies in the 21st Century. Washington, DC: Cato Institute, 2000.



Not to sound like too much of a liberal, President Bush is ignorant. The thin I am most concerned about as a scientist is his view on stem cell research. To use something like religion as a basis on his view in a nation based on secularism and the seperation of church and state is henious. For those of you who dont know, stem cells are basically a blank cell that when injected into a person and become any kind of cell. Heres an example. Have signs of Alzheimers? Inject a bunch of stem cells and after triggering some certain factors, those will turn into brand new neurons, a cell that dosent usually repair itself in the body naturally. So many diseases can be obliterated by this technology, and to shut doen funding like this is as I said nothing short of ignorant.



When looking at all the definitions of terrorism given, I would most closely agree with the definition given by the United Nations. I feel definition is the most helpful and complete out of the rest in explaining with terrorism today is. Some of the others are a little more specific to the regions or countries they affect, but being the UN has to cover most of the world, the broader definition works well. Terrorists don’t really care who they kill on the bus or in the restaurant they blow up, just as long as it shows up on the 10 o’clock news that night (and the rest of the month in the U.S.), they have accomplished their mission. Even though not all acts of terrorism might fall into this category, for our situation in this time and age, it fits just right.



Even thought I’m not the biggest fan of Bush, I think what he said that night was exactly what the people of the country needed to hear. Other than the people still alive that remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, no one had ever experienced this before. Maybe being from New York City gives me a different perspective on what he said, but I still think it was a good speech. People were scared and panicking. Near me some people didn’t go back to work for weeks, even months. What he did was laid out the answers to questions everyone wanted to hear at that moment. I applaud Bush on sending such a strong message, because it showed the enemies that we would no longer back down, and told the people that this crime would not go unpunished. I’m glad he correctly outlined key aspects of his message, such as this was a war was against terrorists, not the religion of Islam. Even though some of it might have been the incorrect strategy or the wrong thing to say when we think about it now, it wasn’t back then. The American people needed to be motivated out of their fear and start looking to the solution rather than just hiding. How the president went about solving this problem is a whole different ballgame, but I still think the speech was very good.



I think this document is a valiant piece of work, but just written in vain. There are numerous countries, even those that are members of the UN who break these articles without any prosecution. Article 21 says all governments must be democratic, but that is far from the truth in the real world. A lot of these in my opinion sound like a strongly American sided agenda, rather than a host of nations. The one biggest problem is that even if a country breaks a UN rule, there is really no way for the organization to stop them. With no courts and no sanctioned army, there would have to be troops of a particular nation deployed or courts used, bringing political consequences to whomever chooses to act, be those favorable or unfavorable. But the one pitfall of the document is the broadness of its application. Those rights, or how they are defined in the document, can be taken by each country in a different way. What could be satisfactory treatment for people of one country can be torture for another.



After reading the letter MLK wrote in jail, I was suprised about how much he was really an innovator in his way of thinking. I mean, of course white people probably saw his actions as wrong, but to be asked to cease by people of his own Clergy is quite suprising. As MLK put it, "There comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over", and I agree that his actions were in the right direction. He states that even though an action or event is legal, it dosen't make it right. He also blames the movement of change on the demographic he labels as the "white moderate", a group who are not as racist as groups as the KKK and want to help the Negro cause, but are afraid of change and perfer order, kind of like a modern day Republican. MLK realizes that the disorder is essential for change to occur. The time spent waiting is time spent where the black man is still oppressed. Time spent by good people keeping quiet is just as bad as the evil people saying what they have for years. How MLK succeeded in his movement with so much opposition, from whites, and blacks equally is baffling. Blacks weren't oppressing him the same way as whites were, but MLK realized that the way that certain groups wanted to try and solve the problem would create what he called a "racial nightmare". The expression of these gripes through non-violent ways can heed much more positive results, rather that just giving the opposition more material to use against the oppressed peoples. The thing I like about MLK's dissapointments is that they are all consistent with his unified goals and he has the evidence and knokwledge to back them up, wether it be political or spiritual in nature. But without a doubt, this letter can be some evidence that MLK made alot of enemies and burned alot of bridges in his strive to reach his goals. But it suprises me how openly these other clergymen would denounce MLK's methods. For those clergymen to praise the Birmingham PD for oppressing the Negro groups during their demonstrations, it still shows their fear, physical or political, of the then-white majority. He reminds them to praise the people doing the right things, not politically or socially, but moraly. The Rosa Park's, the James Meridith's, who involve themselves and show their dismay, but understand the way things work. That a peaceful sit-in is more productive than a demonstration ending in a brawl with the local police. And somehow, in all this dismay and turmoil within, MLK still finds thesilver lining in every cloud. He still keeps hope and realizes that in due time the goal will be accomplished.



If I could describe myself in one word, I’d be one happy person. My name is Nick and you can probably notice me by the obscenely large mop on top of my head. I’m a half Italian/half Syrian born and raised in Brooklyn, and State College is a big change for me. I play a couple of instruments and sports, and I like to meditate when I get the time. Id just as quickly pick up a baseball as I would a guitar. I’m kinda shy, but if you get stuck sitting next to me, don’t hesitate to tell me to shut up if I start rambling.

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