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Hello, my name is Tim O’Rourke. The best way to describe myself would be through a story that I always tell. This story takes place a long time ago. I was in 4th grade when the following events unfolded. I have decided to write about this story, because it is a humorous story about my life. Although the story does not really show me in my best light; I enjoy telling it.


It all started with a fourth grade book report assignment. As usual, I waited until the last minute to begin working on this assignment. Since it was a book report I was required to read a book, than come up with a creative way of summarizing the book. The book report was due on a Friday, so around 9:30 on Thursday night I began the report. Since I had not read any books for the report, I picked a classic story. I decided to do the report on my old favorite book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Now that I had the story picked out, it was time to decide on how to be creative. So I used an old idea my mom had taught me. I took a cereal box, and cut out the front. Then I drew a picture and put it on the inside. I then wrote a summary and put it under the picture. On the sides I described every main character. To put everything together I used Elmer’s glue…


Once I had created the summary and character descriptions I began gluing my project together. By this time it was around 11:30 at night. Since I was only in fourth grade 11:30 was way past my bedtime. I was very tired and had glue all over my hand. Thinking nothing of the glue covering my hands, I casually rubbed my itchy eye. When I removed my hand from my eye I discovered a most horrible tragedy.


My eye had been glued shut. Surprisingly I did not panic, but instead went to the bathroom to try and rub my eye open. Finally my eye did in fact open. However pieces of Elmer’s glue remained on my eye. It was around this time that I decided to wake my parents from their slumber. I walked into my parents’ room and casually informed them that there was Elmer’s glue on my eye. My parents panicked and my mom immediately drove me to the Emergency Room.


The doctors were baffled that water-soluble glue could stick to an eyeball. They did some tests just to make sure that the glue was stuck to my eyeball. Finally the doctors determined that glue was in fact stuck to my eyeball. They told me to return the next morning so they could sand the glue off of my eye.


I enjoy telling this story, because not many people have glued their eye shut. Even though I glued my eye shut and had to go to the ER; I did not have to school the next day. Also my book report was not due until the next Monday. I also had the best excuse for late homework of any kid in our elementary school’s history.


When I began reading other narratives, I realized that most people gave an overview of their high school experiences or quick summaries of their lives, such as WynesWorldNarrative.


Other People also talked about getting ready for college, such as MckBlogNarrative.

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